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freshwater fish that go well together

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About     What are the best choices for starting a fish tank? Also, not all plants can be put in a goldfish aquarium, the safest choices would be Hornwort, Java Moss, and Java Fern. There are dozens of species that can live peacefully together, including tetras and rasboras, livebearers, loaches and some species of catfish. Although they aren’t easy to care for actually unless you have a full idea of their needs. 3-5 guppies 3-5 sailfin mollies 3-5 platies 4 blind cave tetras 2-3 brisltenose catfish 3 clown loaches 2 dwarf gouramis i know all about the nitrogen cycle and having more female livebearers than male etc. Fish that live well together will have similar requirements and preferences, which will make keeping your tank healthy much easier. The Rainbowfish is a popular breed, both among beginner and experienced fish keeping enthusiasts. Freshwater Fish These are the fish known as  Bala Shark , Red Tail Shark , Chinese High Fin Banded Shark, The Flying Fox and his confusing twin the Siamese Algae Eater. The only complex thing with having such a small tank is that if you don’t understand the feeding habit and how they adapt to their environment, you are definitely going to hurt these pretty creatures, especially when you have fish that shouldn’t be in the tank in the first place. Take a look at the below saltwater aquarium fish compatibility chart to check if your fish are compatible together in the same aquarium. Because they produce a lot of waste, pay close attention to their water quality. Fish for Sale. If you are going to have a pleco in a huge tank, you may as well have other large freshwater fish to take advantage of that tank as well. Nevertheless, they have Cichlids and can be aggressive toward one another, especially when trying to pair off or spawn. i have bought a 4 foot fish tank which will end up being a planted tropical freshwater tank. A peaceful freshwater fish, originating from South America (The Amazon River in Brazil) is the Tiger Pleco. Click here for more about warm water aquariums. These vivid colorful fish will swim together in a coordinated fashion, their elegant movement only … This wide-tailed beauty, however, is known for being a fighting and territorial fish, that will not get along with just anyone. A few of these fish will do well in a 15-gallon aquarium with warm water. You should have 20 gallons of water per goldfish. Because they spend most of their time at the bottom of the tank, they do well with sinking food such as pellets, but they also thrive on brine shrimp and blood worms. Go to your local pet store and check out the fish they carry. If you are wondering what to choose for your existing or future freshwater aquarium installation, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit our office in Los Angeles. Keeping a freshwater fish aquarium is one of the most rewarding experiences. A slightly larger tank of 25 to 30 gallons is recommended. When setting up your freshwater aquarium it is better to seek professional consultation. DryGoods, OVERNIGHT SHIPPING They will get along just fine with Barbs, Bettas, Danios, Minnows, Fancy Goldfish, Killifish, Hatchets, Gouramis, Rainbow fish, and Rasboras, as well as with each other. Fish That Live Well Together. Like the plecostomus, they are also tough on live plants and may eat their leaves. Keeping different types of Cichlids together will be beneficial for both the water and the plant life inside the aquarium.. You may want to use natural breaks and plants to separate the Cichlids and you should ensure that water flow in the aquarium is slow, to help the Cichlids adjust. Rubber Lip Pleco. Many species of freshwater tropical fish can work well together in the same tank. When it comes to planting a Cichlid aquarium, you must again proceed with caution, as not all freshwater aquarium plants can survive in the same water and conditions as these tropical species. Ordering What kinds of fish go well together in a small freshwater tank? This fish is very hardy and can stand a variety of water qualities. Freshwater snails; Mini livebearer fish; Note that some bettas will just be too aggressive in their nature and won’t really allow for any tank mates. Need Help choosing Your Freshwater Aquarium Fish? In this article, you will find my best freshwater fish for 10 Gallon tank. The best tank mates for danios are Rummy Nose Tetra, Rosy Barbs, Dojo Loach, and Bronze Cory. These are 6 possible populations for the specific freshwater aquarium fish we have listed above. FREE SHIPPING I have a 10 gal. They’re easy to care for, calm and peaceful yet active bottom dwellers. Popular choices often labeled as "community fish" or with "peaceful" attitudes include… Catfish; Corys; Danios; Gouramis; Guppies; Loaches; Mollies; Platies; Plecos; Raspboras; Swordtails; Tetras; Within these fish species, some breeds are better adapted to group living than … i just want to know what anyone with experience with these fish thinks. Goldfish are laid-back, easygoing and hardy; they can live up to 20 years.They should only be kept with other goldfish because of their unique diet and, unlike other tropical fish, do not need a heater. Most important thing is to do frequent water changes, particularly in a new tank. They are bottom feeders who eat spare food that has dropped to the tank’s bottom. Their popularity is largely due... Read more. Freshwater Fish Honey Gourami Care Guide. However, if you really have to maintain gouramis together with shrimp in your freshwater tank, then sparkling gouramis are your safest bet. ha ha Any suggestions are much appreciated! Mobile     A common choice for many Aquarium owners, the Angelfish can live in harmony with a number of other species and does not mind freshwater aquatic plants. Newsletter     Also known as Cory Cats, these fish are a staple in most freshwater tanks. It is easy to take care of Neon Tetra and often recommended as one of the first fish to beginner aquarists. Walmart. Beginner's Fish, Baby Fish You have probably seen how bettas are separated in the pet store away from other bettas and fish in general. Plecos prefer planted freshwater aquariums, but since they are omnivorous, you will have to choose more hardy plants. Invertebrates might be a good addition, since many species of shrimp and snails are mild-mannered and can benefit the tank by metabolizing waste. F.A.Q. They are small fish, that live well together with other community fish species. Rare Fish Thanks! What do we call “Freshwater Sharks” ? I'm getting some fresh water fish and I was wondering what breeds go well together I am going to get a 10-20 gallon tank or a 50-100 gallon tank and I'm going to get the fish out of pets at home and I am going to get some really class coral I've got all the information about caring for them out of pets at home and I want them to be really colorful and interesting to look at and watch. I would love to get a clown fish...yeah, my kids want Nemo! Try to pair fish together that can grow alongside one another to a similar size at maturity. The Honey Gourami (scientifically known as Trichogaster Chuna) is a species of small tropical fish that belongs to the popular Gourami family. The only fish you can safely put in the Cichlid aquarium is the Plecos, the janitor fish that will eat off the algae and not disturb the ever swimming Cichlids. The Oscar Fish is an incredibly popular tropical freshwater fish that hails from the Amazon basin of South America. About Our Fish Store Aquarium Info, Search Site Info Danios live well in a tank with around 10 gallons of water. I just got a 20-25 gal fish tank. tank and I want some fish that go well together and look good What fish do go well together and remember I … There are 4 popular types of Cichlids selected for freshwater aquariums including: Malawian, Tanganyikan, African and New World Cichlids. Native to South America, Neon Tetra belongs to the Characidae family. Serving the Southern California Area for 40+ Years. African cichlids are among the most colorful freshwater aquarium fish, and they’re about as close as you can get to the vibrant colors of saltwater fish without the expense and hassle of maintaining a marine setup. There are many different freshwater fish species that can do well in planted tanks but some of them are easier to keep than others. Green Neon Tetra is considered as the most popular fish amongst fishkeepers. We're an Aquarium and Pond Design and Construction Company based in Los Angeles, California. Fish ! Because of their small size, you should avoid putting bigger fish in the same tank as them (Bettas for instance). The Goldfish can coexist in the habitat together with only other Fancy Goldfish, Plecos, Suckermouth Catfish or in the Pond with a Koi. Rasboras are best kept in schools with at least 6 or more of the same species. They will go well together with other peaceful fish, but also, they are very durable fish. Sparkling gouramis are small in size and less aggressive than most of the other fish in their family. Which Freshwater Aquarium Fish Can Live Together? The Angelfish, Cichlids, Freshwater Sharks, Betta Fish, Fancy Goldfish, Plecos & Catfish are common choices for an aquarium due to their color, patterns, behavior, and shape. Newsletter The Plecostomus is often even put in Koi Fish Ponds to help with their maintenance. A nice fish for beginners, the following Plecos & Catfish are peaceful fish that will not interact even with aggressive species. Delivery     11. Having a Cichlid aquarium is a bit more challenging, as not all Cichlid species can live together, and not all freshwater fish can live in the same water condition as Cichlids. A long tank is preferred, as these fish are quite active. I am looking into getting a small freshwater tank for my bedroom and I am not sure if the fish I want will all get along. However, putting them in the same fish tank will not always bring about the best results. We are starting with the freshwater Angelfish, as it is without a doubt a very friendly aquatic creature. Fish That Live Well Together. The Plecostomus, or Plecos, and Catfish are a very hardy fish family. Our love and affinity to the aquatic life are helping us bring Nature to your home.  Apps     WYSIWYG A medium size fish or a schooling fish can sometimes withstand the pressures from larger fish. I will be having a freshwater tank. Temperatures should be kept around 75 to 79 degrees while the water’s pH needs to stay between 6.5 to 7.0. This small size freshwater fish is known for its dazzling colors and energetic behavior. Shipping     Angelfish, for example, are known to stalk and kill smaller fish in their tanks. Have you been wondering which freshwater aquarium fish you can put together in the same tank? Search    Many of the listed fish will even help with keeping your fish tank clean of algae and add vivid colors to the palette of your freshwater aquarium. Betta are very pretty, but they are also very teritorial and don't usually get along well with other fish except for female betta. Adding different Cichlids to your tank will brighten it up and keep the fish happy. The weather loach can typically live to about 10 years, maybe even more. Our Blog One of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish – the Fancy and Common Goldfish are not adaptable into living with other aquatic species. Popular choices often labeled as "community fish" or with "peaceful" attitudes include… Catfish; Corys; Danios; Gouramis; Guppies; Loaches; Mollies; Platies; Plecos; Raspboras; Swordtails; Tetras; Within these fish species, some breeds are better adapted to group living than … Stock SLOWLY, adding only 4 or 5 fish at once. Angelfish will live easily together with Cory Cats, Rosy Red Minnows, Gouramis, Guppies, Hatchets, Loaches, Killifish, Mollies, Platies, Plecos, Rainbow fish, Rasboras, Swordtails, and Tetras. I would like a beta fish, maybe some tetras or guppies, or maybe some black mollies. However, you can combine them with friendly fish like Barbs, Rosy Red Minnows, Loaches, Plecos, Rainbow fish, and Gouramis. Having more than one species at the same time will require your caution, as the cichlid is a fish with temperament and territorial behavior. The fish many beginners start with is the Betta. In the picture below you’ll see a betta peacefully coexisting with a small school of neon tetras in a 16-gallon fish tank: The beautifully designed aquarium in the above picture is the Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit, in case you were curious. The freshwater shark are truly intriguing and beautiful “miniatures” of “jaws” swimming in the ocean. Silver dollars grow to about six inches across and should be kept in schools of six or more. Goldfish. Many species of freshwater tropical fish can work well together in the same tank. 6. The Plecos, Suckermouth catfish, and Cory Cats, love being in the freshwater aquarium community. Planting an aquarium with a Betta in it should also not be an issue. The Plecos, Suckermouth catfish, and Cory Cats, love being in the freshwater aquarium community. The fish you can have, together with your single Betta are: Cory Cats, Rosy Red Minnows, Guppies, Hatchets, Mollies, Plecos, Platies, Loaches, Rasboras, Suckermouth Catfish, Tetras, and Swordtails. Never the less there are fish that will survive in the same aquarium with a Betta. My Favorites The common Pleco will live with Cichlids in harmony, as well as with Angelfish, Barbs, Bettas, Danios, Minnows, Fancy Goldfish, Killifish, Hatchets, Gouramis, Rainbow fish, Guppies, Loaches, Mollies, Platies, and Rasboras.

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