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Supersonic , Dec 8, 2018 King model sports the same specs except it has the diamond inlay. The big f-holes are a big help in another aspect of collecting 335’s-dating. If you see a sunburst 62 ES-355 with bound f-holes and a sideways, it’s this one. 59’s are great because they get that fade, although this one is still pretty vibrant . The 355 was the top of the line 300-series Gibson. Not to get too guitar geeky but Lucille is actually an ES-355. Lucille has no F-holes, a Vari-Tone circuit, TP-6 Tailpiece, access to electronics via back panel, stereo outputs, and gold TRC. One of a kind for sure. This very special ES-355 is a Limited Run from Gibson Memphis, and will be available for a short time only. No f-holes Neck: Set maple neck Rosewood fingerboard with no inlays Block inlay at 12th fret Black headstock with "Static-X" logo 2-ply truss rod cover with "It's A Tripp" engraving 24.75" scale 1.68" nut width Binding: Black body & neck binding Electronics: EMG-HZ humbucker pickups 1 Vol. Other than that, it's the same. Because Gibson reused the same serial numbers over and over and over and over again (as many as 7 times in 10 years), the big f-holes allow you to eliminate guitars with mid 60’s serial numbers (65-67) from being dated as the earlier of many years. Then in 1962 the case changed to a black outside with a yellow plush interior. One of just one hundred and seven ES-355TD Mono's made in 1961. Groundbreaking Design: The Ltd. Description: Gibson ES355 Electric Thinline Archtop guitar. The Gibson ES-355TD SV is a variation on the Gibson ES355 or ES-355TD guitar (ES standing for Electric Spanish, and TD Thinline Double cutaway) with the addition of Stereo output and six-position Varitone (SV).. It was the guitar B.B. 3" deep, double florentine cutaway hollow-body (Two versions, Regular and Custom). Byrdland (1955-) Thinline, short-scale L-5 CES, named after Billy Byrd and Hank Garland. Signature models. This guitar weighs just 8.70 lbs. The ES-355 was the guitar Chuck Berry played. No f-holes, and I think more pick-up variations. Edition ES-355' unique tonal range was the result of its groundbreaking design. Available: 1959 to 1982 Case: Brown hardshell case with a pink lining was the top-end Gibson case from 1959 to 1961. The tone starts with the traditional Maple/Poplar/Maple body with Adirondack bracing glued to the top with old world tone enhancing Hide Glue. Guitars in the 335 family have been played by Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Freddie King, Justin Hayward, T-Bone Walker and Eric Clapton. King played before Gibson made him a custom model with no f-holes. ES Artist (1979-c.1985) Upscale model of ES-335 without f-holes, with active circuit by Moog. Gibson ES-355 Electric Thinline Guitar. I used to own a Starcaster, which was Fender's attempt to get in on the 335 market. This is the same as the B.B. 1 Tone controls 3-way selector switch Hardware: Here’s a cool mid 59 TDSV from JR, a reader from somewhere in Cyberspace. A wood block runs through the center of the body so the pickups are mounted much the same way as in a solid body guitar allowing for two hollow chambered areas over the violin style f -holes and in the double cutaway wings. Stereo vari-tone switch, Laminated Maple Top, Back, and Sides with Multi-Ply Binding and without F Holes, TP-6 tail piece, 490R & T pickups. Lucille has no F-holes, a Vari-Tone circuit, TP-6 Tailpiece, access to electronics via back panel, stereo outputs, and gold TRC. Barney Kessel (1961–1974) Barney Kessel model. Who doesn't know the tones of BB Kings Lucille, which is essentially an ES-355 without f-holes? Other than that, it's the same. Thanks, Rob.

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