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what is a phd in computer science like

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Discuss your ideas and goals, and get some advice. Our computer science program is distinguished by the excellence of the faculty, by a long tradition of pioneering research, and by the breadth of its Ph.D. program. Ph.D. in Computer Science . Applying to our PhD We’re thrilled that you are interested in our PhD program in Computer Science! What is life like for PhDs in computer science who go into industry? I have a PhD, and have worked in industry for last few years, so I am going to take a stab at answering. Our program accepts a large number of applicants each year from a diverse […] Doctoral Program. The Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) in Computer and Information Science (CIS) welcomes candidates in disciplines related to computer science, information processing, and computing. Our curriculum is designed to develop the intellectual skills essential for the rapidly changing character of research and to meet the demands of academe and industry. Basically, I no longer have access to any entry level "recent grad" roles because I graduated over a year ago. But, I don't have really the experience needed for other roles. Talk to some grad students here and elsewhere. Other times, you may want to attend a school with a variety of computer science choices. Well, now applying for jobs, it feels like the worst of both worlds. In my experience there is a pattern. Applications to the traditional MS/PhD program are accepted from students with undergraduate majors in many different fields, including computer science, mathematics, engineering, psychology, linguistics, economics, physics, philosophy and business. Depending on your situation, you may already know exactly what you’d like to focus or specialize in for your graduate program. The PhD in Computer Science program provides students with the advanced coursework and groundbreaking research opportunities they need to contribute at the forefront of the world’s fastest-growing fields. Find out what it's like. The Doctoral Program is designed to prepare students for a career in Computer Science Research. There are other things - computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer information science, and even some very unusual special things at some places. Please email with any questions not answered here. How to Be a Successful PhD Student (in Computer Science (in NLP/ML)) Mark Dredze (Johns Hopkins University) Hanna M. Wallach (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Version 1.0, March 20, 2012 Being a graduate student can be extremely rewarding and a lot of fun, but it’s also hard work. Likewise, you may have decided whether you want to get a master degree or a PHD, which could affect your choice of colleges. This page provides an overview of the application process, some guidelines and answers to specific questions. This is one of the most common questions I get during recruiting events. First of all, I want to administer a dose of reality to the OP. A PhD position in Computer Science is available at the affiliated with the Health Data Lab (HDL) research group. The top US schools that provide funding (TAships or RAships) will provide you with the amount of money necessary for rent, food, and approximately nothing else. The Cornell Ph.D. program in computer science is consistently ranked among the top six departments in the country, with world-class research covering all of computer science. Doctor of Philosophy study in computer science (PCSC) at Louisiana State University − Baton Rouge offers talented students the opportunity to prepare for Research careers in universities or industrial laboratories. Minimally, the student should have some programming knowledge and experience. Talk to professors.

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