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badass male tv characters

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Which one of these characters do you think is the ultimate badass? 9 Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead) Richard "Rick" Grimes is a fictional character and the protagonist in the comic book series The Walking Dead and in the television series of the same name, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln.. Gayngster: A gay gangster. Share. Anime is the perfect medium to have a cool main protagonist. And that's what truly makes them so damn toxic. Although it's on a completely different level than Girls, Game of Thrones is another HBO show chock full of vile people. ), but when it comes to members of the male persuasion, Adam is at the top of the list. The Most Badass Video Game Characters Ever. The gang of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are all terrible people — that's pretty much the whole point of the show. List items. List Activity. Agent Peacock: An effeminate male character who is a competent fighter. He is indeed the most badass character. Making people who love him feel crazy while he's off being a serial killer is what makes Dexter a true villain. (Oh, was that the point?) by Tahlia Pritchard. 15 Badass Alpha Male Characters: Movie Edition. He has more than earned his spot on this list. This 1977 cult classic from Ralph Bakshi hits some, um, strange notes. While K-dramas are well known for their romance and drama, their not devoid of strong female leads - lead characters that can hold their own and won't back down. When he is the human-souled Angel, everything is good. Before Donald Trump was elected president, Frank Underwood's political evilness seemed like totally unrealistic fiction. Tate's toxicity can never go away, thanks to the paranormal world presented by Ryan Murphy in the first season of American Horror Story. Tell Your Friends. From Buffy Summers to Sydney Bristow, the small screen has given us some of the best female characters of all time. one. If you came to this page through a link on the site, please correct it to point to the right page or remove it. 20 Most Iconic TV Characters of the Decade The faces you will never forget from the last 10 years. That includes fictional presidents like Selina Meyer (from VEEP on HBO) and Frank Underwood (from House of Cards on Netflix). The former-gladiator-turned-free-man decided to go back to fight in the arena, and take up with the slaves to help his friend. Dads can be toxic too and no one better epitomizes a toxic dad than Papa Pope. Focus on the below items when watching these clips. That's the thing with vampires, they live so long that sometimes they reinvent themselves and become the show's major villain for a season or two. Yet, he might have stayed off this list if he didn't gaslight those around him. Whether you root for them to succeed or hope to see them fail, TV is full of toxic male characters. Top 25 Most Bad Ass Male Anime Characters For this list, we’ll be looking at the men in anime that are the absolute pinnacle of badassery. 15 Badass Alpha Male Characters: TV Edition. While some of the men on this list would be considered villains more than anything else, a large number of them are the main characters who drew you into the TV series despite their despicable behavior. As if that isn't badass enough, Lee also had a career in heavy metal, and he set a Guinness World Record in 2007 for the most screen credits for a living actor, 244 film and TV movies. It also includes old school divas who kick butt, like Rayna James on Nashville, as well as effective criminals, like James Spader's Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist. single. But badass television characters can be everyday people too. But Forrest Bondurant, in 2012’s criminally underseen bootlegging thriller Lawless, remains Hardy’s most badass character. The coolest protagonists star in these anime. Dennis Reynolds, 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'. tweet; ... Building on PART I of the series, which documents some of the best alpha male movie character – Below I’ve focused on characters from television shows. Spartacus himself was a fantastic character, but Gannicus came into the show with a fierce attitude. Alice Cooper and Alice in Chains all the way! Of course, there is something alluring about a bad boy, but these characters go far beyond "bad boy" to something more like "sociopathic man.". That includes fictional presidents like Selina Meyer (from VEEP on HBO) and Frank Underwood (from House of Cards on Netflix). Maybe you even love them. The secret agent 007 with a license to kill. The most badass characters on television are the ones who threaten the status quo, stand up for what they believe in, and get the job done. The following is a list of the most badass characters to ever be featured in the world of video games. While these man are certainly people you'd want to stay away from in real life, when it comes to watching them on TV, you can't look away. Plenty of other vampires on True Blood were more brutal, but Sookie's main love could rarely be trusted, no matter how hard he tried to be good. Tyrell is completely ruthless and will do anything to get what he wants — whether that's beating up homeless men for money or killing people. At this point in the television landscape, antiheroes make for better characters than straight-up heroes (sorry, Walker, Texas Ranger). Alright, so let me clarify what this post is about. Once you've dismembered a man, there's no going back. It’s about the most badass LOOKING ones. Axel Page March 15, 2014 20,220 Views. This king of toxic has so much allure — thanks to his skilled profession as a marketer — but once you look beyond his glossy surface, you'll quickly see how deeply destructive Don Draper is to his coworkers, wives, girlfriends, and even children. Or hate them. His vanity and egotism are unparalleled and this sociopath has screwed up ideas about consent. Nathan Drake. Not to mention, he likes to control her by sending men to seduce her. No matter if it's one or 100, Dexter fits the bill. However, Dennis takes the cake mostly because he's the most competent at his schemes. Every single character on Girls can be considered toxic (and I mean, every. With so many K-dramas available, there are more than plenty of badass female leads out there. These days, his name and face automatically remind guys of a famous name – James Bond. So even though The Wire had many characters who dealt drugs or murdered people, Detective Jimmy McNulty manages to be one of the most toxic characters. A few of the most famous James Bond movies, where Daniel Craig played a real badass alpha male include: Casino Royale (2006) Or those that would make any grown adult shiver with their deadly stare. Cid Highwind. And when he's bad, you'll find him drunk at the bottom of a pit. Or want to read tons of lists about them. We've included characters from classic anime series as well a breakdown of their personalities,powers, and abilities. Their actions almost always have a poisonous outcome, so put on your hazmat suit (hey! Sherlock Holmes has been played by many actors over the years, but the badass male action hero version of Sherlock Holmes was played by Robert Downey, Jr. Main character in Alice in Zombieland, White Rabbit Chronicles, and a huge badass. If you can't ever use your own free will against him, how do you stay away? 29 Amazingly Badass Female TV Characters. Travis Touchdown. There's a reason someone shot this manipulative and greedy oil tycoon. An evil mastermind is never good news for anyone, including Sherlock Holmes. Ben made living on the island in Lost hell. This poll’s usage of the word does not connote admirable behavior; rather it’s meant as fierce, competent in their task, and intimidating. Views: 130 | in last week 0. The two main attributes that can make a character cool is either their style or how badass they can be. The character completely turned the ditzy blonde stereotype on its head and gave girls everywhere a confident, badass action hero and role model that they could be proud to admire. Man Rick is better than Daryl. List your movie, TV & celebrity picks. From Olivia Pope to Lucious Lyon, who do you think is the most badass character who can currently be seen on TV in 2017-2018? Although Elliot and audiences are intrigued by him, Tyrell's drive has the ability to push Elliot into unsafe territory. 2. the most toxic male characters in TV history. A man who can literally control your mind might just be the definition of toxic. I don't think so. Alice Bell. She lives life her own way (even if it's not always legal). Manly Gay: A gay man with traditionally masculine mannerisms/interests. These bad guys range from advertising execs to serial killers, but the one thing they all have in common is that when other characters have any sort of relationship with them, it inevitably ends in disaster. Not all of the ladies on this list are necessarily role models, but they’re all badass, smart, sharp, and perhaps most importantly, complex. Does it get any worse than a genius, cannibalistic serial killer? From Shuri in "Black Panther" to Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games," here are some of the most badass female fictional characters in movies of all time. Daniel Craig is a well know actor that plays a lot of strong, manly characters in movies. The most badass current TV characters include men and women who, though they do not exist in reality, are fearless in today's television landscape. 1. While I couldn't include every toxic male TV character in existence, any proximity to the 19 characters who made this list leads to sorrow. Gannicus is a little bit cocky, arrogant, and extremely loyal. ; Richard Dragon: "Iron" Aron Abromowitz, is a former MOSSAD agent and one of the deadliest martial artists in the world, in the 2004 series. Female characters are oftentimes some of the toughest and most impressive ones in the movie. That's because when he's good — at his job, in a relationship, with his family — he's so good. This high school science teacher becomes an international drug dealer — and willingly loses most of his humanity along the way. We look to television in the hope of seeing ourselves reflected in the stories, and over the years TV shows have blessed us with some amazing female characters. tweet; ... Alpha Male Movie Characters; Part 2: Alpha Male TV Characters; Part 3: Alpha Male Athletes; Below are 15 of my favorite alpha male characters in movies. The most badass characters on television are the ones who threaten the status quo, stand up for what they believe in, and get the job done. Black Jack Randall is a man who has the ability to equally terrorize a husband and wife while violently and sadistically struggling with his own sexual identity. Her codename is the Anglicized form of tsabar. Ramsay has been rocking the crown of being the worst for the last few seasons. Sherlock Holmes' foil is just as intelligent as he is, but with none of the basic human decency. The undisputed king of this list. Badass Male Characters in Movies and TV Series by BatBanks | created - 5 months ago | updated - 4 months ago | Public 77 images create a new list. Girls! All rights reserved. Stay tuned for our top bad ass females list. Maybe you'll find some inspiration to live life however you see fit from badass TV characters like Empire's Cookie Lyon who just don't give a damn. Don't let the smile fool you, J.R. is one tricky S.O.B. Look, you watch enough of a show, you get to know the characters. Top 10 Most Badass TV Characters of All TimeSubscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? In 2009, Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" completely upended the usually stodgy style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. The ultimate alpha-male, things didn't work out too well for this classic Southern character in the end, but he's always been played with fierce, flawed intensity. But when he becomes the cursed soulless vampire Angelus, everything is not good. For example, Tony Soprano is one of the biggest TV badasses of all time, without question. Runner-up most badass character on the list. The most badass character in TWD. Rock on! – Dylan Kickham The current Golden Age of Television has given audiences plenty of male antiheroes to follow. The current Golden Age of Television has given audiences plenty of male antiheroes to follow. (Desi is a very close second.) For this list 25) Gilgamesh - Fate Zero PersonalityGilgamesh The Wire showed the moral ambiguities that plague both the stereotypical "bad guys" and "good guys." How many people do you need to kill to be considered toxic?

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