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babolat pure drive 2012

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Each previous update has improved the feel and response of the racquet, first with the addition of Woofer Grommets, then Cortex, and in the previous version, Graphite Tungsten. BABOLAT. I did notice that I struggled with maneuverability, and I had to take a little extra time to set up for my volleys. Babolat CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY. Keeping volleys deep in the court was easy as well, especially with the large sweetspot that these Babolat frames are known for. This 2012 version gets improved feel from the updated Cortex system. I didn't have to do much to get good pace on either side, and as a counterpuncher I felt like the racquet responded well to my opponent's pace. Quantity: Add to Cart. The thicker beam didn't really hinder my slice shots, and when it was strung with a poly I felt like I could generate some dirty slice. I did feel that I had the freedom to take aggressive swings on my returns thanks to this racquet's ability to grab the ball and bring it back into the court near the baseline. cm. My backhand shot is flatter, and I didn't notice the spin as much from that wing. I had more success slowing my swing down and directing my shots, while letting the racquet do some of the work for me. received a copy of the 2012 Babolat Pure Drive with the new Cortex Active Technology and we took the frame out for a hitting lesson with … ", Brittany - "I felt the racquet was a little stiff. ", One of Brittany's strengths is her return game. Currently using a Boris Becker Delta Core London. The versatility of this frame on serves made service games a breeze. ", The power also aided Jason's game. Mar 20, 2012 #1 I used the PDRGT+ (2009 edition) for about a year and a half. I made a minor adjustment to my strokes at the beginning of the playtest by adding more spin to my shots to make sure the ball stayed in the court. Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 125 Tennis String. Babolat Pure Drive Plus in 43/8 . $145.00. Plays NTRP 4.5 singles and some doubles. Head size. Sean didn't hesitate to come to net. Argentina Brazil United States Uruguay Canada Europe. 2012 Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet specs: Head Size: 100 sq. It suited my game style as well. Babolat Pure Drive GT 2012. in. Again, that very solid, crisp response was felt up at net. Babolat CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY. He offered, "After working to improve my net game recently, I felt more comfortable making my way to the net with this racquet. 6 watching. In fact, so much power that I had to remember to hit with spin, otherwise my ball would sail long. The Pure Drive has always impressed on serves, and this version was no different. That gives the racquet more control. - Live Scores, Tennis News, Player Ranking, and Complete Tournament Data. This racquet gives you the option of slice serves out wide, kick serves and power when you need an easy point. Discover what’s new from Babolat tennis: racquets, strings, bags, shoes, apparel, and more! Currently playing with the Tecnifibre Rebound Pro. Babolat has added a larger sweet spot, allowing for maximum power for all pla ... Read more. $14.90 shipping. He said, "Just as I had hoped, this frame performed well from the baseline. Check out the latest innovations and find the right equipment to play your best and enjoy the game. Ending Saturday at 2:44PM PDT 3d 5h *NEW* 2020 BABOLAT BOOST A TENNIS RACQUET (CHOOSE GRIP) STRUNG. Babolat 2018 Pure Drive 110 Tennis Racquet 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. or Best Offer. I found it to be slightly more stable than previous models, and it sported more than enough power to put volleys away when given the chance. All content copyright 2012 Tennis Warehouse. / 645.16 sq. Women’s Tennis Racquet : 9/10: By Brittany Rowland. My favorite aspect was the amazing amount of spin I was able to produce from both wings. Even though it lacked some weight, I could definitely cause some damage with a well timed return. / 645.16 sq. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. The Cortex Active Technology, Babolat says, better filters vibrations to enhance ball feel. 4 pts Head Light. On my forehand, because I was able to hit a heavy ball with pace, I was able to hit winners with more ease. Easy generation of racquet head speed in combination with this frame's power makes both first and second serves effective. Stiffness. Property Pure Drive 2015 Blade 98 (16x19) (2015) Difference % Headsize (in 2) (cm 2): 100 645: 98 632-2.0: Length (in) (cm) 27.00 68.6: 27.00 68.6: 0.0: Weight (oz) (gm) 11.36 The one shot I struggled with, and I don't know why, was going down the T on the ad side. TEAM BABOLAT PRO PLAYERS MAY PLAY WITH A CUSTOMIZED OR DIFFERENT MODEL THAN THE EQUIPMENT DEPICTED. I didn't notice any stability issues either, so I was confident when I was returning. - With still a full and adapted range : from RH12 to backpack, from expert players to juniors. Against the Andy Roddicks on our team, I was able to block serves back with nice depth. She currently plays with the Yonex V-Core 100S. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. Once set up, I found my touch and feel were right where I wanted them to be. cm. 2012 Babolat Pure Drive. But after that, I felt very comfortable hitting returns on both the deuce and ad side. In addition, I could place my serve anywhere I wanted without any difficulty. Overall, the Pure Drive remains a racquet that can fit a huge variety of levels and styles simply by changing the string set-up. ", With the power and spin this racquet could provide, our testers went on the offensive early. Lotto Mirage 300 II SPD Women’s Tennis Shoe Review, Wilson Clash & Blade Roland Garros Inspired Racquets, Victory Acelon Wildfire 16 (multi) review, WTA Future Stars Tournament Use Wilson Triniti Ball. said Jason. Condition: Used. facebook timeline Facebook. Pure Drive 2012. - Huge visibility : Pure Bags used by Babolat top ranked players. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Babolat Babol Color Stencil Ink. Power, spin and maneuverability have been present in every version of the Pure Drive. Benefits with the Pure Drive include a unique feel and sound at ball impact. FULL COVER. ", It was all about how Tiffani came to the net. ", (Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores). New Pure Drive Buy Now. ", Tiffani - "The racquet has a firm feel. Site Map. Tiffani felt comfortable hitting her serves. Singled handed backhand with a wicked affection for cured meats and Asado. Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company Babolat Pure Strike, 16x19, V3, 4 1/4. However, I could generate moderate spin and better than usual pace. The Babolat Pure Drive 110 was included in tennishead's 2017 racket reviews for players in the improver category and it doesn't disappoint. I was able to hit my spots for the most part. Jet Mach II Buy Now. He offered, "I thought that I would struggle because the swingweight feels higher than I typically like, but I was surprised with my results. … - In-Store room efficiency : range optimization focused on most sold models. Length: 27in / 68.58cm Strung Weight: 11.1oz / 314.68g Balance: 4 pts HL Swingweight: 308 Stiffness: 72 String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses "Immediately, I found tons of power with this racquet on my groundstrokes. Tiffani: 4.0 level baseliner with a semiwestern grip on the forehand and hits a two-handed backhand. 100 sq. "Immediately, I found tons of power with this racquet on my groundstrokes. She said, "Though I didn't excel at the net with the Pure Drive, I could volley well enough to feel comfortable approaching the net, especially because the Pure Drive helped me hit attacking approach shots. cm. He said, "Like the previous models, this one provides plenty of power and spin. She offered, "The most noticeable attribute of the Pure Drive off the ground was easy power. The Pitch: The Babolat Pure Drive, now in its seventh generation, has been updated with Cortex Active Technology. Although this racquet does well to provide pop on serves, I was more impressed with the spin and my ability to use that to my advantage. I'm not a strong volleyer, so I appreciated the power the racquet provided on volleys.". feedback. Babolat Bumper/Grommet Set - Pure Drive 2012 $20.00 or make 4 interest-free payments of $5.00 AUD fortnightly with More info Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Buy Now. Americas. "The combination of power and spin is exactly what I look for in a racquet. 27 bids. I found that as long as I had time to set up I was able to easily execute overheads. I love to hit big flat first serves and kick my second serve, and this racquet did both flawlessly. Babolat. She offered, "I hit a lot of solid returns with this racquet. The Babolat Pure Drive GT 2012 consists of hybrid materials, this is a combination of graphite and thungsten spread throughout the racket. But I shouldn't be doing that anyway. It was those times when I wanted to take a swing at a big first serve that I found the racquet to be more sluggish than my own stick. - A 4th "cross" design : to widen targets and suit everyone. Babolat Pure Strike Buy Now. This racquet still retains much of its crispness, offering a powerful, yet precise, feel at net. or Best Offer. The Babolat Pure Drive GT tennis racket is suitable for the tennis player who is looking for an all-round racket / control. ", Tiffani found the Pure Drive fit her game well. She said, "I really enjoyed the easy power on returns. Back in stock on 11/30/20. ", "Grip it and rip it!" in. $16.95 shipping. Then played with the Aero Pro Drive GT for a collective year scattered for a few months here and there. The Pure Drive has a reputation of providing plenty of power off the ground, and our testing team found that this 2012 version stayed true to the racquet's heritage. Summary. I found that I was able to keep my groundstrokes deep in the court, which helped keep opponents from being aggressive. or Best Offer. ", Jason - "I could feel the tenderness in my arm after a hitting session with this racquet. When returning balls coming in with a good amount of pace, the racquet could fire it back with ease. New Babolat Pure Drive GT Cortex Aeropro, Grip 2 (4 1/4) C $188.07. Sean said, "Again I would have liked more heft from this racquet to deal with big servers and add some stability to my returns. There was a little bit more of a dampened feel compared to the previous model, but otherwise it had very similar specs and feel.

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