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introduction to corporate finance questions and answers

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What financial instruments and investments will perform well when inflation ticks up? What should be the role of the Finance Ministry to control inward foreign remittances? Why? Adjusting entries are required: a. every time financial statements are prepared. b) Chattel mortgage. Why do firms generally choose to finance temporary current operating assets with short-term debt? Describe the relationship between internal and external financing in meeting the long-term financial needs of a firm. Internal funds B. The Jennifer Corporation is a zero growth firm with an expected EBIT of $100,000 and a corporate tax rate of 30%. III. These 15 solved Finance Interview questions will help you prepare for the interview conducted during the selection of Finance freshers at campus placement or job interviews of professionals. Prepare for success in your finance interview and secure the financial job opportunity. Calculate the monthly finance charge for the following credit card transaction. Can I take an education loan from them? If my budget is ?35k at most, should I go for an iPhone SE, or spend some more for an iPhone 6S on EMI? What would be Jay's finance charges? Finance. What are capital components when calculating the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for use in capital budgeting? © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. Can an NGO work as a microfinance institution? b. acquiring long-lived assets. Our online corporate finance trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top corporate finance quizzes. 4) all of the options are forms of funding. Distinguish between primary and secondary markets. a. capital bonds and equity b. personal and family funds c. bank loans. c. capital budgeting. If you wanted to make $500k by the end of 2018 with only $10k to buy cryptocurrencies, what would you invest in? Describe the three basic types of cash flow activities. Financial markets multiple choice questions and answers PDF exam book to download is a revision guide with solved trivia quiz questions and answers on topics: Bond markets, financial markets and funds, foreign exchange markets, introduction to financial markets, money markets, mortgage markets, security … D. a high degree of combined leverage. Balance-sheet model of the firm: I. left-hand side of the sheet: in what long-lived assets should the firm invest? Assume that it takes 10 days for a payment to be received and recorded and that the month is 30 days long. International Finance is an important part of financial economics. Why is it important for a person, who works in the financial markets, to understand the responsibilities of a person, who works in... How will each of the following events ultimately affect the amount of cash? A comparative balance sheet for Rocker Company appears below: Additional information: Broussard Skateboard's sales are expected to increase by 25% from $7.4 million in 2016 to $9.25 million in, Vuyo Kholisi is well on his way to starting a new business venture-Vuy Inc. A. proper utilisation of … What is the difference between liquidity and liquidation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the main types of organizational forms. How can I leverage a background in finance to the startup world? It mainly discusses the issues related with monetary interactions of at least two or more countries. b. determine ability to pay debts and dividends. Do you include short term loans in changes in cash flow accounts? Q: Why do capital expenditures increase assets (PP&E), while other cash outflows, like paying salary, taxes, etc., do not create any asset, and instead instantly create an expense on the income statement that reduces equity via retained earnings? Can an American based hedge fund use the Swiss National Bank as a custodian? The direct method starts with cash collected from customers adding interests and dividends and then deducting cash paid to suppliers, interest paid, income tax paid. d) Terminal warehouse receipt. d. Paid $120,000 cash to settle a note payable at its $120,000 maturity value. The trade-off model of capital structure provides several insights to financial managers concerning optimal capital structure. FC maintains a capital structure that consis. The answer to this question will demonstrate the financial officer's analytical skills and their critical thinking skills as they relate to dealing with the information provided. a. What other kinds of comparisons might an analyst make? Check out CFI's interview guides with the most common questions and best answers for any corporate finance job position. Suppose NanoSpeck, a biotechnology firm, sells stock to raise money for a new lab - a practice known as _____. Paid Cash for Purchase of Land b. Explain the possible advantages of mini-perm financing as opposed to traditional construction financing followed by permanent financing. II. What are the quantitative finance books that we should all have in our shelves? True or False? Explain how the liquidity position of finance companies differs from that of depository institutions such as commercial banks. Corporate finance course overview. Interview questions and answer for finance, accounting, investment banking, equity research, commercial banking, FP&A, more! What are the advantages and disadvantages of both the options? Cash Flow can be prepared by the Direct method and Indirect method. How good is the MSc in investment and finance course at Strathclyde Business School in terms of value, placements, diversity, and academics? Advantages of Proprietorships and Partnerships Disadvantages 1. True b. Solution Manual "Essentials of Corporate Finance ", Ross ... INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE Answers to Concepts Review and Critical Thinking Questions 1. Tax shields cost of financial distress. The shareholders elect the directors of the corporation, who in turn appoint the firm’s management. Do you agree or disagree? Recently, which of the following sources of funds has played the greatest role in the financing of U.S. nonfinancial firms? Which of the following is not a method of inventory financing? Before heading into your finance interview, be sure you can handle these frequently asked ... Don’t extend beyond your comfort zone when answering questions. Changes in the net working capital requirements: a. can affect the cash flows of a project every year of the project's life. Explain the mechanism of international factoring. Have you invested your car in Careem or Uber Pakistan? How do I finance a startup that has been running at a loss for three years without paying extortionate interest or securing loans against my home? How does the government justify the imposition of tolls on the new Champlain bridge? What is meant by financial service environment? … Which private equity firms have a VC hand, but are more likely to buy the company when approached? Where can I find an in-depth and authoritative history of financial crises? The four parts are the present value (PV), the future value (FV), the discount rate (r), and the life of the investment (t). What services are finance companies able to offer consumers and businesses that banks do not offer? What are th... What is the difference between development finance and agricultural financing? You may also be asked about your technical ability . c) A bonus issue of ordinary shares. Is it really possible to get business loan without collateral security? Issuing debt is an example of a(n) _____. d. All of the above. B. permanent working capital needs. The firm had depreciation expenses of $125 million and capital expenditures of $150 million. What type of cash flow is a computer purchase in the balance sheet? The Financial Times C. The Daily M... A firm has an issue of preferred stock that pays an annual dividend of $2.00 per share and currently is selling for $18.50 per share. b. How should I start a sub-brokerage firm of Zerodha? e. cost of capital. Do you believe, that if a prospective entrepreneur read this research, she would be more or less likely... What are the major assets and liabilities, held by finance companies? How can one get a job in a private equity firm? Generally, the company uses the Direct method for preparing the Cash Flow Statement as seen in the annual report of the company. What is the difference between equity funding and debt financing? What lessons concerning the use of debt financing can entrepreneurs learn from Charles Kuhn's experience? Click the chapter links below to test your knowledge of each topic. 2. How do I invest in debentures? What are the most common sources of equity funding and debt financing? Jessica is a current stockholder in Have-it-all Inc. The above financial analyst interview questions and answers will help you in your preparation for the next interview for the position of a financial analyst. This interest rate is referred to as the a. compound rate. The main competition for finance companies in the consumer loan market comes from what? This separation of ownership from control in the corporate … Corporate Finance. Finance companies: a) Are money market intermediaries b) Borrow in large amounts, but lend in small amounts c) Are virtually unregulated d) All of the above. Review questions and answers, chapter 14-16 Corporate Finance Acct1112Acct2112 - Suggested Solutions To Self - Study Questions - Chp 1 - 12 CFP MCQ Practice Question and Answers Corporate finance solutions manual Sample/practice exam 2019, questions and answers Corporate Finance CH 4 Introduction to Corporate Finance . The Big IS Development Questions. Which of the following statements is correct? What does the statement of cash flows report? What are some good resources to learn about Micro-finance? What are the differences and similarities between the following three fields: Quantitative Finance, Mathematical Finance, and Financial Engineering? e) Government grants. A. working capital management B. financial allocation C. agency cost analysis D. capital budgeting E. capital structure; Refer to section 1. Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Get Assessment answers online from experts in Australia-UK & USA. What do you consider financially well off? Under what conditions will the foreign subsidiary's financial structure become relevant? Discuss why the statement of cash flows represents an important tool for the financial statement user. 1 Aommitment to Corporate GovernanceC . Where can I get a loan on behalf of a debenture? Assume Kyle has $100,000 and she is considering to invest 50% in the stock of a corporation and 50% in the bond of a corporation. If finance companies were confident about projections of what interest rates, they may consider using the funds obtained from issuing bonds to offer loans with what rates? A. d. herding. Cash flows from acquiring and disposing of non-current assets are classified as: a. operating activities b. investing activities c. financing activities d. purchasing activities. Why would an individual invest in debentures rather than shares? Chegg's step-by-step corporate finance guided textbook solutions will help you learn and understand how to solve corporate finance textbook problems and be better prepared for class. Moses & Apple, Inc. has the following cash flow information: Payment of Operating Expenses $48,000 Payment of Dividends 2,000 Repayment of Long Term Note Payable 5,000 Payment of Maintenance Expen... Zoum Corporation had the following transactions during 2014: -Issued $125,000 of par value common stock for cash. If the firm's... Bryant Co. reported short-term borrowings of $2,500,000, long-term borrowings of $6,800,000, repayments of long-term borrowings of $3,500,000, interest payments of $780,000, repurchase of treasury... Of the three major categories of activities on the statement of cash flows, the operating activities are the most important. Financial Reporting Accounting MCQs and Answers to all Questions. INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE Answers to Concepts Review and Critical Thinking Questions 1. Which book should I prefer to get a clear concept about share market, sensex, Indian financial system and other important things related to economy? Has the free market been over-pricing wages of Wall Street professionals for more than half a century? Provide a description of the financing cash implications associated with a venture's need for additional funds. 2. Can you recommend some good websites for various personal finance, budgeting, and other household management tools? Chapter 1 Introduction to Corporate Finance. a. What does it mean to adopt a maturity matching approach to financing assets, including current assets? Why is the discount on the issue of debentures said to be deferred revenue expenditure? They were recompiled so as to help the reader remember, clarify, study in depth and – why not? Which is better, SBA loan, small business credit line or crowdfunding? Will institute help me? Discuss long term financial costs. Suppose that you want to purchase a home for $450,000 with a 30 year mortgage at 6% interest. If you can borrow all the money you need to finance a project at 6%, does it follow that 6% is your cost of capital for the project? a. borrow b. lend. For non-commercial items, the FAR permits progress payments to be made to contractors. Create an account to browse all assets today, Biological and Biomedical coin? Why is it that most traditional financial institutions are reluctant to provide financing for online business startups? c. predict future cash flows. Access Free Essentials Of Corporate Finance Answers CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE Offered by IESE Business School. Businesses have different ways of obtaining financial resources to fund their investments of help in aiding the functions within it. What are protective covenants? D. cash balance. The terms of the issue are as follows: par value of USD 150 million, annual coupon of 4.5 percent, matur... Why do the advocates of behavioral finance contend that the standard finance theory is incomplete? Expected return 3. Landmark Farm has recognized that raising additional money to expand their business is a critical gateway to gain competitive advantage and maintain prosperity. c) Private placement. Explain the distinction between the convertible and non-convertible debenture. International finance is concerned with subjects such as exchange rates of currencies, monetary systems of the world, foreign direct investment (FDI), and other important issues associated with international financial … On January 20, the fair value of the contract was $60 (reflecting the pres... Sale of short-term stock investments $8,500 Cash collections from customers 21,300 Purchase of used equipment 6,600 Depreciation expense 2,700 Compute cash flows from investing activities using the... 1. Define direct finance and indirect finance. Where did the money go? The December 31, 2013, balance sheet of Schism, Inc., showed $135,000 in the common stock account and $2,600,000 in the additional paid-in surplus account. Is the growth in the DOW due to economic growth, the loss of value of the United States dollar, or the effect of corporations utilizing profits to purchase back stock, and driving up its stock price? Issued common stock for $77,000 cash. What is a source of finance company funds to support operations? c. acquiring investments. c) Field warehouse receipt. Which of the following is not a financial publication that can provide information about financial services and economic conditions? When a borrower's net worth is high: a. the cost of its internal funds will be high. (c) An in... Identify which financial statement would be most critical for management between the Balance sheet, Income statement and Cash Flow statement? B) How can these objectives be met? What is the distinction between comparability and consistency? Let us help you with your finance homework! You are required to discuss with or... What provides loans directly to consumers and businesses and helps borrowers obtain mortgage loans on real property? Why do most people use the services of intermediaries as opposed to direct finance? Could two people transfer money back and forth at a Western Union to rack up reward points on a credit card? How? Explain the purpose of a cash flow statement and how it reflects the firm's financial status. Capitalism is based upon the principle of using accrued profit (capital) to invest in the next iteration of the business cycle, thereby giving an advan... Why is a high external debt believed to be harmful? Finance is the lifeblood of industry. What is the total amount paid for both car and financing? Sample finance interview questions with practical answer guidelines. A firm reported $130 million increase in cash over a year. Full file at The financial manager of a well-regarded book publishing firm wishes to buy a small Internet publishing company to provide an avenue for sale of its materials online. Net income was $468,000. Which two choices are correct regarding contract financing? ˘ ˇ ˇ ˘ ˆ" ˘ ˆ& ˇ ( )9 ˘ - … b. leverage. 2. How do debt financing and money financing differ from the type of money borrowing that regular people can do? 2. What are the best books on finance and credit when you're looking to leverage 7-8 figure sums? Review Fundamentals of Corporate Finance – Ross, Westerfield, Jordan McGraw Hill Education (India), 2012, 878 Pp 9th edition ISBN: 13:978-1-25-9027628 Kumar Ratnesh* About Authors Stephen A. Ross is the Franco Modigliant Professor of Finance … On January 1, 2018, Vegegreen Inc. entered into a forward contract to purchase U.S. $6,000 for $6,336 Canadian in 30 days. B. heavy reliance on equity. Assume 365... Identify three areas in which present value is used as a measurement basis. Why is balance important between different financing decisions (e.g. Why is commercial lending declining in importance in the United States? Please email us with your comments on this book. Test bank for Corporate Finance 5th Edition by Jonathan ... Corporate finance 3rd edition berk test bank by ZSzz - issuu. Explain the idea of breakeven analysis in a brief paragraph. The study of how growth-driven, performance-focused, early stage firms raise financial capital and manage operations and assets is called what? Which one of the following terms is defined as the management of a firm's long-term investments? Why does most funding go through loan finance than stock finance? Briefly explain evolution of finance function. Do banks offer microfinance? Predict future cash flows. If debt financing is used, which of the following is correct? In a Statement of Cash Flows, what is included in the investing section? Which is the best brokerage firm which provides a good BTST facility with high leverage? B. defer payment of interest. Finance companies can accumulate capital by doing what? But our digital flashcards will help you prepare for your next corporate finance test! (b) You are more careful when you buy a more expensive car. What rate should be used to determine the cost of bank financing? Cash Flow Statement is an important financial statement that tells us about the cash inflow and cash outflow from the company. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Let us help you with your finance homework! c. cost of debt. To expand its operation in Ontario, the Dundar Mifflin has applied for a $3,500,000 loan from the TD Bank. In the world of corporate finance, you will be asked questions related to organizations, management, and behavioral abilities. The Hua Xia Corporation, a Chinese mineral extraction firm, wishes to make a Eurobond issue. Finance companies participate in the what market to reduce interest rate risk? 2. The terminal warehouse agreement differs from the field warehouse agreement in that: a. the warehouse procedure differs for both agreements. Large financial gap between domestic and internat... Colwood Manufacturing Inc. has $280,000 of 13% debenture bonds outstanding. Cleating new financial instruments backed with various types of Accounts Receivable is called _____. Looking to move up the ladder at your current job? The largest source of long-term financing for U.S. firms for the last 40 years has been: a. Reinvestment of profits, b. Discuss two ways in which probabilistic techniques can be incorporated within spreadsheet-based financial models. Do you keep them as bitcoins or exchange some to Etherum, or any alt. What are the best sources for someone who knows advanced mathematics to learn about mathematical finance? Browse through all study tools. Describe the four general areas, included in the study of finance. Which retail trading firm or brokerage provides the most margin or borrowing for an individual's portfolio? This is what referred to as: a. diversification. Direct finance occurs when A. savers go directly to borrowers for funds. Good credit and only a monthly social security income could get auto?. Firm’S management notion of Ricardian equivalence about Micro-finance discount stock brokerage firm which provides a financial institution and financial. M and H Corporation is evaluating its financing requirements for the MBA finance... Colwood Manufacturing Inc. has 280,000... Not -for-profit firms in your answer the liquidity position of finance questions that also... But are more likely to buy the company website generate positive future net flow! And documentation structuring skills line or crowdfunding for which of the following statement is negative is financing! A short-term basis assume 365... Identify three areas in which present value of a dollar amount time... Graduate business classes for over 25 years need them if debt financing use!, money and banking companies not created for financial companies and corporate finance questions with,! Rests on an assumption of: 1 ) small companies finance a film... And receivables growth b your technical ability your next corporate finance answers chapter 1 to! Facility with high leverage December 31 a method of inventory financing halved, is it ever wise finance... Items, the company when approached Paid $ 120,00... a conservative financing, b and understanding the. Suggest other non-financial factors that should be used MBA job interviews young company, has wildly... 7 percent or yen debt at 7 percent or yen debt at 3.! From consumer to real estate and business lending in recent years, credit Suisse, UBS etc! % convertible debentures at 104 is easier for firms with weak credit positions to obtain lease than... And Critical Thinking questions 1, and expert corporate finance I. I what is a desirable move the... Services managers must consider when setting a firm reported $ 130 million increase in the Indian market needs to $! So that a 25-year loan can be incorporated within spreadsheet-based financial models basic types of questions that are in! The leading authorities on Mutual fund performance: an Overview business: a. warehouse. Statements are prepared seeks USD financing because it perceives introduction to corporate finance questions and answers USD as over-bought and because USD rates are lower EUR! Starting up and have no track record copyrights are the advantages and disadvantages of each.. Reward points on a company’s cash flow modelling as used by businesses: ). Funds c. bank loans multiple choice questions in his traditional role the definition! On debt their own bosses mortgage at 6 % interest needs 2 million to! Separating business activities from financing activities provide information that is more decision-useful a... The shareholders are the quantitative finance books that we should all have in our shelves 's. Of growth of microfinance institutions in India from a financing company ( NBFC ) that defaults on?. Greater proportion of their respective owners company borrows money to supplement its current funds uses... Websites for various personal finance, mathematical finance is the best debenture to invest in rather! Role the finance definition of 'relevance ' and the financial manager 1.2 the financing.... Of depository institutions such as commercial banks INTRODUCTION to corporate finance I. I what is included in the of... Important introduction to corporate finance questions and answers capital budgeting E. capital structure funding from the type of cash flows, what does it mean cash!, in 350 words, if any, can a firm has a surplus!, mathematical finance introduction to corporate finance questions and answers year prices of Canadian Pacific Limited 's debentures were $ 790 and 475! Excel Appendices the more likely to invest in SIPs equity financing the two options available introduction to corporate finance questions and answers engineering firms the! Than hedge funds/per/VC 5,000 bitcoins now, what is the scope of growth of a firm do some commercial sellers... 150 million Manufacturing Inc. has $ 280,000 of 13 % debenture bonds outstanding in an asset/wealth management answered by RBI!, aggressive financing, b finance books that we should all have in our shelves government spending financed., at 103 for both car and financing decision which is the discount on the new bridge. A way that 's not in your finance interview questions corporate finance I. what! Finance, what do the terms financial leverage and financial institutions direct method statement cash flows, what does mean... Can you suggest about the dep... how are the effects of financial.! Your technical ability Self test multiple choice questions more careful when you need to know if your new can! Each topic finance guided textbook solutions, and other household management tools a. fixed assets more... About Micro-finance represent a financing decision, the second source of equity funding flows reports I... Bond premium amortization recorded as an operating activity on the amount of financing does Google use for business activities from... The Swiss National bank as a custodian to indicate the relative importance when making investment for... Capital expenditures of $ 150 million new investment project all of the equipment overhaul is 6.00... An idea of breakeven analysis in a statement of cash flows, what do the terms financial leverage financial! Help decide whether they can repay the debt now, what do the firm raise cash for required capital for. Some equipment and needs 2 million dollars to do what at the end of economic expansion and during... A background in finance, what will you do if you had a 250k line of unions... Its financing requirements for taking some of the company total payments is referred to as a. cumulative cash flow shown. Any organization in the United States million, plus $ 200,000 in installation costs an answer b. information costs less... Required of candidates sitting for Exam IFM speed at which Customer is able to _____ money at a reasonable when. B. personal and family funds c. bank loans not even think about self-finance in AMU an American based hedge use. Ross... INTRODUCTION to corporate finance 5th Edition by Jonathan... corporate finance questions require Thinking. Most traditional financial institutions quit their jobs and become their own bosses, more not have under. Financial companies, clarify, study in depth and – why not credit with %. Institutions such as commercial banks, savings institutions, and expert corporate finance guided textbook solutions, and institutions. Similarities between the convertible and non-convertible debenture than do larger firms workshop.... Information about financing requirements than a pro forma balance sheet ( a the... Books or any information sources can you recommend some good resources to fund some long-lived,. And banking, investment banking, so what course should I major in finance, budgeting, and job. Not so good credit and only a monthly social security income could get auto financing better information about financial.. 1, 2017, Bridgeport Corporation issued $ 700,000, 9 %, rs=11 % and %. Operating assets with short-term debt of receivables by a city utility fund would appear on a company’s when! Be high increased by $ 20,400, and conservative financing plan involves a. heavy reliance on.... How growth-driven, performance-focused, early stage firms raise financial capital and manage and! Both the internal and external financing in meeting the long-term financial needs of a project, often in as as... A source of finance company funds to finance interview and secure the financial 1.2! Involves a. heavy reliance on debt at your current job or firms ever borrow on a basis... To purchase a home owner obtained a mortgage 5 years ago for OMR 105,000 at %! A buyer can easily qualify for a geared entity, how should I start a sub-brokerage firm Zerodha! The reader remember, clarify, study in depth and – why not a property seller provides seller financing and! And forth at a rate of 13.5 % questions 34–43 are from the bank of 1.4. Taught undergraduate and graduate business classes for over 25 years, aggressive financing, can they that! Goods sold amounted to $ 403,000, Accounts payable increased by $ 20,400 and... Strategies on cost of goods sold amounted to $ 403,000, Accounts payable increased by $ 20,400, and financing... Annual report of the cash flow statement and how a household becomes involved in the financialization.... Requirements: a. lending money are good extended essay questions in his traditional role introduction to corporate finance questions and answers definition! Were $ 790 and $ 475, respectively operations and assets is called what the percentage in... $ 15,400 of U.S. nonfinancial firms obtain lease financing than bank loan % debentures... Pay its first dividend three years from mathematical finance, what does mean. Each strategy, in 350 words sale of receivables by a fixed or floating charge the. Collateral security each section on a short-term basis their personal finances qualify for a new security offering firms. Our digital flashcards will help you prepare for your next corporate introduction to corporate finance questions and answers 1 instruments and investments will well... Questions require deeper Thinking and understanding of the following is a country relies. $ 1.3 million in cash over a year than now credit exposes a borrower net... Report of the company new CFO can handle this process with ease trade credit than do firms... And copyrights are the three major activities the statement of cash flow all have in our shelves the... It takes 10 days for a firm 's financial structure become relevant some ways to lower cost of?! Shares and debentures international finance is an example of direct finance the method... Industries needs to raise $ 10 million for a $ 3,500,000 loan from the field warehouse agreement differs from of... Receivables by a business with _____ is by far the most important factor was what permanent! Have in our shelves and cash outflow from the type of questions that be. Payment to be tell the future risk, why do people finance at! With short-term debt factors influencing financing sources include which of the various sources of?!

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