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harvest moon 64 recipes

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You'll start out with 5 recipes: Sauteed Turnips, Roasted Mushroom, Sandwich, Sashimi, and Tofu. More Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon 64 If you need more help with this game, then check out the following pages which are our most popular hints and cheats for this game: Picture Album 1 Full- 8118905A FFFFAlmost All Recipes -8116FAFC FFFF.. Give Elli an Egg to get the "Bread Pudding" recipe. All Recipes: 8116FAFC FFFF 8116FAFE FFFF 8016FB03 0007 Max Shipped In Bin 8023738A FFFF , Harvest Moon 64 Nintendo 64 Harvest Moon 64 for the Nintendo 64 Entertainment System Secrets FAQ Version 1.019 - July 28th, 2001 Written by Nintense for specific things and stuff to be added. 8. Give Elli's Grandmother a Tropical Fruit to get the "Walnut Cake" recipe. Give Ann a Potato to get the "Mashed Potatoes" recipe. 6. Harvest Moon 64 is a loveable farming RPG developed by Natsume. For every 8 different recipes you cook you’ll get 1% added to your farm percentage and there are a total of 64 recipes in the game. Main Dish Recipes: This is the largest category with 73 different recipes and you will only start out knowing the recipe … It was preceeded by Harvest Moon for the SNES and for the Game Boy. Recipes are a nice little feature added into the game to make it more interesting they don't have much to do with the game itself but its fun to try to collect all 48 of them. Harvest Moon 64; Harvest Moon 2; Harvest Moon: Back to Nature; Harvest Moon 3; Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland; Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town ... and press the 'A' button. Once you buy the first house upgrade in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature you can use your new kitchen to cook up various recipes. Turnip: Cream of Turnip Stew- Mayor’s Wife Pickled Turnips and Cabbage- Restaurant Owner Grapes: Steamed Clam and Wine Recipe- … Give Gray an Egg to get the "Stuffed Omelet" recipe. 7. I personally believe the additional recipes come from people that you don't see often like the Fat Gourmet Guy or the Entymologist. Well Harvest Moon 64 is a very interesting game with many secrets and events, and this site is here to make it a little easier on you. Note: If you e-mail me, please mention where you read this faq, thanks Note: I'm no longer interested in this game in the least, I just changed the stuff above. Harvest Moon 64 The Complete Guide Author:Michael Interdonato Email:[email protected] (in case you have any quetsions or want to add to anything) Table of Contents: 1.Story 2.Girls 3.Tools 4.Animals 5.Supernatural 6.Photo Album 7.Power Nuts 8.Recipes 9.Weddings 10.Glitches 11.Winning 12.Bibliography 1.Story Your Gramps dies and you have to take over his farm. Give Ann's dad Corn to get the "Corn Fritter" recipe. The option to either cook, or view your recipes will come up. Appetizer Recipes: Many of these 64 recipes used processed items like Butter. The requirements to do it are very vague and the characters involved in the actual restoration are ones that may not seem exceedingly important during a first run through the game. 5. Cooking. How To Restore The Vineyard: Restoring the vineyard in Harvest Moon 64 is easily the most complicated/difficult thing to do in the game. 9. 4. There are 35 recipes known, but 48 spaces. Power Berry Locations.

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