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how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger

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Any help?? Not impressed. Messenger won’t let me receive pictures or video from my Grand-daughter and can’t video chat which makes the two Portals we bought less than a year ago USELESS. Facebook Messenger is the newest addition to smartphones. Have you tried sending 2 photos at once? Messenger is all of a sudden not working on my MacBook since it updated, it opens to a white box and that’s it, Video calls are on horizontal even the auto rotate is off. I am sick of this. I don’t know how this is affecting so many people and nothing has been done about it. The app user also has an option to disable this feature in the device. There are several reasons that may cause such unfortunate situation from sender or recipient’s end. Are there any bugs on the app? cannot receive messages, (with messenger app) sent to me via facebook or facebook mobile, yet my messages sent show up, but no replies, very annoying, have unstalled and reinstqlled mail,mess,people app, also disconnected facebook then reconnected, still no … All their friends are missing and search doesn’t work. Now, did you fix it? How to fix this person is unavailable on messenger? The app appears to be marked as “currently unavailable” without any precaution or explanation given by Facebook. It’s all I want for Christmas! Facebook Messenger is down! I bet this was done on purpose to show us SHEEP they have the power. Please check Spam folder too. It enables more streamlined process of money transfer. First, we will discuss the common methods and then, we move forward towards methods to fix messenger video call not working issue. It’s really fricken annoying… sometimes it doesn’t show people active when they are… I know because it happened with a friend that I was literally right next to. Yet was this morning. If you were warned about sending too many messages or sending them too quickly, you'll need to stop sending so many messages or you may be unable to send messages on Messenger. Because I only experience this bug few days ago and I don’t know what to do. I have tried everything and nothing works. Ive unistalled and re installed ..still happened It’s my 3rd day that the messenger is not working right. Also tried a phone call through messenger with her and that worked too but If anyone sends me a message now since I can’t reply as it will not go through. It show me there is a message but know way to access it unless I go into Marketplace find the item again and check on conversation. If I open a second bubble it all falls apart. That gives me hope – thank you! Started after the iOS 14.2 update. The methods explained above explain how to check further––just realize that none are foolproof and may mean something other than being blocked. I am able to send text based messages successfully but not picture. I’m unable to see the last active status of anyone anymore. Messages sending ok though.. Can anyone help please?? Mine has been like it for nearly a week now did a update last night but nothing. Was it a glitch? I am recently having issues with appearing “unavailable on Messenger” to some friends but not all. Hope this helps a bit and that something will fix it. I’ve tried deleting the app and adding it again , doing the update on my phone , and rebooting phone but none of those things helped to have it work. You can use Messenger's send and received features to determine if someone has blocked you. Facebook has just launched Messenger … It often causes the messages failing to load in user’s device. User can also turn off then turn on their internet connection. This is one of the most important questions, whenever some of your favorite … Same. I sometimes can delete one. Your network settings need to be reset. For the last 2-3 weeks messenger has been on and off showing my cousin online and active now but my messages to her sit as just sent not delivered and then she’ll show as offline with a last active status for anything from 2 minutes to hours. Facebook. It started when I updated to iOS 14.2. I want my money back! If I delete the FMessenger app and reinstall it, the attachment shows. Sinead, is yours still working? Confirm the action by clicking on Reset Network Setting. Has anybody had their last active fixed since they reported the problem. I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work, it just would not turn off. You can send messages, photos, videos to the people on your contact using Facebook Messenger. Clearing a phone’s network settings is another way to fix this type of problem. Is this part of the latest update? I click it, it pops up, and then immediately closes. It is necessary to contact bank or PayPal when such issue occurs. Nope- mine has been like it for 2 weeks!!!! Has anybody else found a fix for that? First, we will discuss the common methods and then, we move forward towards methods to fix messenger video call not working issue. I really hope they make an update fixing it! If resetting the network setup does not solve access issue, user should try cleaning device from unnecessary files and caches to free up some storage space. For example, a message that reads: “This person isn’t available right now” could signal you've been blocked on Messenger (or maybe completely blocked on Facebook). If it is, simply press on it and hit the Update button. Personally I wasn’t going to try that so definitely not advising was just something I saw on googling as a last resort. Sign Up. Username * E-Mail * Password * I’ve tried uninstall and reinstalling it but it won’t open. Sometimes my friends show they haven’t been active for hours yet I just finished chatting with them on messenger. Alternatively, if Facebook Messenger keeps crashing, try the mobile site. Messenger’s “active status” is still not functional, even after update. Mine is gone white for the last 2 days on IPhone but not on the Ippad, messenger opens up with just a blank white screen on messenges sent to me, adds and spam open right up. My Facebook app has been closing every 15 seconds. User who gets poor internet connection may experience it as well. Sign up and get rewards! Thanks for the update! 6. Manage the network connection on your phone. I used that feature all the time !! It happened a week ago to me and severely others not a lot you can do just keep reporting to messanger technical issue, I cannot even upgrade to the latest iOS 14.2 I believe because my download and install is grayed out. Well, that means to spend more time reading books rather than following other people’s lives. To fix virus damage, scan your machine with PC repair tool Reimage Intego Although Messenger virus has been doing the rounds of Facebook for years, it seems that it's on the rise again. Leave your feedback if the application is down today, or you have other issues. Features that are offered by this application are very varied. To ensure that such error will not happen, user can update their system to the latest version. Anyone else having this issue and/or know how to fix this? When is this going to be fixed. Even then, if user does not own an account or does not want to link their account, this app can still work. Messenger won’t let me send pictures from my phone and I don’t know whats happening…, Today April 25th,2020 I was able to send a message on messenger this morning and it went through then when I tried to send another it would not go through and the red exclamation mark comes up, and when clicking on message that didn’t go through it says couldn’t send. Doubtlessly, this is a helpful feature for users - they can send the messages more quickly and share some interesting or useful videos on iPhone or Android devices with others.. Same for me. If I only have 1 bubble open, everything works fine, no problems. Any solutions? Log in to Front in an incognito browser window to avoid any existing sessions. I hope the next upate they fix it. Do you think some people who has the same issue already fix it? Messenger began to crash on August 7th. Any suggestions? Active tab now shows everyone I have ever talked to on FB through buy and sell sites… absolutely everyone!!! . Every time I watch a video or leave a comment there is a huge lag time before I can hit the like tab or at times, even scroll. I mean come on now. it starts up and then just closes again. Method 1. However, some users find that this feature does not work for them. Is messenger aware of this problem anyway? FIX IT, Ughhhhh. I’ve been reporting and emailing them non-stop and it’s frustrating. One of the most common problems that users face when using this app is login failure. Don’t know if that makes any sense but I feel like something is different. I can see him sending messages to me, but he can’t see my messages I send. No more bubble in the top right corner . Not until I replied via phone did it show up on desktop. However, it can be global too. iOS is a smooth mobile OS, and for the most part, works flawlessly. Ive forced stopped app. I can’t see my mail etc messages from friends, please help, Cannot send/reply on messenger for the last 3 days. I can only view when they’re active. Suggestions? How do I get it back? Now I’m furious because it didn’t even fix the problem. The last 2 messenger updates haven’t fixed it either. I’m glad to see that this issue is your problem too :-). Today I received a re-hashed notification of a 2 year-old conversation that was already read by both parties. After opening the second bubble, that chat (in the second bubble) shows the chat from the first bubble and the first bubble doesn’t show any chats, it shows the screen behind the chat. Any suggestions, been doing this a few days now. My friends also show OFFLINE despite being active, on my screen. Happening for anyone else right now? I have sent messages to friends that they have received and replied to but my messenger says nothing has delivered or been replied to, much less read. Anyone else having problems today? First Name * Last Name * Display Name. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. This person is unavailable on Messenger meaning. How to Fix Facebook Messenger not Working on iPhone. I’m getting pissed. 21 days without it. Click the “Turn Off Chat” option to make yourself appear unavailable to all Facebook friends. This was on my phone app. Device that contains excessive junk items will also face the problem because there is no free space for the message to take up. It’s down right now Im Pissed. Because if this bug will never fix it will make me sad:(, I haven’t heard anything sadly. Please try again.” This happens when trying to open Messenger from FB by clicking on the messenger icon, upper right corner. Just so you know I’m a regular person having the same issue with the fb messenger active status bug. Windows, iOS, and Android users only need to follow typical steps of rebooting the device. Chat bubbles are a nightmare. The active status is not updating for some of my contacts but for others it seems fine.. for example someone is typing a message to me but it still says “active 4 hours ago” even though they are clearly active at the moment.. Looks like this is happening with Mac only. However, it isn’t … It is an instant messaging application developed by the mega social media. Last active not working since last weekend, my active status is turned on,this needs to be fixed as it seems a lot of people are having issues regarding this. All their friends are missing and search doesn’t work. we couldn’t see each other active status and last seen status. How to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2019 in sending or receiving messages? Why can I no longer see if someone is online or not, ie green dot not showing? After a while, user has to do similar action to reactivate the device. Messenger App Something's Broken Using Messenger in browser i regularly get a red textbox in the top left of the window saying that 'Messenger is currently unavailable'. LOL. It’s been happening ALL DAY!!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it works for a little while then bam! I hope this issue will fix soon, Same. Sign Up. Messenger, an instant messaging service owned by Facebook, launched in August 2011, replacing Facebook Chat. I am unable to see the active status when a friend is online or when they were last active on Facebook and/or FB Messenger? Messenger has limits in place to stop messages that people may not want to get, like spam. Can’t type a message because it closes too quickly. It’s upsetting me too, Let me know if it is fix for you and I’ll let you know too when already fix. While the developers explain they aim to update the Facebook Messenger app every couple of weeks, this then leads to a lot of debate around what bugs should get fixed with the next Android, iPhone, or other platforms update. Ive reported this so many times, im not sure what else to do. I recently read about someone asking for help on Quora, although I saw that they asked a few years ago. The payment feature is one of the most useful functions that user can find in this application. I often wonder if they are testing things with certain accounts. Although it shows he has received them. Several people have just reported that they are unable to download Facebook’s Messenger app from the Windows Store. What Facebook Messenger problems do you have on Thursday December 3, 2020? Only can delete for me. It is not my computer, I checked everything. yet.. Add a new or re-authorize an existing Facebook channel in Front. If you’re having issues with your messages not being sent or received, your network settings may need to be reset. If appears this is the way it is now really annoying. I’m told I need to “get” messenger all of a sudden and the link won’t connect. How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2019 – Have you ever tried using Facebook Messenger? Facebook Messenger allows users to send and receive text messages as well as photos and video. Made sure I had the latest update but still no luck. Can’t retrieve incoming messages on iPad. My messages stay in the “sent” status for an hour sometimes. As you don’t know if anybody is free to message. Methods that are going to be explained will help user to navigate possible issues that may hinder the usage of this messaging app’s useful features. If the device is not setup to do automatic update, user has to visit app marketplace (Play Store or App Store) to check whether there is an update available. No it still hasn’t been fixed, and I haven’t been able to work around it. I’m getting pissed, I’ve been having the same issues below, can’t see when friends are last active (they have not changed) their settings, for the last few days. I can’t make posts or comment but I can react to posts. How to fix it: To ensure you’re signed into your Apple ID, tap Settings. Facebook works fine but FB Messenger app keeps giving me error: “Something went wrong. My messenger app automatically closes itself every single time I open the app. developers ?????????? This situation can also happen if recipient does not link debit card or PayPal account to their application. This can be a great way to fix the Facebook Messenger app if it is frozen or unresponsive. This article has discussed possible causes for the messaging app not running in proper way. Hope it will be fix soon. You blocked the person: If you blocked the person you’re trying to message on Facebook or in Messenger, you will see “you can’t reply to this conversation. Mine still isn’t working, did you have to do anything or did it just start miraculously working for you? messenger. The easiest way to solve it is by restarting the device. Why you people just fix it. I do not currently show up on messenger as ACTIVE despite having set my messenger to ON for chat. When the app is down for users across the globe, it is caused by technical issues happened in the main server. Every time I bring my messenger up on my Chromebook, it’s up for maybe 5 seconds and closes out/crashes? Can’t open any links shared by friends and can’t open activity log, it just kept refreshing and crashing. Through this article, you are going to learn how to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2019. The issue is the same for me on desktop and mobile. 28 feb 2020 update on ipad has totally jammed,cannot download update or delete and reload just stuck. I literally report this as a bug within the messenger app every day and no response. … Messenger will not send on the phone and will not download gifs, photos, or anything else. First Name * Last Name * Display Name. Why was that? I tried posting to Reddit. Then if I turn off and back on my phone it’s the new versions. How to fix “This Person Isn’t Available Right Now” Error on Facebook Messenger Solution 1: Take A Look at Your Blocked List. My messenger suddenly won’t send picture or video messages. How to fix this person is unavailable on messenger? Shutterstock There's no built-in tool that lets you know if someone blocked you on Facebook Messenger. Getting error message “Couldn’t load messages”. Here’s how to restart the app. plz can anyone tell me when will be last status issue resolve by fb The Facebook Messenger app can be found on iTunes, Google play, the Chrome Web Store, and other stores for mobile devices. Restart the Mobile Phone. It’s not my internet connection as my sons works fine. If there was an update there for messenger I would have done that too, but no update for fbook messenger yet. So random, too, my other family phones have no issues. Sept 22, Messenger crashes when trying to view Messages. Recipient who disables payment feature in Facebook Messenger will not be able to receive money through this app. However, if that method does not work, it is better to reset the network connection. At the top of your screen, ensure you’re signed into your Apple ID. Once again, this doesn't necessarily mean they've blocked you on Messenger since they could've either blocked you on Facebook or deactivated their account. I have reported it several times and tried all kinds of google searches but no help. If you want to close them they open instantly. Username * E-Mail * Password * How to Get Free Robux in Roblox 2019 (Free Robux No Hum…, All About Epson Error Code 0x97 and Best 10 Methods to …, All You Have to Do to Fix “irql_not_less_or_equal…, All You Need To Know About “Windows 10 Memory Lea…, The Best 14 Methods to Fix PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA …. Those last things didn’t seem to work but stuff you can try, otherwise can send the report to fbook, I’m not sure ever worked maybe just time passed and it worked again.

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