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His skillset is too unique and valuable on this team for him to not get real minutes early on. Ben is brilliant enough for me to allow him to play and not get in his way and try to cloud his head up with a bunch of crap. If he gets to the line 15 times, I’m fine. For instance, there’s a drop in point-of-attack defense without Josh Richardson, and they don’t have much wing defense on their bench besides Matisse Thybulle. Oh, and if the Sixers end up trading for James Harden? New assistant coach Dan Burke will be serving as Doc Rivers’ defensive coordinator. NBA Twitter didn’t hold back when Doc Rivers and the Clippers decided to part ways. I think a 4th place finish in the East is a fair prediction (a slow-ish start would be understandable, given their amount of player and coaching turnover). Tatum’s attack is made tougher by Dwight Howard being up far higher near the screen, just a step or two away so he’s in position to stop Tatum pulling up off the dribble. While Isaiah Joe probably won’t play much this year and rookie big man Paul Reed is on a two-way contract, Tyrese Maxey can be a real contributor. “Shake is going to be a heck of a basketball player,” Rivers reiterated after Monday’s practice. Home . “Playing, going downhill, making guys guard you, being aggressive, being a facilitator. That said, Maxey has the kind of creativity off the dribble with his burst, driving, finishing and silky floater game that other guards on the Sixers can’t offer. It’s going to make life easier for both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid — and far more enjoyable for fans watching at home. Green and Curry provide a level of gravity that will make it harder for teams to crowd the paint around Simmons’ drives and Embiid’s post-ups. Milton gives Simmons a ball screen to force a switch, and Simmons makes an aggressive drive to the rim and draws a foul on the helpless Carsen Edwards: More diversity will help the Sixers’ offense. One group I’m interested in: Curry-Milton-Korkmaz-Harris-Embiid. Beyond the emphasis on Simmons’ aggressiveness, pace, and the changes to his on-ball usage that I’ve mentioned (like handling more pick-and-rolls), we’ve also started getting an idea of how he might be utilized off the ball. Ultimately, I don’t think the Sixers’ current team is a title contender. “For a rookie, that’s unheard of, and he’s doing all those things.” At the same practice, Matisse Thybulle said he was impressed by Maxey’s motor and ability to beat screens. Dan started out with Dick Harter, that’s who taught me everything that I know about defense, so a lot of the same philosophies. As for the second unit, Dwight Howard gives the Sixers the best backup center they’ve had in a while (besides $109 million Al Horford). Sixers head to the Big Apple to face the Knicks. Shake Milton continues to improve. Home . Seth Curry isn’t a plus defender, but he’s better than he can get credit for — he’s smart enough to generally be in the right spots and break up passing lanes at times, and he’s fairly persistent against point guards (bigger or more explosive assignments will give him some trouble). Now, this can start to change. And after Maxey flashed his scoring talent with 8 fourth-quarter points in his preseason debut, Rivers said that Maxey will push for minutes. Rivers has started implementing this right away. There’s a lot to break down with the new team and takeaways from training camp and preseason, so let’s get straight to it. Update: The Sixers have now waived Justin Anderson and Frank Mason III (who was signed to a non-guaranteed, Exhibit 10 contract and is expected to join the Delaware Blue Coats in the G League). Through these cookies, Google, LinkedIn and Demandbase collect personal data about you for their … Just making sure we have the best defense in the league, protecting the rim. This lets the Sixers maximize space around Embiid, with both Curry and Milton providing some ball handling and the ability to hit threes off the dribble. Despite ranking 2nd in defensive rating at home (104.9), they plummeted to 20th (111.6) on the road. Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers doesn't think it is a top priority for point guard Ben Simmons to consistently hit from beyond the arc this year. . But most of the players were able to get on the court and learn from new coach Doc Rivers, which is a good start. Doc is edgy, highly opinionated, cocky, etc. Where the Sixers can go from here with their highest paid player. He built up an excellent reputation for not only his defensive IQ but his ability to get the most from his team and handle players effectively, from stars to reserves. The result is a team with more shooting and guard play to help rejuvenate the offense and better complement Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Twitter is a speedy way to share thoughts and information in short status updates, but Twitter also lets users post links or URLs. As the Sixers shape their new offense in the coming months, you can expect Joerger to play an important role. The Sixers will also have to work around having a few weaker defenders who could be targeted in the playoffs, like Curry, Milton and Korkmaz. Even though Danny Green isn’t what he used to be at 33 years old, he’s still a good wing defender and a highly intelligent team defender. I told our guys, especially I singled out Joel and Ben. As Milton continues to grow — now with a better offense around him, added pick-and-rolls to help get him going off the dribble, and a large role off the bench — he looks set to take another step forward this season. It didn’t matter that much because the offense was so hopeless, but they bothered teams defensively. The past couple years when I’ve been on the floor, we’ve always had, most likely, the best defense in the league. I think him and the whole coaching staff are going to look at me to kind of be the driving force of our defense, especially when we talk about being the Defensive Player of the Year. It was the first of several, and he began filming as well as photographing what he saw. “I think he’s a great guy. In November 1966, in Point Pleasant, a town at the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers, two couples claimed to have been chased by a giant winged man with glowing red eyes while they were driving in the vicinity of an old army munitions dump. He’s moving back to the 4 and he’ll have more space to work with. “That’s been an emphasis,” Embiid said. Rivers has said the Sixers need to be a top-five defensive team this season, and I think they can get there. In one prescient scene he shoots a primitive village on stilts in a lake in Venezuela, and then cuts to the other shore to a modern version of the same — rows of oil wells, the beginning of the exploitation and despoliation that will render almost all of Wavrin’s beloved tribes extinct. Unsurprisingly, Rivers spoke highly of Maxey at training camp. “We’re great,” Embiid said after practice on December 10 when asked about his relationship with Burke. DOC TALK Doc Talk: Accursed Mountain State, Belgium abandoned. Time will tell if this continues, and translates into sharper defense. On the next possession, this time against Boston, Milton screens to get Simmons going downhill. Build solutions to meet the needs of advertisers around the world. It’s something Simmons and Embiid have discussed with Rivers, and multiple players have said through camp that there’s been a difference in the team’s demeanour and an improved level of maturity. Links expand a tweet beyond its usual boundaries of 140 characters. “Man, the reason we connected so well is because of that. In transition, we want to open the floor and get the ball to Ben and tell him to go make something happen.”. Maxey stood out again vs. the Indiana Pacers on Friday, scoring 11 points on 4-of-7 shooting with some terrific finishes and an impressive snatch-back jumper. I wish I was on Twitter in 2007, because I will NEVER stop exercising my free speech. Milton has been growing in poise and confidence throughout his young NBA career, continuing to display a level-headedness as a smart scorer and calm playmaker that the Sixers need. The Twitter API enables programmatic access to Twitter in unique and advanced ways. Meanwhile, Joel Embiid will be serving as his elite rim-protecting self to anchor the backline of the defense (ideally with improved energy and conditioning, if the Sixers’ coaching staff and new veterans have an impact on him). Rivers’ first … — @PompeyOnSixers ( Rivers doesn’t have a time frame. Developers can filter the real-time stream by applying a set of rules (specified using a combination of operators), and they can select the response format on connection. ... TwitLonger is in no way associated with Twitter, but they … Let’s get the obvious point out the way first. Given Rivers’ praise of Scott’s play before preseason (saying at one point that he was having a “phenomenal” training camp) and Thybulle missing time at camp due to an ankle injury, I’m guessing Scott is the fourth. He also had the best stretch of his career under Doc with the Clippers, and now Rivers wants to speed up Harris’ decision-making and will be able to use him in some similar ways to their time in L.A. A few more pick-and-rolls, where Harris ranked in the 81st percentile in 2018-19, will be part of it. Pokimane responds to Fydmyster ‘s leaked doc, says she wasn’t s*xting, as Keemstar bombs her on Twitter. Compared to our other streaming endpoints, the COVID-19 stream features the following: Is configured with a set of filters we believe deliver a comprehensive view of the conversation about this topic; Delivers the full conversation about this topic, rather than just a sample; The images have survived because of Winter’s work in the Royal Film Archive of Belgium, recovering and restoring them, which the film also details. The Sixers would also benefit from having a backup center who can space the floor for Simmons. There’s a lot with Ben setting the pick. You can just see it all over him.”. By Peter Keough Globe Correspondent, Updated December 23, 2020, 12:47 p.m. The Sixers were good on defense when they had their gigantic trio of Ben Simmons, Al Horford and Joel Embiid on the floor last season, recording a 102.6 defensive rating in the 432 minutes they were together (for reference, Milwaukee ranked 1st with a 102.5 defensive rating). “Just being a terror,” Rivers said when asked what he has in mind for Simmons. And a happy pod full of season opener analysis! In addition to Rivers and Burke, this is one area where new veterans Danny Green and Dwight Howard will look to help, as they’re both eager to take on leadership roles for the Sixers (last week, I wrote about how Howard’s leadership has been impressing the team, and how Green wants to help teach his younger teammates). Plus contact info to work with him. Based on everything we’ve heard from Rivers at training camp and through preseason, Milton, Korkmaz and Howard look like locks to be part of that four. Rather than Horford being tasked with guarding more 4s and Harris spending too much time against quicker 3s, Green and Harris will be assigned where they’re best suited. Are the Sixers’ road woes a thing of the past? Every single player will be involved in a pick-and-roll with the ball and as the picker. “You see Max, defensively especially, know how not to get picked, knows to fight through picks, stay in front of the ball, talks on defense,” Doc Rivers said at Monday’s practice. Richardson was overworked when asked to run point guard (which is a knock on last year’s roster construction rather than just Richardson himself), he only shot 34.1 percent from three, and passed up too many threes which let defenses reset and restricted the space he could offer next to Simmons and Embiid. The issue of accountability has come up with the Sixers a lot in recent months, including through training camp. | Out Now. Hopefully, it does work. The Twitter API v2 endpoints are equipped with a new set of parameters called fields, which allows you to select just the data that you want from each of our objects in your endpoint response. Wavrin fled to Argentina, where something changed in him. Doc Rivers has typically used a lot of pick-and-roll in his offenses, and has said that the Sixers will be running more this season. Burke was an assistant with the Pacers since 1997, playing an important role in constructing plenty of top-10 and top-5 defenses. They can force mismatches to get smaller defenders onto Simmons if teams switch the ball screen; if opponents are too worried about sticking with the shooter outside, they can overcommit which creates space for Simmons to drive; or equally the two defenders could over pressure Simmons and leave the shooter open if they pop out to the arc. Use Apex code to run flow and transaction control statements on the Salesforce platform. The future is brighter for the Sixers’ offense now, though, due to both personnel changes and stylistic adjustments Rivers and his staff want to introduce. As much as Curry and Milton have to offer, they aren’t lead scorers or passers. Peter Keough can be reached at The Sixers also have Paul Reed and Dakota Mathias on two-way contracts. I’ve mentioned some of his offensive attributes, and his high rebounding rate, experience, and rim protection will all be welcome additions to the second unit defense. Sheridan’s search for the truth takes him to a scary bunker abandoned since World War II, where the creature was rumored to dwell. “The Curse of West Virginia” can be seen as part of the “Atlas of Cursed Places” series on the National Geographic Channel Dec. 29 at 9 p.m. Go to The National Geographic series “Atlas of Cursed Places” manages to sneak in some sly political commentary under the trappings of the usual sensationalistic tales of the strange and supernatural. Seeing as these were strengths of Maxey in college as well, it’s encouraging for the Sixers that he’s showcasing those skills as he gets started in the NBA. The U.S. has a painful history of forced sterilizations, particularly with Black women such as civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer. Joel Embiid is a monster in the paint, whose presence alone can prevent opponents from attempting shots when he’s nearby. Having better shooters will go a long way to maximizing Simmons in the open floor as well. Swapping Richardson and Horford for Green and Curry will be huge for the Sixers. The Sixers weaponize the gravity of Curry as he comes off a side pick-and-roll with Embiid, with Simmons’ defender, Marcus Smart, shifting over to help. The Pacers’ focus on Milton and failure to switch leaves Korkmaz open, and he gets an easy three: It’s preseason defense, but the Sixers have the personnel to keep having success with this play. We saw this early on against the Celtics, with Milton and Howard getting in some good reps together. As simple as it is, consistent engagement and communication on defense would be hugely valuable. “Everyone is in a pick-and-roll,” Rivers said at practice on December 9 when I asked him if he’s used Simmons much as a roll man at training camp. They didn’t have enough perimeter creation or playmaking alongside Ben Simmons; they lacked high-volume, quick-trigger three-point shooting (ranking 22nd in three-point attempts per game) which cluttered the floor around their stars; and we all know how terrible the fit of Simmons, Al Horford and Joel Embiid was — Philly had a useless 101.7 offensive rating and -0.9 net rating when all three shared the floor. Maxey deserves a spot in the rotation. The video below shows a few examples. Seeing as Joel Embiid typically operates at a slower pace, his conditioning and floor running will be something to watch — the word from training camp, and the little we can take away from preseason, is that he’s at least off to a good start. And that’s understandable. Simmons and Embiid can still anchor a stingy defense with the pieces around them, though. The Sixers generally ranked in the bottom two in the NBA in pick-and-roll usage under Brett Brown. The Sixers were bang average on offense last season, ranking 14th in offensive rating at 110.7 (per There are a couple of weaknesses for the new roster. Along with a possible increase in quick-hitting actions when the Sixers get down the floor — like running their pull-up shooters straight into high pick-and-rolls, or off dribble hand-offs from Embiid — they should be faster this season. World War II intervened, and his travels ended. Inconsistent effort hurt them last season. Other disasters followed, including a flood of coal slurry from a mine in 1972 that killed 125 people in Buffalo Creek Valley. We saw flashes of these adjustments in preseason, with the Sixers’ bigs coming up higher against more pick-and-rolls rather than always dropping so far back, which is an encouraging start for their versatility as they try to get their defense up to speed. He died in 1971, largely forgotten, his films lost. Twitter Ads API. Sharpshooters with quicker triggers like Green and Curry will make it harder for defenses to focus on Simmons and cut off his lanes to the basket, and they’ll be able to consistently capitalize on the kick-out opportunities that Simmons generates when he does collapse defenses. Learn about Salesforce Apex, the strongly typed, object-oriented, multitenant-aware programming language. There’s a lot with Seth setting the pick. Howard seems fully committed to doing all the little things as well as he can. And of course I’ve always done what the coaches ask me to do. Part of this was due to the personnel they had, and Brown generally not implementing much pick-and-roll in his offense. The first parameter will be the ID string used in the URL at Twitter. Doc Rivers has typically used a lot of pick-and-roll in his offenses, and has said that the Sixers will be running more this season. This season, though, the Sixers will be getting a little smaller as they roll out a more natural starting unit. Rivers has had a few talented scoring guards as his sixth men over the years (like Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams), and referred to Milton early on in training camp when discussing who could fill that role for the Sixers. dank walls covered with graffiti. Maxey has impressed his new team in training camp as well. As was the case last season, Simmons and Embiid’s tremendous talents at this end of the floor are still the most important factors for the Sixers. At 25 he caused a scandal when he blithely shot two boys pilfering nuts on his estate, seriously wounding them. (For more on Maxey’s game and his approach to fitting in with the Sixers, you can read here.). Maxey can add a new dynamic off the dribble and he has a lot of upside, but perimeter creation is still an issue. Two parameters. Even if he doesn’t start shooting, Simmons can make developments in other areas. Most of the Sixers’ bigger changes will be taking place on the offensive end of the floor, but there are still a few key things to look at with their defense. Before getting started, we encourage you to read more about Twitter Developer Labs. The Tweet payload above contains some reference IDs for complementary objects we can expand on. (scroll down to get the pain journal on that post) The Rapid Recovery Journal & other Courses from Doc on the Run From "Atlas of Cursed Places. Rivers has said that he wants players to hear a lot from his assistant coaches, and specifically praised Dave Joerger during training camp for his offensive background. In 1938 he planned an ambitious expedition to discover the source of the Orinoco River, but he couldn’t raise enough money. he opens the creaky metal door and finds .

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