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how to make fermented coconut

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To make virgin coconut oil, start by getting some dried coconut flakes from the grocery store. You make a batch, use it all except for enough liquid to provide for the starter liquid and then make a fresh batch. I then purchased the coconut water available thru the body ecology website and am loving it! Take the lid off, keeping your face away from the opening until the gasses have escaped. I grew up drinking fresh and refreshing coconut water, from plump and just-fallen-off-the-tree coconuts. Add as much of the reserved coconut milk as necessary to make blending easier. Body Ecology; Making Young Coconut Kefir; December 2006, "Recipes for Repair"; Kenneth B. Singleton, et al. Adding water or coconut water kefir to my green smoothie not only increases the absorbability of the nutrients in the smoothies but also helps to heal and strengthen the digestive system and immune system.”. A tad bit easier. You may never have put those two words together before, but once you start making your own fermented ketchup you may never go back to the regular stuff. (source 1,  source 2) I haven’t found any studies regarding its effect on energy levels, but my experience is that it seems to help with alertness. 6 tablespoons of the previous batch will ferment 1 quart of liquid.”. More sugar will mean a longer fermentation period but will give more body. I’ve sorted your choices for coconut water into three categories: Good, Better and Best. Fermentation Made Easy! They look like beautiful jewels. But for now,the benefits of coconut water. From the Feeding Change website: “Every care is taken to preserve all the essential nutrients, enzymes, and electrolyte-loaded goodness. I like having them at that 3-4 pm slump. Flash pasteurization heats the coconut water and kills bugs, but in the process, destroys vitamins and phytonutrients. Close the lid and place them onto a shelf in your pantry, or in your kitchen somewhere. Almost any edible liquid can be made into alcohol. This technique utilizes heatless isostatic pressure to inhibit the growth of natural microflora, such as probiotic lactobacilli, and kill aerobic pathogens. The good thing about coconut milk kefir is that it is vegan and dairy-free. During the first few trips away from my home and its arsenal of gut-supporting foods, digestion started to slow down, way down. The slightly sweet, slightly fermented taste makes the perfect background for flavorings such as fruit, juice and even herbs. Mouthwatering Sauerkraut, COPYRIGHT © 2012-2019—MakeSauerkraut—All Rights Reserved—The Fine Print: Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. At Deadshot, Mesa uses the brine from a lacto-fermented gherkin in a Dirty Martini riff as part of the umami flavor. The juice from coconuts often is mixed with a variety of other flavors and alcohols to create drinks, such as the Pina Colada. It has an earthy flavor with a ginger zing, and it’s infused with compounds that many believe support gentle detoxification. Once kefir is fermented, pour through a plastic sieve to strainer. I like the wide range of bacteria in this starter from Body Ecology. Not labeled organic, but company told one reviewer that they follow organic guidelines. Donna Gates’ Body Ecology website is where I was first introduced to fermented coconut water: “Although the liquid of the young coconut has an abundance of minerals, Donna was concerned that it would be too sweet. Simply grate the coconut and add the grated pieces to the grinder to make a smooth paste. Third layer is the acidic water from the coconut milk. 8. Free Shipping To Australia & NZ For Orders Over $99 Call Us: (02) 8091 8045 Customer Service Chia seed pudding is delicious and nutritious! Coconut water is not to be confused with coconut milk which comes from the flesh of mature, brown coconuts. To make your own coconut yogurt you’ll need strong probiotics and coconut … Recipe Video. 8. Learn how to make delicious, fermented coconut Kefir, a large focus of the Body Ecology Diet. The shelf life is from two weeks to two months. TO MAKE THE KEFIR: Pour coconut water or sugar water into a glass jar. Wrap the jar in a towel and place in a warm location; 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Thank you for making this starter available and also the great info available on your website! The quality of them depends upon what bacteria and how broad of range are in the culture. Use the cream cheese to make a delicious soft-cheese spread, a favorite in our house. Here’s what Renee over at Raising Generation Nourished says about her DIY Electrolyte Drink: “A few years back when my first daughter got her first cold I did a quick freak out at the ingredient list in the Pedialyte isle and decided I would just make my own.”, “A mixture of cleansing lemon and energy-giving raw honey was welcomed by my little one at the time. 9 Best Coconut Water Brands, According to Experts, Coconut Water: “Health Hype or Hell of a Sports Drink! they take time to wake up; a whole month for kombucha, and possibly several weeks for milk kefir grains. More about these fermented drinks and other delicious fermented foods in my post: Fermented Foods ULTIMATE Guide: How to Buy or Make, Ways to Eat & Wonderful Benefits. For example, to create a fermented non-dairy kefir, add already fermented water kefir to soy, coconut or other non-dairy milks and the organisms in the liquid will break down the proteins. In the morning, combine a half cup of the young coconut water with unsweetened cranberry or black currant juice, as a great wake-up tonic.”. Recipe Notes. I was happy to come across this coconut water recipe that also uses turmeric. 4. There should be less sweetness and some fizz. – The Cultured Cook“. Adding 1 teaspoon of date paste to 500ml of coconut milk / 30g of milk kefir grains once per week seems to be the ratio most people swear by. The shelf life refers to how long a product can stay on the shelf before you discard it. They still work, but may not grow. One particular component of turmeric – curcumin – has been studied for its ability to prevent premature aging, reduce depression, manage arthritis and blood sugar, and act as a painkiller, among other things. To ferment coconut water you have to add a culture to coconut water. Now that we have local, organic gin – Ampersand Gin – where I live, I thought this recipe by the NY Times would prove the perfect match: Danielle at Fermented Food Lab goes decadent with her Post-Workout Chocolate Coconut Kefir Smoothie: “This recipe reminds me of the chocolate banana ice cream I make in the summer with frozen bananas, raw cacao and cacao nibs, except it is jam-packed with magnesium, potassium, probiotics and other minerals and vitamins the body needs after a workout. COCONUT MILK YOGURT. Date paste seems to be the saving grace for vegans wanting to learn how to make coconut milk kefir. So how can it ferment coconut milk? Add the starter and 1 tsp. Let the water drain out, and taste it. (Allow ½ inch of headspace in glass) 7. Green coconuts are readily available in Asian, Latino and other ethnic markets. Here’s a review from the Body Ecology website that makes me want to try again: “I just started using this product about 3 weeks ago to make coconut kefir. Coconut water kefir is believed to be the most beneficial probiotic beverage because it has a much more potent effect on the digestive system than any dairy probiotic food such as yogurt.”, “I came from a tropical island in Penang, Malaysia, a picturesque and beautiful island fringed with a shimmering blue sea and swaying coconut trees. Through this process, raw products gain shelf life while retaining their flavor and aroma.”, “Bottled products are placed in a water bath and submitted to tens of thousands of pounds pressure, dispersed evenly throughout the cells of the cold water and products. Let’s first start with what coconut water is and then go on to fermented coconut water. Allow it to proof for five minutes. The process is simple, though it takes up to 36 hours to complete. It is a powerful source of probiotics which are the gold standard for improving your digestive system. Steam sterilized. Place the jar of coconut yogurt into the fridge. Please try again. It will ferment just about anything with sugar in however for a limited time. What could be simpler than pouring some fermented coconut water over a tall glass of ice? Grain Break. Kefir is a fermented beverage traditionally made with milk. Warm the coconut puree in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Truth be told, I do not like coconut water. Great for Gut-Health. Store kefir in a glass jar at room temperature or in the refrigerator to keep chilled. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. It is readily available in most stores making it a convenient choice for preparing non-dairy kefir. 15 Health Benefits of Fermented Coconut Water, Purchasing or Making Your Own Coconut Water, What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Coconut Water. For those who choose not to consume milk, as well as those who cannot because of an allergy, intolerance, or temporary restriction, having a dairy-free fermented beverage to enjoy really helps with delivering probiotics regularly. It is found in raw onions, raw garlic, raw leeks, asparagus, and bananas to name a few. Whey is full of beneficial bacteria that can be used to culture not only yogurt but also a variety of refreshing drinks. There’s a blog post in the pipeline for how to use prebiotics in fermentation and tips for including them in your diet. Fermented coconut water is one of the easiest probiotic drinks to make. Start by buying a fresh coconut for coconut water. The Taste Nirvana water is much more yellow than the raw Feeding Changing coconut water in the first picture. Interesting Facts Kefir has been made for generations by Asian and Central European farmers as a way to boost gut health and help strengthen the body in the form of a dense, fermented beverage . Then, run the coconut flakes through a juicer 2 times to extract all of the coconut oil from them. They are not super hardy, and I find them picky about where they live and what they like to eat. It was on their website that I first learned about fermenting coconut water. Absolutely NOT. Coconut Kefir & Water Kefir. Their food of choice is lactose, which is why they are commonly used to make milk kefir. I added a small hook to the underside of one of my kitchen cabinets for hanging my dripping yogurt. I don’t know whether the bacteria strains continue to multiply in coconut water, but I would think so since they continue to thrive and slowly grow. How to Make Homemade Coconut Water Kefir: Fermented Foods For Healing - Duration: 2:32. 2013, 6 (0 5), 281-289 284 . The quality of the oil yielded through fermentation is the highest quality I know. Coconut kefir is a nourishing fermented beverage made with coconut milk, date paste and kefir grains. Unfortunately, these heat processes do destroy some, if not all, of the nutrients and enzymes. (Posted on 2/6/2016)”. Coconut milk is commonly used as a base in Indian and Thai recipes, and it makes a delicious addition to smoothies and many desserts. Kefir is a thin fermented milk cultured by bacteria. As you can imagine, I’m frequently asked if there are any non-vegan foods that I miss. My instructions for how to make coconut kefir creates a thicker kefir than your traditional kefir because of the addition of nutrient dense collagen. Since it's a fermented food, it will then keep for several months. Coconuts younger than 5 months are bitter. Sourdough Bread. I have longstanding “gut problems” and am thankful for the relief I am finally getting. Since coconut water is a nice balance of sugars and nutrients, it is able to “feed” the grains, and keep them viable, during the fermentation process. Check out this basic sauerkraut recipe to get started. To blend in thermomix, mix for 10 seconds on REV, speed 5. When fermenting in milk or sugar water, the grains multiply and after awhile anyone who is making milk kefir or kefir sodas will have grains to spare. If you will only be making coconut milk kefir and never dairy milk kefir, then you might want to purchase single-use powdered milk kefir packets instead. You’ll also get to smash the heck outta stuff. Strain the kefir grains and liquid through a plastic strainer. Before leaving I ferment a batch, which is kept in my cooler until there’s about 1/2 cup of fermented coconut water left in the bottom. Some varieties are organic. Pour the coconut water into the large container. Coconut milk is great in that it has a succulent texture as a result of its high-fat content, and produces a tangy kefir depending on how long it’s fermented for. Look in the freezer section of a natural foods store for these or similar brands. Discover not only the benefits of the current coconut water craze but also the bonus benefits behind fermented coconut water. Coconut milk kefir is not very thick and is more like drinkable style yogurt. Colder environment can require 48 hours, whereas warm temperatures can finish the process in less than 12 hours. Just like coconut water, you can also use coconut milk to ferment delicious and super nutritious kefir. See Recipe: How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir. Then learn all you need to learn about coconut water and try my two-ingredient recipe for fermented coconut water. Use a cleaver to carefully split each of the coconuts in half. Leave the jar there for 24 to 36 hours. Fresh coconut water is clear when first removed from the coconut. After waiting so long, it’s time to harvest. Well, now that you know how to make coconut water taste good, you’ll know the difference when you taste it. Most brands use young coconuts from Thailand, process it at the farm, freezing it immediately and then shipping it frozen. However, as I put this post together, I learned that coconut waters are not all created equal. Continue mixing until they are all combined. Definitely Not! Learn how to make coconut yogurt in 10 … INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup water kefir grains. This makes about three quarts of milk, or two quarts of cream plus one quart of fermented coconut water. They will last forever and multiply with proper care. A naturally fermented beverage from the water of young, green coconuts. Just buy whatever coconut water you can find along the way, or bring some extra with you. Purchased starters (affiliate link) are ideal for anyone wanting to make consecutive batches of coconut milk yogurt. Here I used raw coconut water and milk kefir grains that have turned brown over the years I’ve used them for fermenting coconut water. Make sure the coconut water you purchase: A trip to my beloved Community Farm Store yielded a set of coconut waters to taste and ferment. Within just a few hours of harvesting, FeedingChange Young Thai Coconut Water is fresh-frozen in our production facility just 15 minutes from the farm. This will be your biggest hurdle. Coconut Water And Coconut Milk, Are Both the Same? Be sure to read the Helpful Notes and Tips at the end of the recipe before popping open your coconut water. Curcumin is a powerhouse with so many documented benefits – it’s been referenced in PubMed over 6,000 times!”, Turmeric Tonic with Coconut Water, Ginger, and Honey. My recipe at the end of the post explains this simple two-ingredient process. ; Cover with coffee filter or cloth, secured by a rubber band. You may have some misconception about : YOGURT; PROBIOTICS; and COCONUT YOGURT. Water kefir (“keh-fear”) grains — also called sugar kefir, tibicos, tibi, Japanese water crystals — are similar to kefir grains, which are used in dairy milk to make a fermented dairy drink. I'd like to receive the free email course. You can add ginger, stevia, lemon, and/or lime if desired. For the most part, I’m hard pressed to think of responses. Just add crushed garlic and one teaspoon of salt to the cream cheese and you’re set. Free Shipping To Australia & NZ For Orders Over $99 Call Us: (02) 8091 8045 Customer Service Easy recipe for homemade kefir fermented … Or, maybe it’s your day at the spa and you would enjoy indulging in a Strawberry Piña Colada Smoothie that not only tastes delicious but is good for your gut? I’m happy that so many of you were able to affirm your love of food. Enter your email address and click DOWNLOAD to discover 7 Surprising Uses for Coconut Water. Dissolve kefir starter in the amount of water recommended on the packet. Similar to regular milk kefir, it is filled with a wide variety of strains of good bacteria that are beneficial for gut health. It contains powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungle and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a superior food to keep in your kitchen. Drinking some at each rest stop really helps keep energy levels maintained and some clear focus sustained for the long drive. Fermenting on the go! sea salt to the coconut puree and stir until combined. Most recipes on the internet for fermented coconut water have you use water kefir grains. … From the Vita Coco website: “We use a form of pasteurization called flash pasteurization. Made with a culture known as Water Kefir Grains (also known as Tibicos, Japanese Water Crystals, etc. Blend the coconut meat into a smooth puree. Thanks, first off, for your amaaazing response to my last post. If using water kefir grains, strain into a new container keeping ¼ cup of the grains for the next batch. This step is basically just using common sense, so you needn’t follow it, but just to let you know how I do it. I never thought of blending it with ingredients like strawberries and spinach until this year. Would you love to quench your thirst and replace electrolytes without ingesting. I am telling you this from experience. While you could spend a fortune on fermented coconut products in health food stores and specialty markets, you can easily make your own fermented coconut at home. Taste. However, some coconut water turns pink with time due to varying levels of antioxidants, or phenols, interacting with light. And, I did not like my first few sips of fermented coconut water. I always make my fermented coconut water with milk kefir grains, as I learned from Jessica Prentice in her book. Buyer beware. The popularity of coconut water has resulted in companies flooding the market with varying qualities of coconut water in order to participate in the money grab. From Michelle Toole at Healthy Holistic Living shares this about coconut water kefir in her Cinnamon Coconut Kefir Water recipe: “What’s more important and why it’s considered better than regular kefir is the fact it doesn’t contain the problematic substances that regular dairy has such as casein and lactose. Is Water Kefir as Beneficial as Milk Kefir? Cabbage, salt and caraway seeds; sauerkraut is one of the easiest fermented foods to make. Fermented coconut water is the water from green coconuts that have been fermented using a culture to inoculate the water with various yeasts and beneficial bacteria. Most water kefir soda recipes emphasize the need to periodically feed them minerals (egg shells) and use a mineral-rich sugar (Sucanat and Rapadura).

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