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did my cat get eaten by a coyote

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Vanchanka says he can’t get the image of his cat’s last minutes of life. Some people will not like this answer. If your cat is missing, it is more likely it was hit by a car, or was ill and went off to die, got trapped in a garage or building when a door got closed, was poisoned somehow or ate something poison outdoors, or was eaten by a coyote (which definitely DO kill cats). Since you will probably never know, it's best to think of the cat with another family than trying to imagine the details of being eaten by a coyote. Coyote Attacks on Pets. Lv 7. 3 years ago. Could be the cat has been killed. Cost me over $500 to get this cat stitched back up after a coyote carried it off and chewed at it for a bit. I asked him to throw it away for me. My neighbor and I made small talk over my cat's corpse ("Look, they ripped it's spine out. On one occasion, I observed a coyote in Yellowstone carrying the legs of a pronghorn fawn, back to the den area. Jessica Simpson’s Dog Get’s Eaten By A Thin Coyote. I'm really sorry for you and your pup. A tomcat is now sitting in the yard purring and rubbing against a small sapling birch tree. He loved to sleep on his back with his paws curled up. It sounded to me like perhaps a predatory bird- possibly a great horned owl- was the predator in this case. After standing there for a few minutes, still waiting for his wife, he said that he will get rid of it if I wanted him to. Some people let their cats outside because they mistakenly believe it's cruel to keep cats indoors. The poor little dog would’ve lost her life if not for the Rottie that came to her rescue. My step-mother’s cat was also killed by a coyote. I tell neighbors and visitors all the time to not allow their dog on my property because I’m afraid they’ll eat one of my chickens. At times, they will roam into the more populated areas and begin attacking Pets. Bad coyote-cat encounters don’t occur that often, but they do happen. Please don't go looking for remains. It is possible he was eaten by a coyote or large bird like an owl or hawk. we several coyotes in the area and we live in the city and the state has been here a number of times and never find anything that says that coyotes are around . One of their neighbors told them that they saw a coyote run off with a partially eaten cat. Once Happy intervened, Trixxie was able to get away. According to the evidence that we found when we got back, the first night we were gone - you were eaten by a coyote. If what the coyote that carried off my cat did to it, your puppy did suffer. So we went to the vet and turns out his tail was severed from his spine. He even hugged me. Either from a falling object or his tail was stuck and he pulled himself free. I noticed he has a wound under his chin towards his throat. A neighbour witnessed the coyote trotting off with the cat and we gave it up for dead. 6 Answers. I live in coyote country. He is much more active now, but starving. Having fished my cat’s foot out of a coyote’s mouth, I can understand your panic! Continue this thread level 2. He drinks some water but has not eaten for a week since the attack. In some areas frequented by coyotes, it is not difficult to find an account of a pet attack or missing cat (presumed to have been eaten by a coyote) in the local newspaper. We had a fence between us though, and raspberry bushes were making it hard for the animal to get a grip on her…thank goodness! I am a terrible pet owner and not only did I fail you but I failed your sister. coyote in my dream pees on my land claiming it as hers ; I open the door and yell at her to scare her off . my cat was attacked by a coyote and went into shock, but i gave him oxygen for a couple days and he has come out of it and is walking around, but not eating. I notice that he has puss drainage from his nose. He was amazing. The cat did more damage to me in her panic than the coyote did. Is the chicken mangled, but not eaten or partially eaten? Danielle Post author. Could be it was scared off by a coyote and ran far enough away it couldn't find its way back and has been adopted by another family. Good cats are few, so I hope your`s comes home soon. There is no shortage of predators these days, and your cat MAY have fallen victim to one of them.

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