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how to build a bbq island with cinder block

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And, you can customize these plans by adding whatever you want such as a gas grill, a rinsing sink and even a mini fridge. Best BBQ Pitmaster on the Block. This project only takes a couple of days – including drying time for the concrete. All supplies needed, including the cinder blocks, can be found at building supply stores. Tracks, dimension, and building techniques for the best grill structure. The island's frame is made out of pressure-treated 2x4s and 3/4-inch plywood - an inexpensive and durable construction that's easier to work with than concrete block. Ok so the span is roughly 24" - 16" (2 cinder block depths) = 8". Lower tracks are larger than the main steel studs and can hold a lot of weight, so they are perfect for forming the foundation of our island, and help to create a firm base on which to build the remainder of it. With few skills and tools this is something anyone can do! This one is pretty quick and easy to build and if you don’t have a deck to build it on, you can build a small patio section pretty easily. Note that Hite uses sheets of cardboard for his lids as seen in the photo above, but I strongly advise against this. SIDES: 54 concrete blocks 16\" x 8\" x 8\" (actually 15.75 x 7.75 x 7.75\"). I love this outdoor kitchen! Would you just build the wood frame out a littlebit to make the overhang? CONCRETE BLOCK BARBEQUE For an attractive and economical backyard barbeque that is quick and easy to build, yet as sturdy as they come, consider the following one made with concrete blocks and QUIKWALL® Surface Bonding Cement. Step-by-step Guide to Building a Barbecue Pit | HowStuffWorks Our step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know to get your outdoor metal frame planned, prepared, and set up. By covering the exterior surface of the island with stone and slate, it will be weatherproof and eye-catching. What could possibly be better than making your own pizza…outside? Getting the lower tracks right will determine the success (or failure!) Are you planning to build your very own backyard DIY BBQ island? You can build the perfect outdoor kitchen cabinets to surround your grill with some leftover wooden posts and a few old bricks or stones. It can be covered in stone when it’s finished, which gives it a wonderful appearance or you could cover it in brick or another material. Be careful with the positioning. You will need to carefully plan both to ensure that you get the right amount of each. Building an Outdoor Bar with Concrete Block and QUIKWALL HOW-TO VIDEOS An outdoor bar is a great focal point of any backyard patio, and can quickly be customized to fit your aesthetics and entertaining style, with a built-in refrigerator, BBQ grill, shelves and even a sink. DIY Poured Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Countertops, 9. This one is actually pretty simple to build and the pizza oven fits in perfectly with the rest of your outdoor cooking essentials. If you’re looking to buy any of these, I’d recommend a laser level. This will help prevent any damage to the cables from the sharp edges of the holes, particularly if the cables will be rubbing against the edges. For the longer sides of your island, allow your the tracks to overlap by about 6 inches. To add more structure and stability to our island, we need to fix in an additional stud inside the frame. They tend to be easier to use, and much more efficient. Be sure to do it carefully bit by bit, always checking that your island is level using a spirit or laser level. I decided on a Vermont BBQ after reading about it on Amazon and checking the quality of the equipment at my local Home Depot. 3. The Stone Island via This Old House Use cast-concrete blocks and a stone countertop to create your own outdoor kitchen. Step 6 – Mount Barbecue Grates Stack three concrete blocks high on each side of the pit on top of which you can securely mount the barbecue grates, with the ease of removing them regularly to clean them. It has a gorgeous pergola overhead and although it may take you a week or so to build it, it’s not at all a difficult project. Create the perfect patio grill station with these island ideas. Each has its fans and each has some pros and cons to keep in mind as you embark on your kitchen construction project. So, I did what I always do and started looking for some great DIY ideas for my outdoor kitchen. You can build your own outdoor kitchen in just 10 steps! Insert your first stud into the track by first aligning it so that the shape of the hole in its face is pointing downwards. 2 /13. The smaller cinder block area is the FIRE BOX, its where you put your wood/coal. Therefore, adding a fire pit to your garden will be just perfect because then you can do so many fun and enjoyable things with people you love, be it families, friends, or neighbours. And, the steps are all pretty simple. If you don’t really have the space or the need for a full fledged outdoor kitchen, this little DIY portable outdoor kitchen is perfect. Using your tape measure, measure exactly halfway horizontally along the frame and mark it. We do this with our shorter studs. If there is a difference then you will need to readjust how the studs are set against the top track. There is even a great little portable outdoor kitchen that you can build in a couple of hours! You can build it in a weekend and it’s pretty simple. This should ensure that your island stays stable. This one just has cabinets that surround your grill and you can easily build it in a weekend or less. Fix your tracks to the composite boards by drilling it in each corner of the tracks. There is also a hole between the firebox and the main cooking area which is the larger cinder block area with the grates ontop. Thanks for Watching DIY Concrete And Corrugated Steel Outdoor Kitchen, 7. Turn the stud 90 degrees so that the stud slots into the track, with the face of the stud facing outwards and the flanges facing inwards. Using my cinder block numbers, I was able to estimate my expenses almost exactly. 1. Using your plan as a guide, you will need to use composite board to lay out the shape of your island. Cost about $10. Building a grill is something many people shy away from because it seems like a complex task, not to mention time-consuming. Whether you have a deck that you want to turn into the ultimate grilling area or you are starting completely from scratch, you will find the perfect outdoor kitchen for your summer grilling needs. I dug the footer by hand, and mixed my own footer cement. They are fun to build and cook on. Add some bricks or stones to dress them up a bit. If all you really need is a small outdoor kitchen, this little grilling island is for you. It has so many cabinets! With the The best approach here is to go section by section, so focus on one end of your structure for you to begin installing the studs. Once you have your outdoor kitchen built, be sure to take a look at these 40 delicious grilling recipes that are sure to make you the most popular hostess on the block. If you have ever wanted your own pizza oven, this is definitely the outdoor kitchen plan for you. It rests on a gently sloped concrete slab to help prevent water from pooling around the bottom, but any structurally sound existing patio would work as a base. Creativity is key when you design a patio area and this one can actually work to your own advantage. And, be sure to add some of these 35 DIY backyard games to make your summer even more fun this year. This outdoor kitchen can be built right into your deck and it has everything that you need to entertain outdoors. A lot of hardware stores and suppliers offer comprehensive dimension guides for all their products, which will let you know the exact dimensions you will need. You can even add a lovely tempered glass inlay to your concrete countertops on this one. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. A cinder block barbecue island could be the centerpiece of a backyard patio and will provide a sturdy charcoal and preparation surface. No mortar is … This DIY outdoor kitchen has stainless steel and tile and it couldn’t be easier to build. Once you have the countertops completed, you just add your grill and other outdoor kitchen appliances. This one takes a bit more time but you have so much more space in it than a traditional outdoor kitchen. 2. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds though. Cinder Block Fire Pit – A Fire pit might not be the main essential when it comes to a home for living. You can of course, pick and choose what you include and the type of finish that you want – stainless steel, etc. Screw the stud into place, locking it to form a corner with your track. Gridiron--A grid-like piece of iron typically found on barbecue grills. 15 Amazing DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans You Can Build On A Budget, 4. It is very versatile and you can find it pretty cheap if you shop in the clearance section of your local home improvement store. A lot of tools for this project will be similar to any other: For example, levels, hammer drill, screwdriver. Then you just have to redo those and make them fit into your outdoor cooking space. Get That Outdoor Kitchen in Order! Several years ago, my son-in-law, Thomas Larriviere and I built this cinder-block pit in my backyard so that we could host the whole-hog cooking demonstrations for the Texas Barbecue class and Barbecue Summer Camp. You can use its online store to get a good picture of cost based on the block … Learn how your comment data is processed.

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