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funny things done when drunk

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Breaking Stuff. You booze, you lose. A lot of other things people do when they are drunk. 0 0. Announcements Government announces GCSE and A-level students will receive teacher awarded grades this year >> Applying to uni? How many pints of 4.5% beers would it take for you to be drunk 30. Remember, if you are reading this and haven't done any of them, go grab a bud light and get started. If you are searching for read reviews Funny Things Drunk People Do And Remington Model 870 Express Super Mag Shotgun price. Remember the days after a bad break up when all you wanted to do was call your ex? 1. Alcohol is most enjoyable when you can associate it with other things you love. Seriously? Funny things said/done when drunk? See also: 21 Types of Drunk Texters That Everyone Knows They say a drunk mind speaks a sober heart. Today, we explore fifteen fun and easy things to do when you’re drunk. “Went out drinking with my daughter and taught her how to be a sensible drunk.”. stupid things people do when drunk July 27, 2012 by Frank Lake In honor of the 2012 Olympics, Weekly World News has found photos of non-Olympians doing stupid things when drunk! WTF. Answer #10. Smoke or have a party :) Answer #8. Hey!! Home » Funny » 27 Dumb and Funny Things Drunk People Do. You aren't drinking, but you've been invited to a party that could challenge your sobriety. Here we have a collection of funny things that people did whilst drunk. 1) Tell people you love them. Being very drunk can be dangerous. I think she just hung up on me!” “I am so not going to text this guy. Who knows, maybe you did. 11 Stupid Yet Hilarious Things People Have Done While Drunk. What are some dumb/funny things you've done while drunk or high, etc.? Wanted to pee, pulled out one of my balls and peed my pants. “I was drunk” will be the worst excuse to undo the harm. Prepared my lunch last night while I was drunk and this is what I found the next day at work. I know, couch is a funny word. To some, alcohol is the best thing that could happen to human kind. Shave your bum? Even if you haven’t done these things while sober, here are 16 fun things to do when you’re drunk. Try some out the next time you crack open your favorite bottle. 4 years ago. This is a list of the 30 drunk things every man will do before he is 30. © All Rights Reserved - Awesome Inventions, You Can Get A Pátron Tequila Set Complete With A Couple Of Silver Mule Mugs From Costco, Asda Have Brought Back The Baileys Chocolate Yule Log For Christmas, Malibu’s New Ready-To-Drink Strawberry Spritz Is Summer In A Bottle, Christmas Beer Pong Sweaters Exist And Are A Must Have For The Holidays, Impress Your Drinking Buddies With This Unique And Crazy Upside Down Wine Glass, Bacardi’s New Ready-To-Drink Rum Cocktails Are This Summer’s Must Have, Pillsbury Has A New Funfetti Brownie Mix With Oreo Cookie Pieces, This Starry Night Sky Projector Will Have You Falling Asleep While Looking Up At The Stars, Pepsi Cocoa Cola Is A Combo Of Cola Mixed With Chocolate And Marshmallow Flavors, Artist Ursula Goff Uses Nature’s Beauty For Her Unique Hair Color Ideas, Russian Student Creates Detailed Architectural Drawings With A Bird’s Eye View Of Imaginary Cities. by Luke Lewis. Home Entertainment Top 10 Things to do When Drunk Top 10 Things to do When Drunk. Naturally, things get out of control resulting to funny events that are sure to be the topic of conversations for months and even years. It was 11am and a hot day. These things sound funny now, but the sad reality is that we've all done at least one of them, and it definitely wasn't funny at the time. From sobbing on stranger’s shoulders to uttering slurry laments, drunk people are the life of any party. when you're REALLY drunk, you don't move. That’s a pretty good alternative, to be fair! This is our top 10 list of things you should avoid doing on Internet if you are drunk. Trace the scars life has left you. Drunk me decided to munch on my wife’s soap. Lv 4. Go Home Sharks. 16. Here are 15 things I have learned by being the only sober person around. cxrry/reddit. Close • Posted by just now. Ladies. 3. We’ve had so many drinks, it’s so much fun here! … Source(s): listen to some music...get even more drunk... break things... watch some funny things... Answer #5. Answer #11. It will remind you that at one point, you fought for something. Well, TV remotes are way less expensive to replace than phones so this was probably a blessing! 22 Things Girls Do When They're Drunk. Good stuff sometimes comes out of drunkeness. Here we have a collection of funny things that people did whilst drunk. Trending. 7 years ago by sandy 0. Note to self: Never take a shower while drunk. We met online at a sci-fi forum that I moderated (yeah, we're geeks). Lol once when I was super drunk I was smoking a joint and I dropped it down my shirt and didn't notice it was giving my stomach-rib-cage are a blister...I still have a scar!! Here's a killer list of 17 things, you might have done or seen someone doing after drinking one drink too many. Website: Whisper. There is always tomorrow. However, occasionally, people do enjoy a blow out where they do things that their sober selves aren’t too proud of. only half-drunk people do stupid things. 1. I'm drinking tonight and want to know what are some fun things to do when u are drunk that don't involve leaving the house? 1. Electronics are always extra-enjoyable. Being drunk is the perfect excuse to do just that! We would recommend this store to suit your needs. Joined: Jun 24, 2010 from Canada. 3. Answer #6. All Human Interest WTF Social Relevance Jugaad Environment. Generally the main and important things of parties are beer,alcohol, vodka and lots of fun. Go Home Officer. Hence, we highly advise you to drink in moderation, or you might end up following the footsteps of these idiots. Take a look and see if you recognize any of your own intoxicated antics! What’s that—you’re sleeping? Couple that comes to mind is: criminal behavior (vandalizing, stealing, driving drunk, harassment) becomes acceptable, and they think they can dance/sing… but nonetheless good 5 main points! Sunday is fun day, so enjoy your life in small sweet moments. We thought this wasn’t so bad until we read the final sentence… awkward. Many of us have been there, a few drinks down, high on life but the bar has closed, and you want to continue the party, consequently ending up with a pile of drunk texts and a feeling of shame. I reckon . report. Yes, I’m talking to you. Ok, well sleep well… Oh and—What the hell? This is the time. But when they're drunk, sex is the thing they want to do the most. Answer #7. Of course, it’s important to always try to be safe and responsible when drinking. “My wife swears she wasn’t drunk when she ordered these. 100% Upvoted. Reheating Frozen Bolognese Sauce How much does your average meal weigh? Here is a list of top 10 things to do when drink. Men control their alcohol intake when alone or with a group of women. Listening to music, eating food, and reading random shit on the internet are some of my favorite drunken pastimes. Generally the main and important things of parties are beer,alcohol, vodka and lots of fun. Today, we explore fifteen fun and easy things to do when you’re drunk. 'Oh my God, seriously, I actually love you though, like, seriously!' BuzzFeed Executive Editor, UK . Throw Up in a Cab or Bus. It was my fondest day drunk adventure yet. He’s drunk enough to kiss anybody…even a mask. FACT: you can get a DWI from riding a bike beligerent. 4 years ago. stupid things people do when drunk July 27, 2012 by Frank Lake In honor of the 2012 Olympics, Weekly World News has found photos of non-Olympians doing stupid things when drunk! “You are the only person who gets to decide if you are happy or not—do not put your happiness into the hands of other people. "Maybe I'm looking for [sex] more if I were drunk, whereas when I'm high, I'm happy doing other things… if you have a Wii, my friends and i have this thing called drunk driving, kinda make up your own rules and turn mario kart into a drinking game. 23 Things That Only Happen When You're Drunk Anyone who says "drunk words are sober thoughts" must not drink that much. 3 years ago. Article by mohammed hidhayat, November 28, 2013. Perhaps you love watching cheesy horror movies with your friends or playing party games. 1.2 K Shares. All thanks to the glasses he just finished. 24 Things You Only Do When You're Drunk. Thanks!! ... 21 Fun Things You Can Do (While The Rest Of The World Is Getting Married And Making Babies) 8 Ways … Lv 5. Watch. When you get drunk, there is no holding back. It isn’t fun. an example of what I've done is when my phone is ringing I'll pick up a random object and say Hello. Stop looking at me like that. 1 decade ago. When the alcohol hits the G-spot or whatever, borrow some over sized sunglasses, go up a table and perform a moon walk. Oh, and hey, speaking of pictures… 2. ... just drunk mom things. 4. no comments yet. A mile later, I came home with a shredded package of toilet paper, a few eggs less than a dozen, and I was drenched in sweat and had a headache from the sound of cans banging together. Remember the days after a bad break up when all you wanted to do was call your ex? Hold a ladies heel and start rapping Nicky Minaj Superbass and go boom badamboom. If anyone has seen a missing leg, please report it to the authorities ASAP. Drunk girls fail… Drunk prank… Do you really wanna? Drunk Texting. I got money in the baaaaank. dongonaeatu Badges: 0. The result of Oktoberfest. She hates chocolates and doesn’t play tennis.”. Alcohol unleashes one’s hidden cooking talent. Being drunk is the one time that people’s inhibitions are down, and supposedly the truth comes out.

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