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variegated porcelain vine

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On Aug 31, 2006, Bexter from Woods Hole, MA wrote: Some people think that a so-called invasive plant like porcelain berry is just not a problem if they themselves are going to plant it in a place where it won't get out of control. Unbranded, “My desire is not for wealth; but rather for competence,goodness and usefulness. Hoya Kerri Porcelain flower, Wax plant, Hoya variegated, Sweet heart Hoya.No vid. It also is a Japanese beetle preferred food so it looks like crap in years when the beetles are abundant. I loved to go to the river and to the parks here. I grew this beautiful vine on my arbor and had wonderful results. I bought the vine originally with the idea of having it cover an unsightly concrete block wall, but it will not climb or adhere to such surfaces. $22.00 each, View All All Plants The seed passing through the birds gut actually increases the germination rates by helping to remove the dormancy inhibitors naturally found in the seed (Same with Asiatic bittersweet). I didn't plant it, but it's here anyway. It is growing on a 10 x 20' trellis in 5b zone. Is there a chance that I could safely grow this here in SE Pa., IF I took certain precautions? Fast & Free shipping on many items! Grower’s bunches 20-24″ tall. Eco gallon Potted But after reading about it's invasive nature, I don't think I'll take a chance. It's ILLEGAL to plant in some states and for good reason. or is a trailing, or erect shrub. Jumbo gallon Potted Variety or Cultivar 'Elegans' _ 'Elegans' is a vigorous, deciduous vine with green palmate leaves heavily mottled with pink and white, pink stems, and green flowers in summer followed by … I love it but so does the japenese bettles. Can take a while to establish but vigorous once it does. You w... read moreill not observe this on your property. Almost impossible to eradicate!!!!! var __plink_targets … The tree thrives in … control where the birds take the seeds. I need to know how to totally destroy it for the trash-compost collection so it won't reappear somewhere else. It's berries readily re-seed, and before you know it, you'll have seedlings springing up all over the p... read morelace, and going into the neighbors yard, and going into wild areas. Watch; In autumn, beautiful berry-like fruits mature to a unique porcelain blue. Since our cats and dogs have access to that area they would keep birds from eating and distributing the berries. Remove wayward sections of the vine and stems that extend beyond the supporting structure. The main concern with this plant is not that it seeds around your house, an already disturbed area. It's that the berries are eaten by birds, which fly to streams and it spreads into wetland areas that way. The green, grape-like leaves are heavily splashed with white and are attached to the stems by bright pink petioles. It thrives wherever it finds water and is a strong grower. The new growth is infused with pink as well. It certainly was an agressive grower for me! After six years the plant is well behaved in my garden despite the many birds that could spread the seeds. The beetles piggyback and mate before my eyes, and either the plant is putting out a sweet attractant odor, or all the beetles are sending out pheromones. Ampelopsis Brevipedunculata ( Variegated Porcelain Berry Vine ) - 100 Seeds. Prune it in the summer to keep it within the limits of its support system.   ::  View All Ampelopsis In Autumn, the 1/4″ berry fruits mature to a unique porcelain blue color. I have it growing in partial shade on the side of my home. $22.00 each, MONTEGO MELON™ KOKOMO DAYLILY™ I prune and trim every spring (and throughout the growing season if necessary). Edit NOT BUY THIS PLANT. It has never even covered the fence I planted it on. This is a beautiful climbing vine for the garden that features medium-size leaves similar to grapes, attractively splashed with green and white. Nice enough to share a piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you. It has Kudzu-like potential, (Kudzu, the vine that ate the south....). Features mostly 3-lobed, deep green & white leaves (to 5 inches long). I am try to contact the city park authority and mayor on what they plan to do about the removal of this very invasive plant. When left unsupported, the plant mounds to about 3 feet tall and will scramble over the ground. This was sandy loam, full sun ph6.5 fairly moist. It has almost covered the trellis and has never been trimmed but we remove new shoots in the spring. The berries are beautiful, the varigated foliage is a definite plus. On Sep 15, 2015, lystra from Reading, PA wrote: I just moved back to Reading Pa after being gone for 16 yrs. This plant prefers moist, porous, rich soils and can thrive in a wide range of light availability. On Sep 29, 2010, Crescentan from La Crescenta, CA wrote: I live in La Crescenta, California, a foothill suburb of Los Angeles, Sunset Magazine zone 21, USDA zone 10, at 2500'. High humidity, hot summer temps, huge number of berries that the birds love. This spring, I pruned it back harder than usual to encourage more dense growth on my fence. Variegated porcelain berry vine , Variegated porcelain vine . No Average Watch; Hoya#3 Macrophylla Albomarginata Variegated MultiRolling Cuttings( it For CA) $29.00. Now those beetle are devouring my geranium flowers and some of the leaves, and if I had roses, I'd be in serious trouble. On Apr 26, 2011, dollymae from Salado, TX (Zone 8a) wrote: I have not had a negative experience with my Porcelin Vine here in western NJ, maybe because of where it's planted, next to a tree. USDA Hardiness Zone. This vine is woody and deciduous. He went out of his way to accommodate me. For us here in Montana, this vine is well behaved although it does reseed itself occasionally. I have to agree that probably given ideal growing conditions, this could be VERY invasive! Established porcelain vines can go for weeks without supplemental watering, but during prolonged dry spells it benefits from slow, deep watering. BEWARE! I recognized my mistake in the second spring ('05) and have eradicated the vine using VineX. Produced by Clarity Connect, Inc. Catalogs of new and exciting plant brands, such as. Buy It Now. It grows in every untended lot or cracked pavement. maximowiczii 'Elegans' - porcelain vine DESCRIPTION: Deciduous ornamental vine with large leaves lightly splashed with white and pink.Glossy berries in shades of pink, purple, blue in autumn. On Oct 29, 2004, gonedutch from Fairport, NY wrote: I grow this vine in zone 5 in upstate NY near the Erie Canal. It grew about 15 feet in its first year! I have two of them, one in the sun and one in the shade. The birds don't seem to like the berries but we do get the small pollinating bees on it during the summer. Green Not of Interest ... Japanese beetles can be serious on this plant. Unfortunately these fruits contain seeds and the plant self-seeds aggressively making it weedy. Brian, I do not have a problem, but I do want to praise your employees. It did not resprout. The kudzu of the north. Phewww! So please think twice before planting something th... read moreat many people in your area consider an invasive. There are plenty other beautiful NATIVE vines anyways. Krimson Queen Variegated Hoya, Porcelain Flower, Wax Flower Hoya carnosa 'Tricolor' The large rounded to elongated foliage emerges pink to magenta and the mature pinkish-purple vines are adorned with thick waxy foliage that is narrowly to broadly edged in creamy white. send out rhizomes or stolons because our alkaline soil is as hard as concrete. $75.00 each, RUBY FROST TICKSEED Green variegated porcelain vine. It has choked out trees, bushes on my property and is poking through the screens on my house. Luckily they were obliging. Well, if you're planting it in a bucket or between a parking lot and a sidewalk, it may not cause trouble for YOU. Short of fire, how do I do this? Ampelopsis Brevipedunculata is a deciduous climber and grow up to a height of up to 25 feet in just around 5 years time.The leaves are vine shaped green in color and very hairy. It's only after it's spread to the surrounding properties that you may observe it becoming a serious weed on yours. No need to attach this vine it is self-clinging and quickly climbing to 20'. Variegated vinca goes by many names. Deciduous showing off its beautiful magenta stems and definitely elegant. Porcelain vine is a woody vine that produces berries in beautiful shades of purple and bright blue. On Nov 19, 2010, sheshrew from Raleigh, NC wrote: Porcelain berry is a weed of natural areas throughout the eastern US except the deep South. Porcelain Berry climbs via tendrils to a height of 4-6m. it took 3 years for the vine to produce berries.. maybe its my soil.... On Dec 22, 2006, FarmerFoxxe from Oxon Hill, MD wrote: This plant rates right up there with kudzu, mile-a-minute and english ivy for annoying invasives. 5 gallon Potted It escapes into wild areas and CHOKES OUT NATIVE FLORA. I was thinking about asking permission to try and root a couple of cuttings and seeing the picture reminded me. Ornamental Features. They've never been bitten. Noteworthy Characteristics. I've had this for 4 years. Please dont plant this vine. DO ... read moreNOT BUY THIS PLANT. I have it in an area of my yard that is fairly confined, so maybe it will stay under control. $37.00 each, SCARLET BRANDYWINE CRABAPPLE It's minor ornamental value is not worth battling its evil nature. I pulled seedlings the entire season last year and will have to be vigilant this year as well. On Jun 6, 2006, Gabrielle from (Zone 5a) wrote: I may end up regretting having planted this and change my rating later, but right now the foliage is absolutely beautiful. It doesn't seem to be so much of a problem there. It had no effect. Please, please don't plant this vine. Now it's a tower of tea-stain lacy leaves. On the plus side, the leaves of the vine are quite attractive, as are the clusters of metallic blue berries when they mature. Prune the vine any time of year to control the growth. Root Pouch 2 gallon I think some of the plants that go crazy & take over in southern gardens don't have the chance to do that up here with our hard winters. On Apr 20, 2005, CatskillKarma from West Kill, NY wrote: I planted this in morning sun two years ago. I've always admired these, and just bought one today- it was on sale and hard to resist and now that I'm checking your comments I'm getting worried! Variegated Porcelain berry vine. lace, and going into the neighbors yard, and going into wild areas. On Jul 21, 2006, aturner4u from Marietta, GA wrote: We moved into our house 3 1/2 years ago. So maybe it should not be planted in SE Nebraska. I think porcelain berries look lovely, but we've lost so many trees in our property and area to various ferocious vines, and when we try to eradicate them, this is one of the culprits. It came up fine, with only a few shoots or seedlings the following year that were also easily removed. Fortunately, the park's Ossabaw Hogs love them and will eat root, vine, leaf & berry. Just a nice "English Garden" feel to the entrance of my yard. The berries sprout plentifully wherever they fall and find water, and the plant vines up into existing shrubbery and trees, in many cases engulfing and killing them. Porcelain Vine. No major pest problems. This plant is a deciduous, woody, climbing vine with few tendrils, that reaches heights of more than 20 ft. (6.1 m). Alex is a great employee. i love the variegated foilage and the beautiful berries. Enjoy a vine with pretty variegated foliage and abundant production of bland but edible pea size berries in a rainbow of colors. My neighbors are on the lookout too. Too high up in elevation I guess. Ampelopsis glandulosa var. Shop a huge online selection at It's that bad and that fast growing. It grows rapidly and is ideal to cover a fence, arbor or other vertical space that needs filling. Plenty of berries, but no seedlings in my hard clay. Perhaps for some of these people where anything's hard to grow, (i.e. Its irresponsible to plant it, even if you can control it, as you can't One vine, which was in a 4" container, and its progeny, are now engulfing a good 30' of shrubs on one side of... read more the yard, and berries are causing seedlings to spring up plentifully throughout the yard. I loved watching the berries change from deep purple to aqua. Maybe if it was placed on our cement porch- to prevent too many seedlings from taking root- I could train it over the porch for shade. Short of fire, how do I do this? I do want to report that Ampelopsis does thrive in SE Nebraska (683xx area code. Since that time we have been battling it. 'Elegans' has variegated foliage and is less vigorous in its growth. - Thomas B. Maccaulay”. It does attract bees so be mindful if grown in high traffic areas of the garden. It might be safe to grow in the cooler or more arid states, but I wouldn't let this get a foothold in the windrows of the Midwest, and I know what it's doing to Virginia & Maryland. ay from the main trunk(s)! On Jun 2, 2004, OhioBreezy from Dundee, OH (Zone 5b) wrote: I am in zone 5-6 OH, it grows nicely here and is not totally invasive here. I had to ask permission of my neighbors to enter their property so that I could remove it there as well. This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions: On Jun 30, 2020, BensonGardens from Saint Paul, MN wrote: I planted this in my garden about 15 years ago. It's quite dry in that spot too. On Nov 4, 2008, Photodan from Ferndale, CA wrote: We discovered this plant on a trip to Salem, Oregon. Think about why it is considered invasive and how it spreads. On Feb 5, 2016, coriaceous from ROSLINDALE, MA wrote: It is illegal to buy, sell, transport, or plant this woody climber here in Massachusetts, because of the destruction it does in wild areas. It's a variegated form of Vinca major, also known as greater periwinkle.It's also known as bigleaf periwinkle (Vinca major ‘Variegata'), and the "variegated" part of its name means that the leaves of the plant exhibit markings of different colors.When planted outdoors, it's an aggressive spreader, but when tended inside, it makes a lovely and easy-to … This plant flowers on new growth. It is a gorgeous plant. Common Name: Variegated Porcelain Vine. Regardless of your zone do not even take the chance. I don't want to spray because of bird poisoning problems. I waited one month. It is utterly horrifying to myself (a botantist and horticulturalist) Sure it might not seem so bad on your trellis but keep in mind that the birds will eat the berries and drop them to another spot which exponentially increases their numbers. An interesting vine with most unusual fruit in colors ranging from pink to purple to amethyst; berries must be seen close-up to be appreciated; variegated dissected foliage adds a real touch of elegance to this improvement on the species. Good Luck! The vine roots deeply and strongly, and is difficult to dig out and eradicate. $37.00 each, DOUBLE PINK KNOCK OUT® ROSE This is my second Christmas with my poinsettia, which ... read more, They look to prefer evergreens. It has practically eliminated the native wild grapes that used to grow here. $130.00 each, BLOOM-A-THON® LAVENDER REBLOOMING AZALEA At first, I loved the fancy leaves, as I am a leaf-lover with hostas and coleus tops on my garden list. Noteworthy Characteristics: Porcelain vine is a vigorous, woody, deciduous, tendril-climbing vine which is somewhat similar in habit to wild grape vines. I need some type of vine for a trellis in the front of our house under a …

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