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blue sage vs white sage

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Salvia nemorosa 'Bordeau Steel Blue' (Sage) Add to Collection. Get exclusive offers, email-only coupons and other surprises by signing up for our newsletter. Sagebrush (sage) - shrubby Artemisia sp. Its soothing, relaxing smell can be used to aid meditation, or burned simply for enjoyment. Flowers: Russian Sage always has lavender purple flowers. There’s even a variety called Death Valley Sage (Salvia funereal). Yerba Santa, the Holy & Sacred Herb, is known for its healing powers and is traditionally used as a smudge or incense for protection and purification. White sage Vs Blue sage Blue Sage, also known as New Mexico or Grandmother Sage, has a fresh, light fragrance somewhat similar to lavender. Your refund will be credited back to the original method of payment used to make the original purchase. Your input is very much appreciated. These are related to Artemisia vulgaris, the species most often sold as mugwort, though they do not contain as much of the hallucinogenic compound thujone. White sage, Salvia apiana, is the type most often seen in dried bundles in stores. Native Americans have used white sage for its medicinal properties for centuries. A close relative of White Sage, Blue Sage is also good for healing and cleansing rituals. Our botanica offers over 10,000 religious and spiritual products. is in the Sunflower family. This means that a sage scarf would work well with a yellow jacket, provided that they shared a similar tone (that is, if they contained a similar amount of gray). 3 … Set it on your altar, or in a dedicated sacred space. Blue sage Vs White sage. Bloom Time: Russian Sage is one month behind Salvia, blooming July through October. We will send you an email once we have completed the refund process. Please visit our Exchanges & Returns Portal. Foliage & Branching Habits: Russian Sage is also in the mint family, just like Salvia. A close relative of White Sage, Blue Sage is also good for healing and cleansing rituals. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Repeat your desire that the person be healed, or recite a simple chant, like: Healing herbs, lend your power, Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, with nearly 1000 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. Other forms of sage can also be used for the smudge stick but the scent will be different and the cleansing effect maybe not quite as pronounced as with white sage. "The White Sage, Blue Sage, and Cedar Smudge Sticks pack in a lot of punch to ensure that no trace of negativity and blockages get left behind after performing your smudging ritual." They have different looks, scents, uses, and even safety profiles. These flowers are tall and airy, creating a lavender-blue cloud of color. Russian sage is a beautiful perennial with small blue flowers that is neither Russian nor sage.Though it has the aroma of sage when the leaves are crushed, the plant is inedible and actually can be quite poisonous. The following is a guide to the dangers of growing Russian sage. If you need something to help you banish negative energy and cleanse your space, white sage is a powerful way to do it. Not all sage plants are the same. Blue Sage Health’s mission is to educate and empower you to achieve your highest quality of life with the use of plant based medicine. When this version of the e-reader first launched in 2018, it was only available in … Many witches from European traditions save the ashes from burning sage (either white sage or common sage) to add to recipes for black salt, which is used for cleansing and protection. The White Sage, Blue Sage, and Cedar Smudge Sticks combine three of the most popular herbs used in smudging for their unbeatable purifyin Season: Spring (Late) Summer (Early) Height: 1 ... Salvia sclarea 'Vatican White' (Clary Sage) Add to Collection. Both are amazing and serve great purposes, but it's important to know the difference for your specific needs. White Sage is used in Native American smudging ceremonies to drive away bad energy, cleanse and purify. Light the tip of a blue sage wand and waft the smoke over the area. Click now to learn more. This genus includes garden sage for cooking and white sage (ceremonial) and black sage, purple sage, hummingbird sage, and innumerable others. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite now comes in two new colors, plum and sage. Will order from Sivana in the future. It grows white flowers that have a touch of lavender, and it is typically what you will find in an average smudging kit. Yerba Santa is a diverse herb used for medicinal and spiritual practices by Native American tribes for centuries. Everywhere that plants of the salvia genus are able to grow, they have become a big part of local spiritual traditions. Its soothing, relaxing smell can be used to aid meditation, or burned simply for enjoyment. on 15th Oct 2019  |  Tags:  white sageblack sageblue sagesagepurificationcleansing. Finding Light In the Darkness with Saint Lucy, The Sacred Uses For White, Blue and Black Sage. This is a safe way to match colors to sage and will result in a slightly monochromatic, cohesive look. Blue sage can be used to help with illnesses. Jan 29, 2019 - Blue Sage vs. White Sage. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 19. blue or white candle with angelica oil, and carve the ill person's name into the wax. Black sage has green leaves that can darken during droughts, giving it a very different appearance from white or blue sage. Blue sage is often used similarly to white sage, to cleanse and protect. This genus contains many types of sage in additional to these two, including Clary sage, Lyreleaf sage, Mediterranean sage, Silver sage, Azure Blue sage and Purple sage. It can also been used as incense with an uplifting scent. White & Blue Sage Large Smudge Sticks 8-9 in.. Free US Shipping on orders over $75. Also white sage is slightly larger, growing 4 to 5 feet tall compared to garden sage… Blue Sage also known as "Grandmother Sage” is a purifying herb with broad medicinal and magical applications. Product Description. It is less pungent, and its soothing scent and "cool" nature make it very helpful in rituals for healing and abundance. Blue Sage also known as "Grandmother Sage” is a purifying herb with broad medicinal and magical applications. Choose the herb that calls out to you, and work with it regularly to access its deep natural wisdom. White Sage, Blue Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge, White Sage, Blue Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge -, We know that you will love what you ordered but if something doesn't work out, we will gladly accept unworn, unwashed or defective merchandise for return or exchange within, you will be responsible for shipping costs. Offering a lighter fragrance than traditional white sage, blue sage smudge is a wonderful alternative for your rituals of blessing, prayer, cleansing and purification. Chase away illness in this hour. Its soothing, relaxing smell can be used to aid meditation, or burned simply for aroma pleasure. Blue sage, or “grandmother sage” (Salvia azurea) is the softer, gentler version of “grandfather sage”. Whether you need cleansing, purification, healing, or protection during meditative rituals, members of the sage family can help you. Still, black sage is extremely helpful for inner healing, dream magic, shamanic journeying, trance work, and protection during astral travel. It is similar in resemblance, with square stems and opposite blue-green leaves. Add to Any Collection My Collection. Using White Sage. This site was created by Lighthaus Design. Within the Lamiaceae, Salvia is part of the tribe Mentheae within the subfamily Nepetoideae. Sold Individually Size: 3-4 inches Description: Used to cleanse negativity from a person or space. I truly love the sage I received. Carry this clockwise around the area you wish to cleanse, fanning the smoke with a feather so it touches every corner. Even if you do not live in an area with its own native sage varieties, you can experience the benefits of these potent, unique plants.

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