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does thranduil love legolas

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Oropher was slain and Thranduil returned to Greenwood with roughly a third … The main character dies in battle and becomes one with the creator the rings. But, King Thranduil freed himself from the orcs, as we were fighting. King Thranduil looks into the past after he ends a love affair that his son Legolas, had become involved in. He warned her not to give him hope where there was none. Summary: A collection of hurt/comfort one shots centering around Legolas.In this chapter, Legolas struggles to come back to himself after suffering a severe concussion. thranduil legolas lotr thehobbit hobbit mirkwood lordoftherings elves elrond kili middleearth thorin gandalf fili tolkien tauriel aragorn bilbo thorinoakenshield dwarves. ( Bolg hit him, I think ). Thranduil and his father, Oropher, eventually ended up in Greenwood the Great, where Silvan Elves of Nandor descent lived. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. That doesn't mean -ALL- old elves are stronger than -ALL- young elves. He fell in love with Erulassë Undómiel. After the Dwarves escaped in barrels, Legolas and Tauriel brought back Narzug, one of … He's A Stoner Legolas can hear what stones are thinking. Legolas loves Gimli, but there are some things holding him back. ” but still lets him do whatever he wants to :) I shouldn’t have drawn it on sketchpad since the paper are so thin it got wrinkled over the course of drawing…well, whateverrrr To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. "I didn't want anyone to replace my mother, the love of your life. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, appearing in The Hobbit. See more ideas about Thranduil, The hobbit, Legolas and thranduil. He gathered the injured butterfly from Legolas's hand with great care and touching its wing with a finger tip, let Legolas see the magic and wonders of healing. To what extent do performers "hear" sheet music? King Thranduil is a main character and brief antagonist in The Hobbit. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Legolas traded romance for strong, loving companionship among friends. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Title: In the Healing Halls. Legolas was dispatched to Rivendell to bring this ill news to Elrond an… He was born during the First Age, and lived in Doriath at some point prior to the Second Kinslaying. Or does it have to be within the DHCP servers (or routers) defined subnet? Let me show you the beauty of the innocent." Book wise Legolas killed a Nazgul's Fell Beast with one single arrow, in the dead of night, while the beast was flying. You can literally see Thranduil shrink 2 feet. Where does the phrase, "Costs an arm and a leg" come from? Legolas has more feats, better feats and every right to win.......but Thranduil is simply too fabulous to lose. What do cones have to do with quadratics? YAY!! Active 3 years, 3 months ago. *T* "Thank you milady." *L* *Blushing slightly* "Thank you Anodien." Legolas was the son of Thranduil, the King of the Elves of Northern Mirkwood. Legolas understands how you feel perfectly since he sadly lost his mother; ... Thranduil does not mind your sexuality however when you told him, it made him into an even more jealous lover. Because she was born in Mirkwood and spent most of her youth in the forest she was given the name Tauriel me… Legolas does not have the same respect for his father anymore. Why was only one kingdom of each of the free races invited to join the council of Elrond? How to create a smooth black and white texture without jaggies? It doesn't mean that he went somewhere north of Erebor. However, his wife dies when Legolas is very young. When Thranduil tells Legolas to go north, what did he mean? Thranduil would win: There is a scene in the Battle of the Five Armies which confirms this. Legolas Thranduillion (or Legolas "Greenleaf" for short) was the elven prince of Mirkwood and son of Thranduil. I'm not sure the movies and the games are related… Are they? Furthermore, Legolas loved her so perhaps it also meant that her dying would cripple him as well. Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Tolkien, I just like to play in his world.. Beyond that, Legolas has seen more of the world than his father intended. Specifically, in Appendix A of The Return of the King, it is said that: According to the timeline in Appendix B, this incident would likely coincide 10 plus years later in 2951 after the Battle of the Five Armies and after Elrond has disclosed to Aragorn the truth to his heritage. Thranduil is older and more experienced probably. Legolas has no emotional connection to her and his arc and relationship with Thranduil are predicated on Tauriel. Will there be another book/movie about The Hobbit / LOTR? Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. The Valar reinvited these Elves to Aman, but Thranduil, among many others, was unwilling and remained i… Gimli never asked to love Legolas, but his heart has always belonged to the elf. See more ideas about legolas, thranduil, legolas and thranduil. Tauriel confronts Thranduil with her bow pointed at his head. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 9 months ago. She grew up with the kings son Legolas the elf prince who she would have fellings for. Swords aren't going to do squat when the guy is nimbler than a monkey and I don't see Thranduil dodging his arrows. Unless Tolkien stated it himself that's just speculation. Thranduil is born in Mirkwood to his father, Oropher. Legolas was the son of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood, who appeared as "the Elvenking" in The Hobbit. It only takes a minute to sign up. Either way even if Thranduil is better with a sword Legolas armed with a bow is haxxed. Aragorn would not be north of the Wood-elven Kingdom either. i think you guys are also forgetting Thranduils experience. I think that Legolas was told to meet the young ranger, Aragorn, and then return to Woodland Realm. Legolas hears his father's cries and rushes into his chambers, telling the guards to let him handle it. Thranduil awakened by nightmares of the dragons of the North and the loss of his wife. Actually, I do believe the answer CAN be found in the book. How is it that Legolas always has a quiver full of arrows? When at last Thranduil does come out of his dreams, he recognizes his son as his only remaining treasure, his only living family, and crushes him in a hug. It should probably be Thranduil, but based on feats Legolas. Then few years later Aragorn captured the creature, Gollum and brought him to the Mirkwood as a prisoner. Fingolfin wounded Morgoth and Gil-Galad with Elendil killed Sauron. That said, though the dates aren't completely matching, Thranduil's instructions for Legolas to go North - while perhaps a bit premature - makes sense... while also hinting to the fact that it will be Aragorn who will find and capture Gollum and bring him to Mirkwood in another 60 or so years in 3017 and whose subsequent escape will be what prompts Legolas as a representative of Mirkwood and Thranduil to seek counsel from Elrond in The Fellowship of the Ring. Of course not, but the age should be a feat itself, considering how the fights are made up in Middle-Earth. In the years after The Hobbit, he began finding heroes like him that he could relate to and learn from -- the kind of people who could make him stronger. Thranduil “Wear this” Legolas “I don’t need it, ada." Or perhaps Legolas could simply not bring himself to fight his father, hence '' you will have to kill me too ''. Thranduil also told Tauriel that Legolas was developing feelings for her and that he wouldn't allow him to pledge himself to a lowly Silvan Elf. With absolutely more experience Thranduil will beat Legolas sadly to say because *sniff* ;( that's my man. They were at Erebor, and north of that was just the Iron Hills and Forodwaith. Apr 2, 2017 - Explore Ellie Baltes's board "Legolas and thranduil" on Pinterest. Thranduil was one of the Iathrim who spent his early life in Doriath. 1.2K Stories. Since the movies operate on a different timeline to the books, January 2021 Topic Challenge: Isaac Asimov, Timeline of Peter Jackson's Tolkien movies, Legolas leaving Mirkwood/the Council of Elrond. I know this is not in the book. No feats = no victory. At the beginning of the Second Age, the Sindar travelled east and Oropher eventually founded Greenwood the Great.In SA 3434, Thranduil and his father fought in the Battle of Dagorlad. Not much is known about her past the only thing that is known is her parents death. Feats have nothing to do with this. However, he is young when his father is killed in battle during the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. *A* "You're both very welcome." The heir of the Great Greenwood, before it became Mirkwood and falling to darkness, meets the love of his life. Legolas Greenleaf is one of the main characters in The Lord of the Rings and a main supporting characters in The Hobbit trilogy. When Thranduil tells Legolas to go north, what did he mean? So, what would actually happen is it would be team Legolas & Tauriel vs. Thranduil, because I don't see Tauriel leaving Legolas hangin in that situation- then it would just turn ugly after all the kings gaurds jump in. See more ideas about thranduil, legolas, the hobbit. Thranduil then breaks her bow with a quick swing of the sword then proceeds to point his sword at her neck. I never got to play the game so I don't absolutely know if this is accurate but it's my best Guess. What events can occur in the electoral votes count that would overturn election results? Legolas also said he rides north to Gundbald after Taurial is banished, so it could be they just don't know which way North is. Apr 13, 2014 - Explore Emily mcginnis's board "thranduil and legolas funny" on Pinterest. There is no way book Legolas is better swordsman than Thranduil. Thanks for contributing an answer to Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange! You're correct that it's difficult to reconcile with the geography of the books, and difficult to determine exactly what Thranduil may have meant. He fought in the alliance of Elves of men and survived, a battle from which even Gil-galad did not. *Does a curtsie* Anyway, the question is, if Legolas kissed you, what would you do? Anyhow Legalas cannot beat his father yes of course he will get some good hits in, but can not overcome him. Shadow of Mordor happens Between Hobbit and the LOTR. Legolas shut him down when he threatened Tauriel. On top of that, Legolas' love interest does not love him back and there is no future for them. While he became averse to falling in love, the son of Thranduil did not become loveless. What did he mean? @penderor: But that doesn't mean ancient elves are stronger by default, just that that Age had amazing heroes. I am not over he death, I don't want to betray her." Can I repeatedly Awaken something in order to give it a variety of languages? At that range thranduil gives his son a whooping. This. Thranduil then breaks her bow with a quick swing of the sword then proceeds to point his sword at her neck. In the ruins of Hollin near the Gates of … I doubt that Legolas both book and movie wise is better in everything than his father. Thranduil got up and walked over to his son, "I must confess some things to you Legolas. He was one of the members of the Fellowship of the Fang and one of the last elves to remain in Middle-Earth after the War of the Ring. He's a pretty good melee fighter, we saw him do some fancy swordplay in Battle of the Five Armies, but that's all I remember. At the end of the third Hobbit movie, I recall Thranduil telling Legolas to go north to look for Aragorn. Nov 1, 2020 - Explore RedSpoilt's board "Thranduil", followed by 1291 people on Pinterest. How did SNES render more accurate perspective than PS1? I felt like what he said about a Ranger ment the Game Shadow Of Mordor. South would have made a lot more sense. Thranduil is motivated by sparkly. Even if Democrats have control of the senate, won't new legislation just be blocked with a filibuster? rev 2021.1.6.38263, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us, He should have said "Go west, young man.". Legolas wins because feats, obviously, as everyone has already said, but a sword fight between these two would be cool to see. @stormphoenix: What's Thranduil's answer to Legolas' marksmanship, exactly? Movie wise he took down an Oliphant full of Haradrims, did some crazy gravity bending and pretty much never got hit in the whole War of the Ring. There is no official source, it just the way Tolkiens wrote it. Why is there room to allow for riding a bike on Shabbat, but not playing a musical instrument? Ok maybe a few zombies and one flying wyvern. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Legolas then steps in and tells his father (Thandruil) that he would have to kill him if he hurts Tauriel, knowing full well he was no match for the elder. Tauriel had become an orphan after that she was taken in by Thranduil who raised her she was younger than most elves in Middle-Earth. Perhaps when the extended edition of Battle of Five Armies is released, the director's commentary (or some extra scenes) may reveal more. I just figured they said north for a reason. Thranduil also said go to the Dunedain which by what he said is probably on the north. How did Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli know what Uruk-hai were? Viewed 6k times 4. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. He'd walk all over Legolas in terms of stats, experience, and magical ability. Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. Galadriel should have given him a compass as a gift instead of that bow. 1. Legolas is a member of the House of Oropher and a former member of the Fellowship of the Ring and the Rangers of the North. Sort by: Hot. Thranduil is an elf of the First Age, born at the height of elven power. Since Legolas has many archer feats, I am going to give Thranduil the edge in melee combat. ... Woohoo I love Thranduil, I bet he is a total softy and I will happily die on that hill. Language: English Words: 7,774 ... Legolas Greenleaf/Thranduil (78) Thranduil/Thranduil's Wife (49) Gimli (Son of Glóin) & Legolas Greenleaf (29) Oropher & Thranduil (Tolkien) (23) Why is 2 special? Aragorn and Legolas killed ehm..few orcs? Thranduil would win: There is a scene in the Battle of the Five Armies which confirms this. That is worse than if they’d killed her to motivate Thranduil and give Legolas an arc. Does Thranduil even have any feats? What does it mean when we say, "Gravity is a source of gravity"? Is there any hope of getting my pictures back after an iPhone factory reset some day in the future? Tauriel confronts Thranduil with her bow pointed at his head. How do I figure out how many monomer configurations I need for my simulation? At the end of the First Age, Thranduil was among many of the Grey Elves that stayed in Lindon, and before the building of the Barad-dûr in SA 1000 they travelled eastward. Doodle~~ I love to imagine Thranduil overprotecting Legolas and Legolas is like, "gosh, stop it ada…! What this man or woman said is correct. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Thranduil is one of the major protagonists in J.R.R. Through their over-kindliness to him, however, Gollum managed an escape with the help of Sauron's Orcs. Am I misunderstanding the scene? Both have their standard war gear. Can I assign any static IP to a device on my network? This is common sense Thranduil would beat Legolas any day, is Thranduil not King? You cant understand it if you didnt read the books. As has been said, little is known about his life before or during the Third Age, restricted to the few things he himself has said on the matter.During the War of the Ring, the creature Gollum was captured by Aragorn, and put under lock and key by the Elves of Mirkwood. If Thranduil had indeed attacked Legolas after his challenge and defense of Tauriel in Battle of the Five Armies, who would have come out on top? Hot New # 1. Good fight, but after a long hard battle probably Legalos. You are ignoring Tolkien's logic, where older elf means better elf. Bump, Interesting fight and even with all answers i'm still undecided. According to the Book of Lost Tales, he was more than just a “pretty face” Based on his on-screen … Not gonna lie, I wouldn't be surprised to see Thranduil win. So then he accidentally participated the council there and became one of the Fellowship of the Ring. Hence, "You will have to kill me" because he would obviously fight his best (knowing he'd lose) if he knew Tauriel was next in line after his defeat. I can see where Legolas gets his skill from. He met Aragorn and Gandalf first. If Legolas believed his father was truly threatening Tauriel's life, then you got a sticky situation on your hands. Legolas was also backwards on his directions in the Two Towers on wich way the Orch were heading with Merry and Pippin. Legolas is young by elven standards and his feats stomp pretty much anything else bar characters from the Silmari-.. Sillama-.. Silmaril-.. you get it. Legolas then steps in and tells his father (Thandruil) that he would have to kill him if he hurts Tauriel, knowing full well he was no match for the elder. Gently, Thranduil placed his son back on the floor and feeling a bit sorry for reproaching him, said "Come, son. Melee = Thranduil, ranged = Legolas. After Gollum escaped from Mirkwood, Legolas came to Rivendell to inform about it to Lord Elrond. Thranduil is older and more experienced probably. In his younger years he unknowingly fathered Earane Greenleaf and Earyende Greenleaf. This scene and dialog was invented for the movies and doesn't occur at all in the books. Until then all we can say is that we don't know what was intended. How did Thranduil know about the 'infamous' Strider when the latter was only 10 during the Battle of the Five Armies? So when Thranduil said go to the north he somehow meant he will go and live with the rangers. What did Haldir mean by Elves not having dealings with Dwarves since the Dark Days even though they fought together in The Hobbit? Thranduil looked at his son and pinned him down with his eyes, still filled with hatred, waiting for his answer. Then Aragorn returned back to North. Filed under female characters Legolas Thranduil … Off Topic: The real superfight is Thandruil vs. Elrond- too bad Tolkien never got around to that.. @penderor: I'll have to ask for an official source that says older elves are more powerful. A few thousand Grey Elves who ha… I think I've heard him been called strider and all. Should Greater Restoration work against Prismatic Spray's Indigo Ray? Did Legolas leave his father and people behind when he went into the West? It is possible that his wife was one of the Silvarin Elves (Thranduil being a Sindarin elf), which is made clear in in the History of Galadriel and Celeborn (in Unfinished Tales), where there's a brief account of the arrival of Thranduil's father Oropher among the Silvan Elves of Greenwood the Great. Why was there a "point of no return" in the Chernobyl series that ended in the meltdown? @pateuvasiliu: Legolas isn't just willing to fight his father over spilled milk. Thranduil is the king of Mirkwood and ruler of the Elven realm. He takes over as king, marries and has a son. Of course he doesn't have nearly as many combat feats, so there's no real way to PROVE his superiority if you ignore how powerful the two should be. What are the advantages and disadvantages of water bottles versus bladders? Since the movies operate on a different timeline to the books, Aragorn's age of 10 in the books would be irrelevant and this is possible. Since Legolas has many archer feats, I am going to give Thranduil the edge in melee combat. Strider and rangers are from the north. Soon Legolas came clean. SOM takes place in The Orc strongholds and they do refer to the Orc strong holds as to the North.

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