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hong kong highest temperature record

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Legislative Council members elected by functional constituencies composed of professional and special interest groups are accountable to those narrow corporate electorates and not the general public. Over 90 per cent of daily trips are made on public transport, the highest percentage in the world. They were charged with contempt and interfering with members of the council, while none of the pro-Beijing lawmakers were detained. [18] The University of Hong Kong was established in 1911 as the territory's first institution of higher education. [59] After more than a year of further hostilities, Hong Kong Island was formally ceded to the United Kingdom in the 1842 Treaty of Nanking. [187] Post-handover governments have promoted Mandarin, which is currently about as prevalent as English; 48.6 per cent of the population speaks Mandarin, with 1.9 per cent native speakers and 46.7 per cent speaking it as a second language. [213], Hong Kong International Airport is the territory's primary airport. Hong Kong is a world-renowned financial, commercial, and tourist hub with an agreeable climate devoid of extremely high or low temperatures. [3] Slightly over half the population (53.2 per cent) speaks English, the other official language;[2] 4.3 per cent are native speakers, and 48.9 per cent speak English as a second language. [238] It is the eighth-busiest airport by passenger traffic,[239] and handles the most air-cargo traffic in the world. [290], Education in Hong Kong is largely modelled after that of the United Kingdom, particularly the English system. [75] The impending transfer triggered a wave of mass emigration as residents feared an erosion of civil rights, the rule of law, and quality of life. [44], Early Hong Kong settlers were a semi-coastal people[43] who migrated from inland and brought knowledge of rice cultivation. The Immigration Department issues passports for permanent residents which differ from those of the mainland or Macau,[116] and the region maintains a regulated border with the rest of the country. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the highest temperature ever … [298][299], Comprehensive schools fall under three categories: public schools, which are government-run; subsidised schools, including government aid-and-grant schools; and private schools, often those run by religious organisations and that base admissions on academic merit. [57], In 1839, the Daoguang Emperor rejected proposals to legalise and tax opium and ordered imperial commissioner Lin Zexu to eradicate the opium trade. The daily minimum dropped to 3.3 degrees Celsius, the previous record was 2.4 degrees in February of 1957," he told AFP. The regional government is composed of three branches: The Chief Executive is the head of government and serves for a maximum of two five-year terms. [40] Some corporations founded during the early colonial era still keep this name, including Hongkong Land, Hongkong Electric Company, Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). "Hong Kong Activists Stare Down 'Great Firewall of China'", Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, "Education in Hong Kong and China: Towards Convergence? [256] Mobile-phone use is ubiquitous;[257] there are more than 18 million mobile-phone accounts,[258] more than double the territory's population. [126][127][128] The regional government maintains trade offices in Greater China and other nations. The Qing surrendered early in the war and ceded Hong Kong Island in the Convention of Chuenpi. Hong Kong, Hong Kong October average sea temperature. Hong Kong is characterised as a hybrid of East and West. Marine / ocean climate data updated daily, surface sea temperatures and recorded in degrees centigrade and farenheit. ", "All aboard: Hong Kong bullet train signals high-speed integration with China", "Ingenious Flipper Bridge Melds Left-Side Drivers With Right-Side Drivers", "China makes its military more visible in Hong Kong", "Racism is rife in Hong Kong and the Equal Opportunities Commission is a toothless hamster to tackle it", "These Are the Cities With the Most Ultra-Rich People", "Going up! [178], Tong lau, mixed-use tenement buildings constructed during the colonial era, blended southern Chinese architectural styles with European influences. It is surrounded by the South China Sea on all sides except the north, which neighbours the Guangdong city of Shenzhen along the Sham Chun River. Luckily, buildings, transport, and even some walkways are air-conditioned, but it does require staying inside. Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat, and Michelle Yeoh frequently play action-oriented roles in foreign films. Although they live and work in Hong Kong, these workers are not treated as ordinary residents and are ineligible for right of abode in the territory. [3] Code-switching, mixing English and Cantonese in informal conversation, is common among the bilingual population. [208] Between 1961 and 1997 Hong Kong's gross domestic product increased by a factor of 180, and per capita GDP increased by a factor of 87. [80] This was followed by the 2003 SARS epidemic, during which the territory experienced its most serious economic downturn. The incense was stored near Aberdeen Harbour for export before Victoria Harbour developed. The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, composed of classical Chinese instruments, is the leading Chinese ensemble and plays a significant role in promoting traditional music in the community. This page includes a chart with historical data for Hong Kong Temperature. [114] Furthermore, in circumstances where the Standing Committee declares a state of emergency in Hong Kong, the State Council may enforce national law in the region. [140][141] Foreign domestic helpers, predominantly women from the Philippines and Indonesia, have little protection under regional law. [174] Some (including the Court of Final Appeal Building and the Hong Kong Observatory) retain their original function, and others have been adapted and reused; the Former Marine Police Headquarters was redeveloped into a commercial and retail complex,[175] and Béthanie (built in 1875 as a sanatorium) houses the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Many areas recorded temperature between 33°C and 34°C. [216][217], As the mainland liberalised its economy, Hong Kong's shipping industry faced intense competition from other Chinese ports. [54], After the Qing conquest, maritime trade was banned under the Haijin policies. [189] Followers of other religions, including Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and the Baháʼí Faith, generally originate from regions where their religion predominates. [45] The Qin dynasty incorporated the Hong Kong area into China for the first time in 214 BCE, after conquering the indigenous Baiyue. [123] Hong Kong residents are not required to perform military service and current law has no provision for local enlistment, so its defence is composed entirely of non-Hongkongers. [32], The name of the territory, first romanised as "He-Ong-Kong" in 1780,[35] originally referred to a small inlet located between Aberdeen Island and the southern coast of Hong Kong Island. [242] Ferries also serve outlying islands inaccessible by other means. [219] Hong Kong is a gateway for foreign direct investment in China, giving investors open access to mainland Chinese markets through direct links with the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. [175] In 2016, 26.6 million visitors contributed HK$258 billion (US$32.9 billion) to the territory, making Hong Kong the 14th most popular destination for international tourists. [240] Most private recreational aviation traffic flies through Shek Kong Airfield, under the supervision of the Hong Kong Aviation Club. [271] There are five daily meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and siu yeh. Traditional Chinese values emphasising family and education blend with Western ideals, including economic liberty and the rule of law. [215] Chinese companies have expanded their economic presence in the territory since the transfer of sovereignty. The 1846 Flagstaff House, the former residence of the commanding British military officer, is the oldest Western-style building in Hong Kong. The Census and Statistics Department estimated Hong Kong's population at 7,482,500 in mid-2019. [287] Hong Kong athletes have won 126 medals at the Paralympic Games and 17 at the Commonwealth Games. [125] The territory actively participates in the World Trade Organization, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, the International Olympic Committee, and many United Nations agencies. [171][172], Demand for new construction has contributed to frequent demolition of older buildings, freeing space for modern high-rises. [294], The government maintains a policy of "mother tongue instruction"; most schools use Cantonese as the medium of instruction, with written education in both Chinese and English. These advise the government on local issues such as public facility provisioning, community programme maintenance, cultural promotion, and environmental policy. [62] Kai Tak Airport began operation in 1924, and the colony avoided a prolonged economic downturn after the 1925–26 Canton–Hong Kong strike. [284] The territory has participated in almost every Summer Olympics since 1952, and has earned three medals. ", "Hong Kong topples New York as world's richest city", "China Resumes Control of Hong Kong, Concluding 156 Years of British Rule", "It's fade out for Hong Kong's film industry as China moves into the spotlight", "Hong Kong's Mile-Long Escalator System Elevates the Senses: A Stairway to Urban Heaven", "World's longest sea-crossing bridge opens between Hong Kong and China", "Hong Kong pro-democracy legislators disqualified from parliament", "Forgotten stories of the great escape to Hong Kong", "Top 10 Hong Kong skyscraper nicknames, from the Big Syringe to the Hong Kong Finger", "A Hong Kong court has disqualified two legislators who refused to take their oath "correctly, "Hong Kong's umbrella revolution – the Guardian briefing", "Hong Kong Imports Over 90% of Its Food.

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