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pin type insulator

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They are so designed that their subsurface at a right angle to the electromagnetic lines of force. The flashover is reduced by increasing the resistance to leakage currents. The internal diagram of pin type insulator is shown below. While Stay and Shackle Insulators are mainly used in low voltage applications. Post insulators have a higher number of petticoats and a greated height compared to pin insulators. For low voltage, the single piece pin insulator is used, and for high voltage two or more pieces are cemented together for maintaining the proper thickness of the insulator. Construction of Pin Type Insulator. Pin insulators are the earliest developed overhead insulator, but are still commonly used in power networks up to 33 kV system. The conductor is tied to the insulator on the top groove on straight line positions and side groove in angle positions by annealed binding wire of the same material as that of the conductor. 27. The pin insulator is used in power distribution for the voltage up to 33kV. The insulator has to withstand the potential stresses between conductor and earth. the conductor is suspended at the bottom end of the string while the other end of the string is secured ti the cross-arm of the tower. It is placed on the cross arm of the supporting tower. The use of such insulator has decreased recently after increasing the using of underground cable for distribution purpose. Therefore the suspension insulators are used for high voltage work. Pin Type Insulator . It is only used in the distribution line. The shackle insulator (also known as a spool insulator) is usually used in low voltage distribution network. It includes two main... Design Considerations. The flashover voltage for the moist and dirty surface is less than that for the clean and dry surfaces. The versatile neck designs in “C, F, K and J”, side and top grooves, accepts large diameter conductors for easy tying. A. Pin type B. c. The disruptive critical voltage for the material of the insulator is reached. Strain Insulator., Enter your email below to receive FREE informative articles on Electrical & Electronics Engineering, carrying conductors are suspended from supporting structure by suspension string, the height of the conductor position is always less than the total height of the supporting structure. d. Whenever the conductors are dead-ended or there is a change in the direction of transmission line, the insulators used are of the. Suspension Type Insulator it used for voltages above 33 KV. 2. The rain sheds kept the inner surface relatively dry in wet weather and thus provides sufficient leakage resistance to prevent a flashover. The pin type insulator has good creepage distance. A very thick single piece porcelain insulator is not practical to manufacture. Victor manufacturers three classes of pin type insulators. The insulator provides the adequate path to the leakage current. Handling and replacing bigger size single unit insulator are quite difficult task. Suspension string requires more height of supporting structure than that for pin or post insulator to maintain same ground clearance of current conductor. test report. The insulator is not damaged by the flashover, but it’s become useless after the puncture. Resource Quick View. In this case, we use multiple part pin insulator, where some properly designed porcelain shells are fixed together by Portland cement to form one complete insulator unit. Each suspension disc is designed for normal voltage rating 11KV (Higher voltage rating 15KV), so by using different numbers of discs, a suspension string can be made suitable for any voltage level. Porcelain pin type insulator mainly includes ANSI 55-3, ANSI 55-4 and ANSI 55-5, and distribution ceramic pin insulator will be used on 11KV or 33KV transmission lines. For low voltage lines, the stays are to be insulated from ground at a height. A: ISO 9001 certificate. The pin of the insulator damaged the insulator thread. The length of the leakage path is made large by constructing several layers called petticoats or rain sheds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are 5 types of insulators used in transmission lines as overhead insulation: Pin, Suspension, and Strain insulators are used in medium to high voltage systems. When the insulator is wet, its outer surface becomes almost conducting. It is used on the high voltage distribution line. Refer to sales drawing for included hardware for securing to crossarm. The tapered hole of the spool insulator distributes the load more evenly and minimizes the possibility of breakage when heavily loaded. Advantages of pin-type insulators: Widely used on high voltage distribution lines Having a better anti-fog performance Easily handle and manufacture Can be mounted as necessary, vertically or horizontally. A lead thimble is cemented into the insulator body to receive the pin. The construction of the pin type insulator is simple and requires less maintenance. It can be used in both the horizontal or vertical positions. What is the Pin Type Insulator? Hence the flashover distance of insulator is decreased. In suspension insulator, the conductor can be hanged under the support point. Post insulators are similar to Pin insulators, but post insulators are more suitable for higher voltage applications. That is why the uppermost petticoat of a pin insulator has umbrella type designed so that it can protect, the rest lower part of the insulator from the rain. In higher voltage systems – like 33KV and 66KV – manufacturing of one part porcelain pin insulator becomes more difficult. Required fields are marked *. We fix the bottom of the insulator to supporting structure of earth potential. As a result of ours specialty and service consciousness, our company has won a good reputation among customers all over the world for Pin Type Glass Insulator, High Voltage Electrical Insulator, Fog Type Suspension Insulator, Cheap Shower Column, We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The insulator used in the stay wire is called as the stay insulator and is usually of porcelain and is so designed that in case of breakage of the insulator the guy-wire will not fall to the ground. When there is a dead end or there is a sharp corner in transmission line, the line has to sustain a great tensile load of conductor or strain. We generally use two parts pin insulators for 33KV, and three parts pin insulator for 66KV systems. Therefore, the conductors may be safe from, SCADA System: What is it? Mechanical stresses on the suspension insulator is less since the line hanged on a flexible suspension string. Electrical4U is dedicated to the teaching and sharing of all things related to electrical and electronics engineering. The upper surface of the topmost petticoat is inclined as less as possible to maintain maximum flashover voltage during raining. The insulator is made of one piece of porcelain and it has clamp arrangement are in both top and bottom end for fixing. The sufficient thickness of the material is provided in the insulator to prevent the puncture under surge condition. Insulator pins are bolted onto a cross-arm and the insulator is then screwed onto the top of the pin. Full disclaimer here. Strain Insulator. The shortest distance between conductor and earth, surrounding the insulator body, along which electrical discharge may take place through the air, is known as flashover distance. Types of insulators used in overhead power lines Pin type insulators. It can be used vertically as well as horizontally. Your email address will not be published. When there is a dead end of the line or the line or there is the corner or sharp curve, … a. Pin type insulator can be one part, two parts or three parts type, depending upon application voltage. 1.Cap-and-pin type Insulator. So there will be discontinuations of conducting path through the damp pin insulator surface. When there is a dead end of the line or the line or there is the corner or sharp curve, … The use of steel is required wherever the pins must be extra long and sturdy due to high voltage and when the conductor is under severe tension. (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): Basics, Types & Applications, Diode: Definition, Symbol, and Types of Diodes, Thermistor: Definition, Uses & How They Work, Half Wave Rectifier Circuit Diagram & Working Principle, Lenz’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction: Definition & Formula, It is suitable for lower voltage and also for higher voltage, It can be single stag as well as multiple stags, Conductor is fixed on the top of the insulator by binding, Conductor is fixed on the top of the insulator with help of connector clamp, Two insulators cannot be fixed together for higher voltage application, Two or more insulators can be fixed together one above other for higher voltage application, Metallic fixing arrangement provided only on bottom end of the insulator, Metallic fixing arrangement provided on both top and bottom ends of the insulator, Number of disc insulator used in strain type tension insulator string, Number of disc insulator used in suspension insulator string. D: Guarantee 18 months from B/L date. The conductor in the groove of shackle insulator is fixed with the help of soft binding wire. Pin Type Insulators PPC manufactures a wide range of low and high voltage Pin Type insulators designed for distribution. it consists of a number of disc units mounted one above each other to form a string. Higher voltage transmission lines usually use modular suspension insulator designs. Porcelain pin type insulator used on distribution line up to 36kV. Lightning Protection Pin Type Insulators It adopts a patented puncture-type structure that can penetrate the wire insulation layer installed in the wire groove to form an electrical connection. the conductor is placed at the top of the insulator with the help of soft binding wire. In suspension insulator numbers of insulators are connected in series to form a string and the line conductor is carried by the bottom most insulator. For low voltage transmission line, … Want to get more info of ANSI 55-5 Porcelain Pin Type Insulator, please contact to The construction of the pin type insulator is simple and requires less maintenance. Low voltage pin types are manufactured and tested to the requirements of ANSI Standard C29.5, high voltage pin types to ANSI Standard C29.6, and special designs for use in areas of high contamination. Pin type insulator consists of single or multiple shells that mounted on the spindle to be fixed to the cross arm of the tower. b. The total dry arcing distance is the sum of all the direct distances through the air. Galvanized steel per ASTM A-153. The pin insulator is used in power distribution for the voltage up to 33kV. For overcoming these difficulties, suspension insulator was developed. Insulator pin used to support pin type insulator with 1" NEMA internal thread on crossarm. The higher the voltage, the thicker the insulator must be to provide sufficient insulation. The flashover is caused due to the arc discharge between the conductor and the earth through air surrounding the insulator. The design of an electrical insulator should be such that the decrease of flashover distance is minimum when the insulator is wet. Suspension insulators. Pin insulators are usually made of porcelain, but in some cases glass or plastic can also be used. The amplitude of free swing of conductors is larger in suspension insulator system, hence, more spacing between conductors should be provided. Suspension type C. Strain type D. Shackle type An insulator pin is used to hold the insulator that is mounted on top of it in a vertical position. The main differences between pin insulator and post insulator are: In higher voltage, beyond 33KV, it becomes uneconomical to use pin insulator because size, weight of the insulator become more. It can be used vertically as well as horizontally. It is used on the high voltage distribution line. Your email address will not be published. Compare. In addition to that rain shed or petticoats on an insulator serve another purpose. Pin-type insulators are power line insulators developed earlier. The pin insulator has grooves on the upper end for keeping the conductor. The top of spindle or pin usually have steel lead or plastic thread which can screw into the Pin Insulator. The electrical failure of insulator occurs either by puncture or flashover. C: Factory test report. A strain insulator must have considerable mechanical strength as well as the necessary electrical insulating properties. We provide one, two or more rain sheds or petticoats on the insulator body to obtain long leakage path. The rain sheds are made in such a way that they should not disturb the voltage distribution. If any one of the disc insulators in a suspension string is damaged, it can be replaced much easily. These types of insulators are available in two types namely connected cap type & interlinking/ Hewlett type insulators. Post Insulator. Each insulator of a suspension string is called disc insulator because of their disc like shape. Pin Type, 15° Vertical Insulator Print this Page 15 degree vertical pin brackets provide upsweep for clearance and a threaded vertical end to attach accessories. The increased size, weight, and cost of pin insulator put a limit to its use above 66kV. When suspension string is used to sustain extraordinary tensile load of conductor it is referred as string insulator. Strain insulator- In high voltage line, strain insulator are used. in pin type insulator threads are cut at the lower portion of the special shape of porcelain. Multiple shells are provided to obtain sufficient length of leakage path so that flash overvoltage between conductor and pin type insulator is increased. B: Third party lab. All neck sizes comply with industry standards: factory formed ties can be used. These insulators are available at low-cost compare with pin type … if there are two piece insulator and three piece insulator then voltage rating is 33KV and 66KV respectively. A galvanised cast iron or forged steel cap and a galvanised forged-steel pin are connected to porcelain in the cap-and-pin type construction.The unit is joined either by ball and socket or clevis-pin connections. View Details. ANSI 52-4 ANSI 53-2 ANSI 54-3 ANSI 55-4 ANSI 56-3 ANSI 57-2 ANSI TR-208 Clevis Type Insulators Disc Insulators Guy Insulators High Voltage Insulators IEC C4-125 Line Post Insulators Medium Voltage Insulators Pin Type Insulators Spool Insulators Station Post Insulators Stay Insulators Strain Insulators Suspension Insulators Q4. The total wet arcing distance is (A+B+C). String Efficiency of Suspension Insulator, Difference Between Resistance and Reactance, Difference Between Three Point & Four Point Starter, Two Wattmeter Method of Power Measurement, Difference Between Conduction and Convection, Difference Between Circuit Switching and Packet Switching, Difference Between Static and Kinetic Friction, Difference Between Ductility and Malleability, Difference Between Physical and Chemical Change, Difference Between Alpha, Beta and Gamma Particles, Difference Between Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes, Difference Between Electromagnetic Wave and Matter Wave. The leakage path resistance starts reducing. Pin type :- this type of of insulator is use for less voltage rating is 11KV to 25KV. We design these rain sheds or petticoats in such a way that while raining the outer surface of the rain shed becomes wet but the inner surface remains dry and non-conductive. The pin insulator uses non-conducting material like porcelain, ceramic, silicon rubber, polymer, etc., The weight of the polymer pin insulator material is more as compared to porcelain insulator material. Advantages of Pin Insulator It has high mechanical strength. As the leakage path of insulator is through its surface, it is desirable to increase the vertical length of the insulator surface area for lengthening leakage path. The internal voltage distribution between shells becomes unequal. In the case of a puncture, the arc passes through the body of the insulator. As it is already mentioned above, pin insulators become too bulky an uneconomical beyond 33 kV. CROSSARM INSULATOR PIN with 1in LEAD THREAD, 5in SHAFT LENGTH and 5/8in x 1-1/2in SHANK. Interlink Type Insulator. We can mount this type of insulator on supporting structure horizontally as well as vertically. All Victor Pin Types are RUS accepted where a specific RUS classification exists. It is mounted rigidly on a supporting structure by a spindle (or pin). Pin-type insulators are unsuitable for voltages greater than about 69 kV line-to-line. If you would prefer video format – here is a video describing the various types of insulators. They are commonly used in power distribution systems with a maximum voltage level of 33kv. The flashover mainly occurs due to the line surge or due to the formation of wet conducting layer over the insulator surface. In a 11 kV system we generally use one part type insulator where whole pin insulator is one piece of properly shaped porcelain or glass. Higher transmission voltages use suspension insulator strings, which can be made for any practical transmission voltage by adding insulator elements to the string. The voltage rating is limited, i.e., up to 36kV. It is represented by (a+b+c). The live conductor attached to the top of the pin insulator which is at the live potential. The pin type insulator has good creepage distance. Post insulators are similar to Pin insulators, but post insulators are more suitable for … It is placed on the cross arm of the supporting tower. Suspension insulator string costlier than pin and post type insulator. Why is the voltage rating of a multiple shell pin type insulator cannot be increased beyond a limiting value?

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