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joy of life ep 20 recap

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kofiwidget2.init('Buy us Boba! Because she thinks Fan Xian will cause a scene with her son. Untuk jadwal tayang di WeTV setiap hari Selasa, Rabu dan Kamis jam 19.00 WIB, 2 EPS/ hari dan member VIP bisa nonton 6 EPS lebih awal (ketika drama ini sedang tayang). She asks who he is but Fan Xian is unable to answer as he somehow coughs up blood. Fan Xian comes out to help Si Zhe. Joy Of Life Episode 4 Recap Still 1. Hahaha. If everyone in the Fan manor has to listen to Fan Sizhe despite the order then what happens if Fan Sizhe orders everyone to beat him to death? Joy Of Life Episode 6 Recap Still 1 The Overwatch Council. This post is for Joy Of Life Episode 5 Recap eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'cdramalove_com-box-3','ezslot_16',107,'0','0'])); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fan Sizhe struggles to open the miniature chest Fan Xian brought with him and orders Fan Xian to help him open it. Joy of Life: Episode 6 Recap No one pays attention to him until he shows them his director badge. In town, the man who previously tested Fan Xian’s strength before allowing him to enter the temple is Gong Dian. He enters the ladies part of the room to find her. The Crown Prince tried to forcibly enter the Investigation Office with his soldiers. 10:23 [NEW KINDER JOYS] Kinder Joy … Is he on Fan Xian’s side or not? Si Zhe impresses Fan Xian with his math skills. Suggesting he is an unacknowledged bastard of the family. Hit the right spot in my heart. Because of his father’s orders. But to make sure she’s not an assassin, Fan Xian asks her first. Fan Xian’s Hunt for Chicken-Leg Girl. He asks her to check his papers, but she says that she disagrees that he uses modern concept to analyze History of Ancient Literature. Life (2018) Episode 16 (Finale) Recap. But then Fan Xian proposes a conundrum for Fan Sizhe. Meanwhile, the Second Madam is in her room asking about Fan Xian’s whereabouts while enjoying a message from her servants. Fan Xian walks in the temple, and the bodyguards block … Ye Ling Er visits Wan Er. The guards belonged to Guo Bao Kun, whose father, Guo You Zhi, was the Head of the Education Department. But he reassures her that’s it’s okay even commenting that if you cough up blood a lot you eventually get used to it. It stars Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin and Chen Daoming. But nothing happens because Fan Ruo Ruo comes over and greets Fan Xian warmly. Not sure if the show will be the same though. Fan Xian enters the temple despite his suspicions that this may be a trap. MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama is billed as a fantasy romance kind of deal, but it’s the legal and supernatural aspects of it that really get me. Is the Qing Emperor hinting at something? That really bothers me. Just after he knocks on the main door, a servant nearby advises him to enter from the side door. What did you think of Joy of Life episode 3? He’ll only help Teng Zi Jing on a different condition. If so, his life will belong to Fan Xian. Joy Of Life Episode 11 Recap Still 5. He wants to make money and likes making money. Teng Zi Jing secretly came back to Jing Du to look for his family, and needs the paper from the Overwatch Council. This is the recap of 2019 Chinese drama Joy of Life: Episode 7. She’s so cute, looking up to her older brother. Fan Xian leaves for the Overwatch Council. He enters though the side doors and follows a servant through the manor. Love At First Sight. Besides, he has Ruo Ruo on his side. You could also show support by white-listing this website and clicking on the ads once a day! Her maid servant wonders why her lady is acting so strangely. Fan Xian asks why Si Zhe wants to sell the book. Read below for the Joy of Life Episode 3 recap! The Emperor gets updates. I can’t wait to see more! Then she leads Fan Xian to her room and chats with him. He has to deal with his stepmother while entering the Fan Manor but I think he’s smart enough to deal with her. While the Emperor chuckles and orders for them to return to the palace. Fan Ruo Ruo believes he is being humble so promises to keep it a secret. This conversation seems odd to me because most Emperors don’t like their servants questioning their objectives. Thank you! He fights off Guo Bao Kun’s guard. Ye Ling Er visits Wan Er. Fan Xian isn’t willing. Teng Zi Jing begged them to spare his pregnant wife. Asking him to enter the side door means he’s not the heir of the family. He’s happy she went looking for him. The power plays begin! Here’s my Joy of Life episode 1 recap! Because she’s worried that Fan Xian will take everything away from her son. Decision to Return to the Capital. As soon as Lin Waner gets on her carriage, she coughs violently. Fan Ruo Ruo punishes Fan Sizhe for disrespecting his older brother and Fan Sizhe complains to his mother. The red armored soldiers are kneeling in the courtyard of the Fan Manor. What if it decomposes!? They find out he will attend Jing Wang Shi Zi’s poetry society. Fan Xian enters the temple despite his suspicions that this may be a trap. Guo Bao Kun is under the Crown Prince and Jing Wang Shi Zi is under the Second Prince and they were both waiting for him. There’s no statue, just a simple table with a pot of incense and some food offerings. SEE ALSO: Joy of Life: Episode 3 Recap. Fan Xian agrees to help him. Fan Xian says he’ll leave but wants her … Fan Sizhe notices that he has company and asks Fan Xian about the drumstick he is holding in his hand. They talk about her status and her upcoming marriage. Okay, so anyone else think the chicken drumstick is hilarious? So because Fan Xian is from modern day era, he wrote Red Mansion based on what he remembered from reading it in the modern day era. Everything is under his watchful eye. After taking a few sips, the Emperor gives the bowl back to his guard and reminds him to pay the shop owner. And then she hears someone calling out for her so she starts to leave. Dating In the Kitchen Episode 3 Recap Highlights: Gu Sheng Nan has… Fan Xian wonders if this is his father’s intention but it’s actually the Second Madam’s instructions. Nei Ku is in control by Princess Li Yun Rei. While also speculating that he thinks the Emperor made the arrangements. Cupid has struck again! Joy of Life (Chinese: 庆余年; pinyin: Qìng Yúnián), also known as Thankful for the Remaining Years, is a 2019 Chinese television series that is based on the novel Qing Yunian (庆余年) by Mao Ni. His whole family was to be executed alongside him. He notices that there are several guards in front of the entrance of the main hall so he heads off to the side hall instead. He wonders why the servants are all quiet and finds out the Madam is taking her nap. Si Zhe wants to sell the book and make money. Fan Xian is shocked to see a beautiful girl hiding beneath the table holding a drumstick. He was the one who harmed Teng Zi Jing and his family. Pretty sure it’s the King in the carriage. Wan Er only wants to marry someone she likes. Gong Dian kneels suddenly and admits that he has sinned. Fan Xian agrees to work together as long as they help pretend Fan Xian is in the carriage.

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