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how to fix shirt collar

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Rob:  So, they’re anywhere from $2 to $3 per set. They have Million Dollar Collar already built into the placket. One thing that works most of the time for me is to button the buttons, pop the collar up, and wash/dry the shirt inside out. Should look atleast better when the shirt is dry ! It’s just amazing to me these days, especially in men’s clothing, to find somebody that’s so innovative, that actually saw a problem, the droopy collar on your dress shirt — if you don’t want to wear a tie, and took the determination and drive to invent a whole new solution. I remember tugging at my collar all day long, and it just never looked good. Basin; Wooden hanger; Large towel; Blow-dryer; Iron ; Spray Starch; Start with cotton blend or 100 percent cotton shirts. It’s really, really easy for most of those guys. Powdered dish soap or a baking soda solution can also be used to remove stains from your shirt collars. That’s a pretty good investment, I’d say, just for the installation. If the 2 suggestions I read don’t lend to any satifactory results you might really want to remember these two tricks. I’ve got to hear the story. But the collar is stretched out. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Slide the shirt off the ironing board. Iron the collar until it stays flat using a steam iron at the highest heat recommended on the label. But, it’s a pain to iron. I appreciate it. Starching a dress shirt’s placket can also help stiffen the placket temporarily, but in most cases the spray-on-starches are not strong enough to support the weight of the placket. Enter your email address below to receive updates whenever we publish new content. Andy:  I’m Andy Gilchrist from That’s kind of interesting. So I came home and I cut open the shirt, shoved some cardboard down the placket —, Rob:  — where the buttons and the holes are in the shirt, and showed my new bride, and she’s like, “Argh! Of course this only goes so far, so if the shirt's really shrunken a lot, then it may not be enough. Alternately, let the water cool for about 5 minutes (if you wish to shrink the shirt about a half size) or 10 minutes (if you want to shrink it by about a quarter size) before putting the shirt in. How do I fix a folded collar? Place the blow dryer very close to the fabric of the shirt collar. In my opinion, and when wearing a button up shirt with an open collar, short of replacing all your shirts with ones with extra reinforced plackets, this is the best way to keep your shirt collar from sagging. Place the shirt on an ironing board and iron the collar flat, using the steam button, as you press the iron onto the shirt. Alternatively, if the bubbles are only showing on one side, a tailor can flip the collar. How can I purchase a set of these? Although not placket stiffeners, there are other products such as Perky Collar and Stiff Collar Stays that do help keep your placket more upright. I own a sewing machine and know how to sew. It will also save you money and you'll add another string to your skills bow. Dryers, usually about 135, so it was really that dry cleaning. So, it’s lightweight, flexible, high-temp-resistant, and 100% made in America. Rob:  Yes, we actually have a lot of guys, like in New York, in Wall Street, and stuff, that wear Million Dollar Collar —. and “Why can’t I upgrade the shirts I already own?”. However, there are some easy ways to simplify the process. We love to hear feedback from people. Use an iron to flatten the collar and make the fabric consistent. 1) Washing is poison for you garment. So I wasn’t going to be somebody I’m not on my wedding day. And even that, when I talk to a tailor, they’re like — this is like four minutes, maybe. There’s no separate fabric here. The False Fix for Sagging Shirt Collar: Collar Stays. I get it!”. Website: (a 5% discount will be automatically added to your order). The high temperature thing, I hadn’t quite thought about that, but you iron, you send it to a laundry — God only knows what they do there. The collar usually, but not always, folds down nicely. Soak that section in the bowl of ice cubes, which is supposed to make the fibres of the cotton firmer. Andy:  Well, that’s fabulous – that’s really neat. It’s natural to assume a floppy collar is caused by, well, the collar itself. The collar extender provides a second buttoning point and creates some room. So, you could check that map on our install page and find an installer near you, hopefully. How to fix my shirt collar? First, you need to prepare a bowl of ice cubes and cold water then fold the neckline of your T-shirt in a wave pattern. That’s right, the front of the shirt actually causes a collar to sag more than a poor collar itself! Advertisement. One side will lay flat, while the other will be folded in half, which basically kills the shirt. It looks as good as new after! Squeeze out excess moisture but make sure that the neckline is still in the “waves” pattern. So, these are pretty durable after — with that kind of fabric or that kind of plastic? Rob:  If you want to follow us on social media, that’s great. Each wash will reduce life of the garment. Fast fix: how to mend worn shirt collars and cuffs Perfectly good shirts get thrown away when the collars and cuffs start to fray. Andy:  Yeah, what kind of — You’re not using cardboard anymore, I’m assuming. If you can’t be bothered with collar stays or ironing, your best bet is investing in button down collar shirts. So you can button all the way up, wear a tie like normal, pop it off, it’s just there and you’re ready to look great casually. We sell them in packs of 5, 10, and 20. Give the shirt collar a short blast of canned starch. There are a few different kinds of plackets: In this style, the buttonholes are placed on a separate piece of cloth, which is then sewn (or partially fused) onto the rest of the shirt. Whichever variety you choose, just remember to take them out before putting your shirt in the wash. “Spray starch and ironing are a great way to give a collar some structure,” Brown says. Anything else you’d like to share our Ask Andy members and site visitors, besides the discount — the Ask Andy discount, anything else going on there? And if you’re not wearing a tie, you’re kind of in trouble — so this really solves a great problem. One that’s limp and wrinkled isn’t framing anything. Once installed, they become a permanent placket reinforcement, and will last the life of your dress shirt or casual button up shirt and solve sagging shirt collar for good. I mean, you can get a needle and thread and do-it-yourself if you really want to, but for 10 bucks, it’s pretty quick. I assume there a set. So, buttoned, inside out, and collar flipped up. I think it really explains the [Million Dollar Collar] product and the [placket stay] solution on there quite well. The material is really, really lightweight. Then pull out the collar and flip it over to the opposite side (which will look brand new); then set it in the opened collar seam, match the thread as well as you can, and stitch the seam back up. However, don't worry: In this article, discover some tricks and tips to wash shirt cuffs and collars at home. Rob:  Absolutely. And it took almost three years to kind of figure it all out and put it all together, but, yes, it’s one little step at a time. Rob:  Yeah, a 10-pack is $25. Add a burst of steam to any stubborn wrinkles or creases. One of the solutions to help with sagging shirt collar proposed by an Ask Andy staff member, was Million Dollar Collar. Step 3 Let the shirt soak for about 5 minutes or so. And so, on the biggest day of my life, I felt like I looked like a slob. How to Protect your Collar. See full video showing tips and tricks on having the perfect shirt collar look. Choose a shirt with a decent placket (the line of fabric that holds your buttons down the front of the shirt), which acts as a backbone and will provide stability to the collar. Choose a shirt with a decent placket (the line of fabric that holds your buttons down the front of the shirt), which acts as a backbone and will provide stability to the collar. Andy caught up with Rob Kessler, founder of Million Dollar Collar, and asked him some great questions about how to solve that sagging shirt collar! Learn easy fix to your shirt collar using the Slick Collar Bundle pack. Andy:  And you got a shirt for life, the life of the shirt after that. “It’s like such a visual thing,” I was trying to explain her. I just wash them and when they are still wet, I make sur the collar is well placed and I put an heavy object like a dictionnary on it. And before I could say I do, my brand new, freshly pressed shirt was a crumbled mess. Depending on where the shirt was purchased and how long ago, you might be able to return it as long as you followed the care instructions. So, it’s really fun talking to you, and I think we’re going to be working with you to spread the word on this. It provides stiffness and, conveniently, allows us to button our dress shirts instead of trying to pull them over our heads. This method works for 100-percent cotton garments and for some types of wool. The first shirt took me about 45 minutes. And we’re having the conversation with big guys but they’re like turning a tank or ship around. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The 15 Best Winter Vests for Men to Buy Now, Nike's OG Killshot Sneakers are Finally on Sale, 17 Cool Slippers You Won’t be Embarrassed to Wear, The 17 Best Men’s Pajamas for Lazy Day Lounging, Lululemon's Black Friday Sale Is Coming Soon, The 15 Most Popular Timex Watches of 2020. So, the whole concept — I’m still just kind of amazed that you could come up with that and do the engineering on it, and the research. You have to have a sewing machine for this, and I use a 12-stitch per inch or even higher to resew the collar. It’s really easy. More precisely, the sagging collar is caused by a shirt placket that’s not reinforced well. “Spread collars and cutaway collars tend to be lighter and retain their shape,” Brown says, “while heavier, pointed collars can sag.” Both spread and cutaway collars have more space between the points; the flatter and more relaxed shape is easier to maintain. ​Don't let a limp collar sabotage your look. Rob:  I would say I’m an unofficial engineer. Andy:  Are you planning to offer any shirts to sell them with these [placket stays] already installed? Andy:  I think you’re in pretty good shape now but you’re the kind of guy that’s going to look into things and research stuff, I can tell. Kyle Goldie/Demand Media . Your collar type also makes a difference.

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