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jeep jk front axle upgrade

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Even with all the above mods, the Dana 30s tiny ring and pinion, thin tubes, and weak shafts aren’t going to hold up. A Jeep JK axle shaft upgrade is just one of many potential improvements you can make to equip your Jeep for maximum off-road fun. Otherwise, the solution is a complete axle swap. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –, JK44 Rear 35-Spline Axleshaft Upgrade Kit (stock JK bolt pattern), JK44 Rear 35-Spline Axleshaft Upgrade Kit with 5 on 5 1/2 Bolt Pattern, JK44 Rear 35-Spline Axleshaft Bundle Kit with 5 on 5 1/2 Bolt Pattern, JK44 Rear 35-Spline Axleshaft Bundle Kit with 5 on 5 Bolt Pattern, Dynatrac Products, Inc. 7392 Count Circle Huntington Beach, CA 92647. But what they all offer are significantly stronger housings, bigger ring and pinion gears, and beefier axle shafts and u-joints that can handle life with 37s. ExtremeTerrain is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on any order over $75! Aftermarket axles, like the CORE 44, eliminate the weak points of a Dana 30 by offering much stronger housings, better axle shafts with bigger u-joints, and a larger ring and pinion gears. Many also allow for the use of the larger 1350-style u-joints. Thankfully, the aftermarket is here to help. Another benefit to an axle swap is that all of the brackets for the track bar and controls are fairly thin on a stock Dana 30 and Rubicon 44. The good news is there are plenty of bolt-in swaps that can handle 37s. 4340 Chromoly. Likewise, aftermarket Dana 60 axles such as Currie Enterprises’ Rock Jock 60’s are what JK owners will be wanting to upgrade to once they get their rigs sitting on top of 37″ or larger tires and playing hard on the rocks. The rear Dana 44 on the Jeep JK is actually not a bad axle. Doing so would net us stronger chromoly shafts and the ability to run full circle u-joint clips. Stronger shafts will keep this to a minimum. If you plan to run 37s on your non-Rubicon JK, you are going to need to swap in a stronger axle. It's a Mammoth strength upgrade. It is important that you find the right equipment for your Jeep JK axle upgrade. What size tires can you run with those parts? Can also be used as a direct bolt-on upgrade for JK Wrangler owners looking to beef up the front axle’s weak areas. First, the Jeep JK tends to get used off-road more than other vehicle. Currie, Dynatrac, and Dana make options that bolt right into a JK without much fuss. Of the two trussing is generally considering to have an edge in strength. While variations between the different axle makers’ Dana 60s exist, all of them offer a stout 10-inch ring gear and beefy 35-spline axles. One weak point of the axle are the flanges can bend under harder use. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that our upgrade list for the Rubicon 44 is similar to that of the Dana 30. Super 30 Front Axle Kit (RAK30-JK-30) for Jeep JK & JKU – 4340 Chromoly front axle shafts ... Revolution Gear & Axle – Upgrade your Jeep Dana 44 rear axle to 33 spline added traction with a Detroit Locker $ 1,169.99 Read more. TeraFlex heavy-duty JK Front Tera44 TF44 Replacement Axle Housings are perfect for replacing bent, broken, or damaged front axles in JK Wrangler and Rubicon vehicles. However, the rest of the Dana 44 is pretty much the same as the Dana 30. Dana Spicer Passenger Side Front 30-Spline Upgrade Axle Shaft Assembly for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon with Model 44 Front Axle $279.99 $359.99 5 (1) In the long run it may be better to save your money for the 44. By using this website you consent to their use. Free Shipping on Orders Over $75. Another plus is it uses a larger 8.8-inch diameter ring gear. The good news is that you plunked down the extra cash for the Rubicon package. It uses much thicker axle tubes than the front Dana 44. The upgrade parts … Upgrading the ball joints is a must for any Jeep JK running bigger tires with the Dana 30 axle or Rubicon 44. In tough terrain it really isn’t up to the task of running much larger than factory tires in stock form. Ones that are machined for full circle retaining clips will be more effective at keeping the u-joint from “walking” out of the ears and snapping. J.W. Ultimate Dana 60 Front Axle Engineered to Ensure Optimal Strength and Durability While this might seem a bit extreme, it is lot easier to truss an axle before it bends than after. Fully Assembled. Shafts are tapered to maximize torsional strength and reduce stress risers. Just remember to have one properly installed by a skilled welder so your axle doesn’t get warped during the install. Yes, they are more expensive than throwing the kitchen sink of mods at the Dana 30. So, let’s try to answer them. Before we go further, we need to talk about maximum tire sizes. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, You reached our US 4WP resources center on, What You Will Need To Run Big Tires On Your Jeep JK, With Free Shipping, your order will be delivered by Standard Ground only (Expedited Shipping does not qualify), Free Shipping is available to US. 15-YEAR WARRANTY!. Off Road Evolution says that it is usually changing the gear ratio in a JK axle at the same time as installing axle sleeves, C-gussets, and heavy-duty ball joints. Increased gross axle weight rating Dana recommends using military tested and approved 75W-140 synthetic lube (not included) Free Freight Shipping in the lower 48 only. For us, the peace of mind from not having to constantly worry about breakage is worth the extra money. They are fairly light duty and can bend under harder use. Aftermarket ball like those from Synergy, G2, Alloy USA, and others get rid of the plastic liner using a sintered metal on bushing design. Sorry to burst your bubble. Compare. The following parts are excluded from Free Shipping unless otherwise stated: It’s no secret, the Jeep JK is the darling of the aftermarket. The front Dynatrac JK44 Axleshafts are made from high-strength 4340 chromoly. Dynatrac™ JK44 Front Axleshaft Upgrade Kits for ideal for 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers (JK) non-Rubicon models, providing an affordable way to significantly increase the strength of factory Dana 44 axles (and ProRock 44™ front axles). While other parts of the axle can be upgraded, the only way to change ring gear diameter is to step up to a larger axle. Yes, we know there’s a guy on an Internet forum somewhere who wheels hard with a Dana 30 and 40-inch tires without ever breaking anything. However, in our experience that is not the norm. Iron Rock Off Road has engineered a swap truss that makes this swap simple. Front / Rear Gears, Complete Bearing Kits, Break-In Oil, Amsoil Gear Lube and Lube Locker Seals ON SALE. Our recommendations are made for those who use their JKs on tougher trails and know they’re not driving an Ultra4 car. They are however a huge upgrade in strength with a 10-inch ring gear, 35-spline axle shafts, massive u-joints, and .370-inch thick tubes. Everything is much stronger on a Dana 60 and they can handle serious abuse. There are a ton of upgrades that can beef up your Jeep. Even with stock size tires, its ball joints only last so long before wearing out. Heim Joint Steering Kits; Tie Rod End Steering Kits; Superduty Steering Kits; Jeep JK Steering Kits; Dana 44 Steering Kits; Kingpin Dana Steering Kits; Full Hydraulic Steering Kits; Suspension Accessories. Yes, the Rubicon 44 has a larger (and stronger) 8.5-inch ring gear, and better 30-spline shafts. SHOP. addresses in the contiguous 48 U.S. states, Parts without the "Qualifies for Free Shipping..." message do not qualify for Free Shipping, All tires, full suspension lift kits, oversized bumpers, tire carriers, body tubs, hard tops, cargo racks and drivetrain parts, Oversized items and items delivered by truck freight (Truck Freight Items Ship Free When You Pick Up In Store). The front Dynatrac JK44 Axleshafts are made from high-strength 4340 chromoly. RCV Performance Ultimate CV Axles simply replace your Jeep JK's weak Dana 44 U-joint axle shafts with a high-strength constant velocity design. Those are great questions we get asked all the time. Complete Jeep Axles Dynatrac, Teraflex, Currie & Dana Aftermarket axles are one of the best upgrades one can make on their Jeep, giving the ability to offroad in more extreme conditions with heavier tires, without having to worry about bending a housing. The ring gear size, thin tubes, and medium size axle shafts aren’t up to the weight and abuse that a 40-inch tire will bring. Details. A truss is needed to keep the thin axle tubes from bending, and the Cs will need to be strengthened. While it is a more expensive option, we have seen lots of guys throw the kitchen sink (and lots of money) at the Dana 30 only to upgrade to an aftermarket 44 later. This can mean that lower gear ratios in axles that have smaller ring gears, such as the Dana 30’s 7.12.-inch ring gear, can be fairly weak. Speaker Model 8700 Evolution J2 Series 7" LED Headlight (Pair) For 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door & Unlimited 4 Door Models 0554543- CA$699.95 SmittyBilt R.A.D Rapid Air Deflator 2823 Details: SKU: 3543488; Lift Height: 4-6 Inch As the saying goes, you gotta pay to play. These Dana axles feature high-clearance housings, 35-spline chromoly axleshafts, Spicer ring and pinion gears, and selectable electric lockers. Dynatrac offers the Mopar replacement Dana 60 axles as a bolt-in upgrade for the front and rear of the Jeep Wrangler JK. If you have a stocker that you’re building into a decent off-road machine, however, you can add some beef to the axle under your Jeep without taking out a bank loan. An easy way to add some much needed strength to the Dana 30 front axle is with upgraded axle shafts. Plus, we could keep the stock shafts as ready-to-go spares should we ever snap the new shafts. One fact that sometimes doesn’t get discussed that much is that as you gear down, the pinion gear becomes physically smaller. Its housing is known to bend easily, its shafts can snap, and u-joints pop when teamed up with larger tires and harder trails. The only way to run a 40-inch tire on a JK without breakage is to swap in a set of Dana 60s. In fact, there are so many it can get pretty overwhelming. We would make sure these new shafts accept a larger 1350 series u-joint and full circle clips. The rear Dana 44 on the Jeep JK is actually not a bad axle. Would you like to put a JK Dana 44 front axle under your XJ/TJ/LJ/ZJ? Look for ones constructed from stronger chromoly steel for a decent bump in strength. Luckily, there are lots of upgrades to make running 35s possible. This won’t necessarily end your day of wheeling but can cause handling issues as well as chew through ball joints and bearings. That same love extends to the drivetrain of the Jeep JK – and for good reason. The factory ball joints use a plastic liner that wears out fast causing death wobble and sloppy handling. These recommendations are from our experience. Rubicon models get 32-spline axle shafts while all other JKs use 30-spline shafts. Another weak point of the Dana 30 are its Cs. Two options exist to keep bending from happening: trussing and sleeving. 4140 Chromoly. Rusty's offers stock replacement axle shafts, chromoly axle shafts, and related components for the Dana 30, Dana 35, Dana 44, Dana 60, Chrysler 8.25, AMC 20, Ford 8.8, and Ford 9". Ultimate Dana 44™ Front Axles for the Jeep Wrangler JK The Only Choice for 100% Genuine Dana-Quality Axles The Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is a direct bolt-in solution that delivers optimal strength, durability, and performance. The housing and tubes are also very strong with 3.5-inch diameter tubes up to .370-inches thick. Order now at! Eventually something is going to break and keep on breaking. While the Rubicon 44 comes with better shafts with larger u-joints, we’d still upgrade them. Add to Wishlist . Otherwise, we would focus on swapping in a set of chromoly shafts. The JK44 Axleshafts only fit non-Rubicon models, and will not fit in housings that use the factory Rubicon Tru-Lok locker. That nets you a front Dana 44 axle and a host of other upgrades. Aftermarket housings use much thick brackets and mounts for an upgrade in strength. A reinforced yoke area adds strength to an area that often fails. As the name implies, Stage 4 combines all of the components of Stages 1-3 but then adds front chromoly axleshafts and genuine Spicer axle joints. SKU: 3626430. Shop with confidence. The factory shafts should also be yanked in favor of much stronger chromoly ones. Tests prove Ultimate CV Axles to be twice as strong as OEM Jeep JK shafts, and they're just as tough at a straight angle as they are at extreme angles - where U-joints are weakest. It uses much thicker axle tubes than the front Dana 44. Find great deals on eBay for jeep jk front axle. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Dynatrac™ JK44 Front Axleshaft Upgrade Kits for ideal for 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers (JK) non-Rubicon models, providing an affordable way to significantly increase the strength of factory Dana 44 axles (and ProRock 44™ front axles). If you are the type who loves to bring a trail ride to a screeching halt while you fix yet another broken shaft, then by all means carry a bunch of spares. Larger shafts and high spline counts equate to more strength. These 30-spline shafts come with 1350 U-joints, and are a direct fit to retain the factory wheel hub. None of this is cheap, but can be done in stages if needed. Engineered to be a direct-fit, bolt-in solution for the Jeep Wrangler JK, Ultimate Dana 60 ® axles are built for superior strength inside and out. G2 Axle & Gear Front Core 44 Axle Assembly with ARB Air Locker for 84-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ & Cherokee XJ $3,949.99 $4,171.99 They fit in both Dana 44 and Dynatrac ProRock 44 axles without any modification to the housings. Currie’s RockJock 44, G2’s CORE 44, and Dynatrac’s ProRock 44 vary in some aspects. Plan on spending at least $13,000 for both a front and rear axle. Add to Wishlist. As a long-time partner of Spidertrax Off-Road, Erik saw the potential in offering a new line of axles for the Jeep JK using their 9-inch axle as a basis for the product, allowing for faster lead times than currently available upgraded axles on the market. The Dynatrac JK44 Axleshaft Upgrade Kits come with everything you’ll need to replace and upgrade the factory shafts. For detailed information about the use of cookies on this site and your options to refuse your consent to their use, please see our, Dynatrac Axle Sets™ for Jeep Gladiator JT, ProFloat XD60™ for the 2019-Newer Jeep Gladiator JT, Dynatrac Axle Sets™ for Jeep Wrangler JL, ProFloat XD60™ for the 2018-Newer Jeep Wrangler JL, Replacement Parts for ProGrip™ Brake Systems, Dynatrac Product Installation Instructions, Front axleshaft upgrades fit factory Dana 44 and ProRock 44, Dynatrac quality in engineering and manufacturing. Up to 60% Stronger Than Stock Jeep Rear Shafts. Jeep JK 2007- 2018; Jeep TJ/LJ 1997- 2006; Jeep YJ 1987-1995; Jeep CJ 1976- 1986; Jeep XJ and MJ 1984-2001; Polaris RZR Parts ; Steering. Another plus is it uses a larger 8.8-inch diameter ring gear. Rubicon Dana 44s have an 8.5-inch front ring gear while Dana 60s use a 10-inch gear. Jeep Front Axle Kits. Rusty's off-road axle shafts and axle upgrades are the perfect way to beef up the axles under your Jeep after installing larger tires, lower gears, lockers, or adding more power. If 40-inch tires and up are in your future you better start saving up as aftermarket Dana 60s are not cheap. Jeep JK Front Tera60 Unit Bearing Axle w/ 4.30 R and P and ARB Super 60 07-18 Wrangler JK TeraFlex PN# 3626430 TFX-3626430 Axle Housing Black Jeep Ductile Cast Iron 3626430 (0) Reviews: Write first review. Shop our selection of 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Suspension Bushings. I have collected almost everything and will be ordering a Revolution 4.56 gear set after the first of the year. My plan was to upgrade the axles in the Jeep but I found a set of low mileage ones out of a 2016 JK on Craigslist. Rubicon models get 32-spline axle shafts while all other JKs use 30-spline shafts. Let’s take a look at the more common size tire and axle combinations we most frequently are asked about. Look no further than our Stage 4 JK Axle Upgrade Kit. Parts You Will Need: Heavy-duty ball joints, upgraded axle shafts, axle truss, gears. That’s really a shame since the wheel wells of the JK can easily clear a 35-inch tire with just a slight lift. Parts You Will Need: Heavy-duty ball joints, upgraded axle shafts, upgraded u-joints, axle truss, gears. Yes, we know it is a bit of a bummer but that’s the reality. Anything from basic to completely ballistic is available for the JK. Our axles also utilize the tried and true U-joint design to ensure a long and maintenance free service life, and are the ideal solution for the open knuckle application. Our JK axles feature the larger yoke that accepts the 1350–style U–joint found in Rubicon models. SHOP. 2.Jeep Cherokee Dana 44 Rear = found in some but not all '87-'89 Jeep Cherokee's with Towing Package This is allowing me to build a set of axles without having my Jeep torn apart. COVID-19 Update … Running 40-inch tires on Rubicon axles in tough terrain just isn’t going to happen without breakage. Complete Assembled Kits. No matter what you have read, there really is no way to make a Dana 30 reliably take on tough trails with 37-inch tires. But its stock drivetrain suffers from some severe weak points. Engineered for all Jeep® Wrangler ® JKs, 2007 to current, the Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is a direct bolt-in solution and requires you to reuse your stock wheel ends. 1.Jeep Cherokee Chrysler 8.25 Rear ('97+) = bolt in and upgrades to 29 splines (strength comparable to Dana 44. Get the look and utility you need with new Suspension Bushings at Aftermarket axles (like the CORE 44 seen here) are much beefier in this area. That means you get the same weak axle tubes and Cs as the Dana 30. Project Jeep JK Rubicon Dana 44 Axle Upgrades: Jeep : Stuffing big tires under a Jeep JK Rubicon is a fairly easy process but our 37-inchers were pushing The heavy-duty TeraFlex JK Front Tera60 Axle Housing is the ultimate upgrade for the JK Wrangler requiring maximum up travel and suspension compression. jk, dana 60, d60, jeep, axle, bolt in, dana, 35 spline, locker, warn, warn hubs, chromoly, jk d60, d60 jk-, jk60, caa, complete, assembly, complete axle assembly, bolt-in, d60 jk, wrangler, jeep wrangler, jeep wrangler jk, jeep wrangler jk axle, 2023612-1 . The axle shaft diameter also increases and the spline count steps up to 32. Please, check your email for the confirmation link. Bypass shocks, loads of suspension travel, tons of armor, lights, bumpers and whatever else you can think of can be bolted to Jeep JK without much effort. It’s a solid recipe for busted parts when out on the trail. Plus, you don’t have to spend a ton of time welding on brackets like you would have to do with a junkyard axle. Account confirmation is required. Quick View $ 1,674.88 $ 1,674.88 Add to cart. If your order of qualifying parts identified with a message stating "Qualifies for Free Shipping..." is $75 or more, you may qualify for Free Shipping. There are a few things you should consider, including the following factors, when you are shopping for aftermarket axles. Which ones do you really need, and which can you go without? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Because they absorb a tremendous amount of shock loading and torque, it is not at all uncommon for a Wrangler's axle shaft to bend or even snap on a tough trail. By … They are in no way cheap, but they offer a massive increase in strength over any other offering for the JK. Investing in the Right Aftermarket Axles. If you are beating on your JK in the desert, then a truss might be a worthy investment. This kit includes everything you need to make factory JK axles as strong as they can possibly be. Ideal for Jeep JK owners who need reliable drivetrain durability after upgrading to 33- to 37-inch-tall tires and want to save $1,500 to $2,500 by not buying new wheels when upgrading to stronger axles. The Ultimate Dana 60 ® axle incorporates many of the upgrades serious Jeep enthusiasts demand. One of our first mods would be to truss or sleeve the bend-prone tubes of the Dana 30 and reinforce its weak Cs. The JK Rubicon Dana 44 front assembly sports 8.5-inch ring gear versus the Dana 30’s 7.125-inch ring gear that is standard in JKs. Why would you want to do this swap? This website stores information about your visit to this website with so-called cookies. The Dana 30 front axle found underneath Jeep JKs is its Achilles Heel. RCV Ultimate CV Axle Set | Jeep Wrangler JK | Dana 30 - Shop the S3 Power Sports store! The bad news is that Rubicon Dana 44 axle is a mix between a Dana 30 and a Dana 44. Yes you can still break a Dana 60, but you have to be trying pretty hard. The Currie ® 44 JK rear performance axle is the perfect upgrade for JK owner looking to upgrade the strength and functionality of their JK’s rearend with a significantly stronger housing, locking differential and a new gear ratio to go with those larger tires. It is for this reason that Jeep Wrangler owners who enjoy more extreme forms of off-roading should upgrade their JK's axles and hubs. However, when you add up all the costs and labor (if you aren’t installing them yourself) for those parts, the jump in cost is not as significant. Check fitments, see product specs, and read reviews! If you’re just out exploring, mall crawling, camping, or doing some light wheeling the stock axles will be fine. The Dana 30 and the Rubicon Dana 44 both share the same axle tubes that are fairly thin and known to bend. 5.Jeep JK Front Brake Lines = bolt-in and long (can max out 12" shocks and still have slack)Axles: BOLT IN SWAP COMPONENTS . Your stock Jeep axles are fine for just about any type of driving, however when you add larger tires, suspension lifts, heavier bumpers, etc., most people opt to upgrade their axles for heavier-duty versions. Dual Heat Treated. They also use stronger chromoly balls and studs and beefier housings.

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