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castor oil extraction process pdf

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Twenty milliliters of soybean oil was heated to 105⁰C, about 10mg each of colloidal copper and iron were added, and air was bubbled through the oil at 2.33 ml/second. The results are within the range reported in literature. Bulletin No. This increased the stability of soybean oil about 5.5 fold. Nevertheless, castor oil is nonedible and toxic owing to the presence of a toxic protein. The mixture of diethyl ether (C. 2. Castor oil extraction process . Castor Beans Process . Samples of castor seeds were collected from Jimma zone, southwest Ethiopia while sample of wet microalgal biomass was obtained from wastewater stabilization ponds using a 60µm filter screen. The oil was characterized in terms of moisture content, volatile content, acid value, free fatty acid and saponification value. end, seed production needs to be boosted by mass cultivation of the castor crop. The physical parameters of the seeds such as moisture content, ash content and linear dimensions like length, width and thickness were studied and found to be 0.32%, 6.44%, 12.02 mm, 8.20 mm and 5.06 mm, respectively. Fourier transform infra-red (FTIR) spectroscopic analysis has confirmed the presence of major functional groups in the oil, notably hydroxyl (3414.12cm-1), carbonyl (1739.85cm-1), olefinic (1659.80cm-1) and methylenic (2925.15cm-1). The unique structure of castor oil offers interesting prop-erties, making it appropriate for various industrial applica-tions. The chemical structure of castor oil is centered on the ricinoleic acid and three major functional groups linked by glycerol moiety. The oil was also used as an engine lubricant and for burning lamps in earlier days. The Design Expert® 12 software was used to analysis experimental results. US3060165A US3060165DA US3060165A US 3060165 A US3060165 A US 3060165A US 3060165D A US3060165D A US 3060165DA US 3060165 A US3060165 A US 3060165A Authority US United States Prior art keywords ricin toxic solution precipitation extraction Prior art date 1962-10-23 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Its fatty acid profile constitutes mainly of ricinoleic acid and other minor acids such as stearic, palmitic, and oleic acid. the need for commercial crops with low input costs and viable returns. The course of the reaction has been followed using 1H-NMR and IR analyses. Emerging Business Investment Opportunities. The first stage involves oil pressing which is done using using screw oil expeller. Download full-text PDF ... cultivation and extraction of castor seed oil to harness the economic potential inherent in the plant. *Characterization of the synthesized foams in terms of their physico-mechanical, morphological and flammability characteristics. Diets low in essential fatty acids resulted in low cellular concentrations of linoleic and arachidonic acids, with a concomitant accumulation of oleic and eicosatrienoic acids. chemical solvents used in oil extraction are of analytical grade reagents, and were purchased from R & M Chemicals, U.K. 2.2 Extraction procedures . Average oil content for all castor seed varieties is about 46-55% oil by weight (Ogunniyi, 2006) - actual yield depending on particular seed variety, geographical origin/climatic conditions, and on the oil extraction … Nevertheless, castor oil is non-edible and toxic owing to the presence of a toxic protein. The white seeds with lower weight at a temperature of 150 °C gave high yields of 52.75 %, compared to higher weight at ambient temperature yielding 30.06 %. Fatty acid composition, including palmitic acid (1.7%), stearic acid (1.39%), oleic acid (5.73%), linoleic acid (6.25%), and ricinoleic acid (84.2%) was estimated by means of GLC. Castor oil seed contains about 30%–50% oil (m/m). In addition, the effect of the prepared plasticizers on the rubber swelling in toluene as well as in motor oil and their effect on the rubber properties after aging have also been studied. biopolymer and biofuel production) of industrial application. The red cell fatty acids were susceptible to dietary influence but in a very specific manner. This was possibly due, in both cases, to the absence from the plasma of significant levels of the acids in question. comedogenic nature makes it perfectly suitable in cosmetic formulations (ICOA, 2013).

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