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Fireball – Mix PvE/PvP addon, our highest source of mob damage at 25 and has 100% uptime if you’re keeping track, the 10% casting stacks with everything else you do making combos extremely smooth in PvP if you rabam cancel. Join us today! Use the Progression Infographic to progress your gear up to about 200 AP. I personally prefer a glass cannon or assassin playstyle in MMORPG’s, but a support and healer playstyle in MOBA’s and Arcade Shooters. BDO Wizard Guide 2020. S+C to switch + teleport can be very useful. Stolen from Hoy, pre-awakened skills only: PvP Damage + 5 & -4% movement speed on Meteor, 3% accuracy and 20 MP recovery per hit on residual lightning, Taken from Blackburn’s Skill Add-on video ( youtube ), All defense +15 for 10 sec. Grunil has the best overall set effect for the short as an offensive set, and it has 2 crystal slots. MMA – Mix PvE/PvP  Use it for last hitting in PvE, Okay 5 pvp AP. This is Gorr (Witch) or Marg (Wizard). They are useful in that they can block incoming hits since they sometimes will draw auto targeting skills towards them. Both: Sage’s Memory + Healing Lighthouse – almost instantly full heals you with super armor. Attack against monsters +20 for 8 sec. There are also chats about Minecraft, Roblox, and Rainbow Six Siege! Allows faster casting of skills. Likely the better choice, but preference can steer you away. Black Desert Online - Lahn Class Community Discord | 28,155 members Mediah Meal + Crit Costume when you have 4/4 to get to 5/5. The official Striker and Mystic class server for Black Desert Online. Why is the grinding map gone??? Armors are a mix of both, with Boss Gear having generally more evasion. One does more damage, the other has a slow debuff. Aqua Jail Explosion, Water Sphere + Water Bomb, and Bolide of Destruction are the strongest skills at level 56/57. Blackburn’s Wizard Skill Rotation Guide ( youtube ), Lyaah’s Witch Duels (Check out his channel for more!) BDO/Black Desert Online Gear Guide 2020 Posted June 18, 2019 August 31, 2020 alext96 This guide will act to fill in the gaps of knowledge you may have and help you decide how you want to gear and the stepping stones to take to achieve said goals. Official Musa/Maehwa Discord for the game Black Desert Online. Pets cannot die easily, and can be switched with F. They can be de-summoned by putting the skill on hotbar and using it from there when you get annoyed from them following you all the time. As a whole, 6 DR is not very much, but as boss armor goes from TRI to TET, it gains more DR than evasion so the extra DR here may help. level 57 – swiftness earthquake. Edit: Why the downvote? ... M&A Partner of BDO Australia says “It’s a very difficult equity market for juniors now. When all of your gear is around +15 to PRI, focus on ultimating your armor, mainhand, and offhand, and then getting your items to DUO. – When you go for your first piece of boss gear, Bheg’s, Kzarka, Dandelion, and Kutum if you are primarily PVE are all top priority options. PvP Attack +5 for 5 sec. It is an amazing single target damage skill, and good for clearing small packs/finishing off mobs. This information was provided by a lovely korean streamer romeo Level 57 Rabam: Do these after Absolutes because you need to max the prerequisites first. Only use this skill when you are sure you will be able to avoid cc. baseline gear – applies to both classes, Caphras levels are; Level 3 on Dim Tree, Urugon, Bheg and Griffon. In BDO, support type classes aren’t really a thing, though we do have important buffs for group PvP. Decent read-up on skill basics, tells you what skills do and specifics about them. The advantage to using it from key combination is that it can cancel certain preawakening skills, so it can be a good thing to use in situations such as if you are being pressured while using healing lighthouse. Certain add-ons do not stack. (channel), Life Skill Help: If you’re looking for survivability, we kind of lack that. Absolute Earthquake is useful for a 20 second cooldown very long superarmor. Wizard succession is also considered better than Witch succesion beccause Wizard can benefit from zero cast time after using certain skills and after teleport. All builds include crystal setup up! The upside is it’s kind of fast and you get all your MP back. for target. Lots of new information has come out in the last few months such as hidden evasion and DR, 2 piece set bonus conversion for Grunil and Rocaba, and new boss gear. Minimum DP: 320. Because it is much easier to obtain compared to offin. Does the most raw damage, but isn’t consistent. Random Things To Keep In Mind/Random Tips and Tricks. The Wizard’s long casting times make for strategic gameplay, that traditional MMO fans will certainly appreciate. With accuracy reaching nearly 90% vs TET boss with AP gear, we also have accuracy stacked with skills. Make sure to try to get 2 crystal slot armor pieces. Genel BDO Sohbetleri. Here is a link to a collage of Witch/Wiz hotbars. Don’t look here before then. Rabam Lightning Earthquake (Level 57): A 30 second cooldown, medium damage AOE skill that inflicts a slow. Minimum DP: 320. Witch and Wizard have shared skills until awakening. If you’re looking for the more “OP” of the two, know that both are exceptionally strong, and that neither have an distinctive advantage over another. Wizard can be very good at hit trading, but spamming SA skills against a skilled opponent will usually get you killed. Wizard is more fit for open-field fights and 1v1 style, while the witch is stronger in choke area fights. You can select up to 3 pre awakened skills and up to 3 awakened skills (all unlocked at level 60). The debate about MP management revolves around 3MP sources: Sphera Training, Mana Drain, and Spellbound Heart. About 50% of people go 2x AP earrings, and the other 50% go 1 RCE + 1 AP earring. Witch and Wizard are bursty AoE classes. This takes a bit to get used to, but will avoid things such as your skills targeting an opponent’s pet, Focus on following up on whatever CC you happen to get. After that, Grunil, Strength of Heve are good choices. Fighting squishier classes that do more damage may be easier in builds where we don’t get one-shot. This includes tamer pets and witch/wizard summons. Twitter : Discord : Will add later Website : Will add later I'll edit and add their invite links to this page as soon as I see them. Your bot server is on the right and can be running on either your personal computer or an official hosted server that runs 24/7. Then it’s just a matter of knowing which of your skills have flows and do big  damage, and using those skills when they’re off cooldown. Witch and Wizard are strong in group fights, where AoEs do a lot of damage, and super armor protects us from incoming hits. If you have Muskan’s already, you might as well use them until further into gear progression, but try to get Urugon’s if you have nothing. for self. Witch, Wizard, – Blizzard III (Only for node wars and only if you feel the CD is too long on blizzard I). This isn’t ranger, how do we have MP management problems? level 56 – Sage’s Light. This also activates the 7 second fireball explosion buff, so it can replace fireball for this. for self. You end up spamming A+D and left click to get MP back. This skill does higher damage than lightning quake and casts slightly faster. You get higher level, you get stronger. | 40,308 members This lacks 2 AP and 2 DP (Currently). In a 1v1, we can excel, but not as easily as other classes. The witch and wizard is naturally “squishy”, so ample HP is recommended for PvP, and endgame PvE play. Enabling use mouse movements will allow you to direct some skills by pushing ctrl mid cast, and clicking where you want to direct spells as shown here. This is corroborated by accuracy testing, showing that TET boss has ~10% dodge with Muskan’s, which would mean you are getting hit no matter what anyway so more DR would help you more. Awakened skills will do more DPS and are much safer to use than a slower but strong unawakened skill, so you will need to max awakened skills first.Skill builds are listed in the skill builds section. Many classes can do a very fast engage or ranged CC that you won’t be able to counter if you are just spamming the skill, Hellfire is not a good engage. The beginner part will focus on the early levels until around 56. Every class can respond faster to it than we can use it. Note, as there are not many strikers in Korea, there is no info. Many stats are hidden, including the damage you deal, and even whether your attacks miss or hits. In a 1v1, we can excel, but not as easily as other classes. For the chest armor, you can use the Magical Armor you get from quests. Progression from here is pen weapons into pen armours, Muskan -> Dim -> Leebur, Witch (and other DR style classes such as valk, warrior, zerker or if you just don’t want to go evasion), This skill casts more slowly and does less damage, but inflicts a 6 second attack, cast, and movement speed debuff. Penguins have been given in the distant past and are more rare. Any assistance is appreciated. Here is a sample level 40 and build and a sample level 55 build BDO Classes Tier List & Rankings ——— via Character Creation Stat Map ——— Classes in BDO are gender locked. The controversy is if 100 hp + some DR > 6% evasion. Why? Posted August 25, 2019 August 31, 2020 alext96. Compared to steel dagger, it might do less special atk damage, but is better at breaking blocks and through super armors, and is stronger against groups. Hellfire – Entirely PvE, though the crit if useful for the awakened kill combo, casting speed is there entirely cause i find the DoT damage on it redundant as i’m never going to use this skill in pvp except when i’m 100% safe and using it too kill people. Tells you what skills do and specifics about them. Rabam Swift Earthquake (Level 57): A 30 second cooldown high damage circular AOE skill that inflicts bound in PVE. If you’re looking for survivability, we kind of lack that. It is advisable to get as much AP as possible to allow faster farming, and to deal more damage to players. In PvE, skills are still situational. The main use for it is the. Queuing teleport ( pressing Shift + Spacebar ), and then immediately facing another direction than the one faced when the buttons are pressed, will project a “fake” teleport animation towards the initial direction, while actually teleporting towards the second one. + Instantly Recover 20 MP per hit. Using Lava Field (E awakening) will draw mobs towards it. Skill addons do not affect Rabam skills. Good tier are Sorc, Lahn, Ranger, Darkknight and Valk. The primary skills you will use to kill mobs will be Residual Lightning, Fireball Explosion, and Lightning Storm early on. You can switch your addons around by either using memory fragments or by having  Cliff’s skill add-on guide (Pearl item) at the skill manager. Trying too hard to pull off specific combos doesn’t work well in real world situations, Don’t waste your teleport !! However, if during node war/sieges/fights you feel the CD of the blizzard is too long, leveling it to tier 3 is not a bad option. There is a dearth of capital for development in public markets and fund managers are moving away from mining for reputational reasons”. Witch and Wizard don’t really have standard combos/rotations. A total of 5 levels of casting speed is available. Buying the correct pieces early and enhancing them when you are able to afford it is usually the best way. They each have a long and telegraphed cc skill that you can use with right click if the pet summon skill is off cooldown. Don’t build purely offensive in every situation. Levels in BDO are similar to most MMORPG’s. General, Console & Mobile Discords. You should play the class you enjoy though. All Critical Hit Rate +10% for 9 sec. Witch and Wizard are bursty AoE classes. [Link], Pre-awakening skill basics: (Translated from Inven), Guide on Awakening Skills basics: ( Witch / Wizard ), Another Guide about Skills and other stuff: ( For Wizard ). Level 4 Kzarka and Level 2 Dandelion. They were taken from experienced witches and wizards. Will be re-written. You might not get completely full, but you also get MP back from awakening skills. For new players and low geared people, the recommendation is still Kzarka Staff. The 0-200 AP Guide found on discord is still the most up to date. Important note: bdoplanner does not display the +2 AP/+2 DP given from leveling up to 56, 60 and from Bartli journal. For crystals, prioritize getting +5 crit and +5 casting speed. It’s beneficial to note how Hiro chains his freeze to extend knock downs to keep the opponent on lockdown. Use URUGON’Sshoes  instead of the Muskan’s and GRIFFON’s instead of Giath’s Helm. Enabling mouse movements can let you turn certain skills immediately after casting: Blizzard, Teleport, Aqua Jail, Hellfire are some examples. Urugon’s provides much more DR than Muskans (way more than Giath -> Griffon), which fits into the theme that TET boss gains much more DR and tankiness from TRI. Take advantage of the fact that we are good at resetting fights. Both are very strong at PvE, both are very strong in group PvP, both are not that strong in 1v1s. If you swap other boss armor for the 2nd Rocaba piece, you will be losing evasion and DR as well. Further casting speed can be obtained via buffs. Overall, our pets do little damage but a little damage can add up. Jail – Also PvE, Best source of mob AP in the awake kit, Cata – PvP, Best self buffs % evasion is always busted,,, Using it on for example DK or a good Maehwa will likely end up getting you killed. Also, keep in mind that when you are going for accessories, buying them already enchanted is often a bit cheaper on average than making them yourself, but it really comes down to personal preference, and if you already have some high stacks sitting around. In total you gain more evasion compared to just boss armor. The following is previous suggestions: 1x TRI: Red Coral Earring, along with Bheg’s Gloves, and Kzarka Staff is generally recommended to reach an optimal level of accuracy for PvP. They require that you completely max out the unawakened skill before taking the absolute skill. Manos gem accessories are also via, however inefficient. for self. Then you can start thinking about different offhands and alternative builds. BDO Unibank, Inc. provides banking and financial solutions to Filipinos and foreigners in the country. Please join and give it a shot! The skills that lack a flow are useful, but don’t expect them to do the most damage. Wizard (and other evasion style classes such as mystic and striker or if you want to go evasion…). Main Weapon: Staff (same with Wizard) – Ranged As you would expect, her defenses are very low, so she relies on smart positioning, dodging, and patience. Addons are extra effects added to your skills. Absolute skills: You need to level up the pre-awakening to get these in the first place. 11 November 2020 11:00; Targargo and Targarga King Targargo has returned to Balenos again and this time, the king has been spotted on Ehwaz Hill near Finto Farm along with its queen,Targarga! – Blizzard III (Only for node wars and only if you feel the CD is too long on blizzard I). – Pushing s+c will allow you to teleport and switch weapon stances simultaneously. Az’s general fail stacks based on nothing but picking random points that may or may not be efficient: TO BE CLEAR: The only difference between PVE And PVP is that you do not take PVP damage and movement speed debuff addons if you are 100% PVE FOCUSED. For PVE: Absolute multiple magic arrows and absolute dagger stab (Extremely high single target burst when used together) are important. The difference in base evasion between wizard and witch is 20. Video format that explains witch’s awakening skills, Shows you the differences between pre-awakened and the new absolute skills, Efficient Absolute skill usage – scroll to witch/wiz. The last one can either be made up by an ultimate green staff, or an Ancient Magic Crystal – Addis. The reason 2 crystal slots are nice is because you will want to try to eventually get +5 critical chance and +5 casting speed, and crystals are an easy and practical way to do this. If you can’t get them, a good alternative to start is 2X Blue Coral Earrings, 2X Blue Coral Ring, PRI Belt of Shultz the Gladiator, and DUO Bares Necklace, or Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator. Class Tier List: PVE ( End Game ) Please vote to view player opinion on the classes that are considered best at defeating enemies inside the toughest grinding locations. However, Sage’s Rage is an ok option for PVE and sometimes 1v1 cases. Inflicts 40 Poison Damage per 3 sec. The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. However, prioritize Casting Speed over Critical Hit Rate. PVE Usage only, nice for quick pulls when grinding. It is actually very similar to Red Nose vs Dim Tree Armor, with testing differences showing similar numbers to the 200 HP difference between the two armors. Most Witch/Wizard skills do enough damage on their own to not require combos in PvE. Enable use mouse movements, and use auto-align quickslots here in settings. Both classes are very situational, and you should learn which of your 6 skills have super armor or block to use them accordingly. by @_ColeBennett_) Song Victorious However, this build is essentially better for wizard thanks to 3 SAs. Bdo discord Bdo discord. Then get big skills like Blizzard and Meteor if possible, Pre-awakening skills to keep: Protected Area, Speed Spell, Mana Shield, Teleport+Ult Teleport, both heals, Spellbound Heart, Skilled Hunter, Infinite Mastery, As you move into later levels, you gain more, Teleport and Ultimate Teleport (why wouldn’t you have these), Heals: Healing Aura and Healing Lighthouse, Buffs: Speed Spell, Spellbound Heart (blue orb), Sage’s Memory, Protected Area, Mana Shield (Both are EXTREMELY important in PvP), Lvl 56 Rabam Healing, Pre-awakening damage skills: Blizzard, Meteor, Earthquake, Lightning, Chain Lightning, etc. BDO Bot บอท สคริป. They’re very easy to pick up, and quite simplistic in nature. Crystals will be your main source of crowd control resistance. Magical evasion, earth’s response, and teleport cancel Healing Lighthouse, Enabling mouse movements can let you turn certain skills immediately after casting: Blizzard, Teleport, Thunderbolt, Yoke of Ordeal are some examples. For Wizard101, there are help channels, chill channels, pet and even pvp channels! BDO Horse Community - Discord for horse breeding, training, T9 horses, and racing. I personally feel that Witch and Wizards, are low skill floor, yet high skill ceiling class. The intermediate section will go over what to do after awakening, intermediate gearing tips, skill add-ons, and a few ‘nice to know’ things such as what pre awakening skills can be cast while in awakening without swapping weapons. Our class is more about using the skill appropriate to the situation, and then following up on it if we happen to cc. This is helpful for things such as mma–>dagger->rabam after a freeze breaks before they can stand up, or earthquake–>rabam without using earth’s response, Take advantage of the lingering superarmor on bolide, cataclysm, and aqua jail (but be careful hit trading with aqua jail because of how long the animation is). Witch and Wizard don’t really have animation cancels like other classes. ้นที่ ล่า ใหม่ " - Duration: 4:00. Minimum AP : 280 (with Nouver). Please dont link dead discords. They will work for PvP or PvE. Absolute skills are an extra level on top of unawakened staff skills. Freezes can be great at starting combos, Use rabam fireball from key combination, not hotkey to cancel preawakening skills with the same timing earth’s response can cancel them. I don’t think anyone has tried this but someone should! If you have extra skillpoints, Multiple Magic Arrows is probably the best one to keep. Picking your gender is a highly intimate and personal decision. 29 AP43 mosnter dmg9(+27) evasion11 Acc6 DR10% ignore resist 2Slot, Hybrid offhand, it provides some tankiness without losing much AP in PvP. At 58, Hellfire becomes strong because of the flow, and at 60 Cataclysm becomes strong. Spellbound heart, Magic Lighthouse, and Healing Aura can all be used in awakening mode also. Sphera Training – This involves leveling up Sphera Training to be effective. Witch does have some zero cast time moves but the difference is that these are not protected and you can easily be CC’d and killed during the long animations that follow. Side note: Giath/Griffon helm>Heve Helm for AP builds, Heve Helm>Giath/Griffon for offensive builds. [Click here to find more like JIN/BON/WON Crystals], Orange – (AMC) Ancient Magic Crystal, (RBF) Red BattleField Crystal, Yellow – (AMC) Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment, (BMC) Black Magic Crystal. Auto-align quickslots will allow you to have up to 20 hotbars. In testing, Urugons have been shown to be tankier than Muskan’s in TET boss setups. Teleporting to disengage and switch to staff can let you put walking guard up very quickly to defend against them as many people try to pressure a Wizard after teleporting. The at-the-moment best EXP group grinding spots (up to 3 people for money + 2 more can leech for EXP). Like green helmets, Rocaba helmet itself has more evasion than Giath. Guides, help channels, general talk about the classes. Major point of the spot : Corrupted earrings (should be added soon). Also used to evade (Shift + Direction). All Defense +10 for 10 sec. The high accuracy and damage on skills allows us more flexibility for other builds compared to other classes, but we still need AP need to deal damage. Up to level 60, your priority is to maximize all awakening skills (wizard excludes chilling wave + Flow, witch excludes Equilibrium break + Flow). You will generally have enough stamina gained from regular play. It is the best thing to support your team members, very good for pvp in all scales and pve in all scales. Since addons depend on play style and preference, listed below are examples of good players from witch/wiz discord. You should not be taking absolute skills unless you are level 60 (or even 61) and have at least 1600 SP. Below you will find a list of classes divided by gender in BDO, along with the class tiers and ranking stats visible during Character Creation. TET Muskan’s: 127 evasion + 39 DR, TET Urugon’s: 84 evasion + 71 DR + 1 movespeed. Arguably the best end game spot for both witch and wizard, Money wise. The AP Offhand mentioned in this general guide will be steel dagger. In BDO, support type classes aren’t really a thing, though we do have important buffs for group PvP. When you get awakening, you can unlearn the direct attack skills of pre-awakening, but keep the utility ones and learn Ultimate Teleport. For the hipster in you, here is a wall of text about pros and cons for various gear builds people have asked about. A breakdown of each gear’s DR and Evasion value can be found. It is better to save the money for the Dandelion awakening weapon in the future. Inflicts 42 Bleeding Damage per 3 sec. As you get closer to the “endgame”, playing the mages become much more challenging. Security is So this is definitely the safest Black-Desert Bot on the market. Allows for you attacks to deal critical damage. It is still possible with sets like Agerian, but will take a little more work with crystals after you start replacing pieces. for self. Absolute Residual Lightning can be useful for long-ranged damage. There is no BIS set/build. As a 2-piece set bonus, you supposedly gain 20 evasion (information from the datamine). All Movement Speed +4% for 10 sec. With AP softcap’s high tested hit rates vs TET boss, a green helmet might not help even here. Tett is the lightning dude and Arne is the water girl. Both witch and wizard have their own advantages based on style. How to life skill: how do I do life skills?? Here is a link to a guide made by Jackiefelix for aakman, The (at the moment) future end-game grind zone to come. for self. This guide will be in three main sections: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Make sure to hotkey freezes, both heals, Sage’s Memory, and any other skills you see necessary. The reason I don’t recommend to buy a Liverto even if you can afford it is because the enhancement cost of just that item is way too expensive to be worth it until much later. If you hotkey a skill from preawakening that can’t be used in awakening mode, it will automatically switch your weapons for you. Absolute Fireball Explosion can be useful for surprise knockdowns at range, and especially useful when used with Rabam Fireball. I personally find that the ranged pets are better for PvE, since they won’t get in the way and the ranged attack can reach farther, allowing the pet to finish off the last few mobs you might have missed. General. The downside is this skill does almost no damage, you’re stationary for the duration, and you swap back to staff mode, which will majorly interrupt your combat flow. The only thing to take notice is that you should not be getting Red coral earrings as part of your main build. [Worlds 2020] Top Esports & Suning face off in the semifinals for a chance to defend the LPL's honor. There’s no one size fits all strategy for 1v1, so I’ll just go over a lot of things to keep in mind as points. | 44,911 members Using things from the hotbar unless necessary will increase the mana usage. sodapoppin's clips and videos from Twitch. Improves survivability. The only main one to get for PvE is the +20 monster damage (which skill it’s on depends on Witch/Wiz). We are also doing Discord Giveaways! Kutum gives a large amount of monster damage on top of the AP it already has. Minimum AP: 280 (Nouver) / 269 (Kutum). Then you can use equilibrium break which gets a down attack multiplier on bounds for extra damage. With the right setup we can be fast, but we aren’t mobile, which makes positioning extra important in PvP. ; Bellcord Global - Discord times and bot for per-server and per … For PVP: Absolute Blizzard and Absolute Meteor Shower do roughly the same damage as ultimate blizzard/normal meteor shower (due to damage reduced in pvp), so keep this in mind when choosing what ones to use for PVP.

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